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Free Weekend (Week of 9/21/12)

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

So many great things to do around this city this weekend! Just remember to wear a jacket while you enjoy the beautiful weather in store:


FAB! Festival 2012


The FAB! (or Fourth Arts Block) festival is a music, theater, and dance festival taking place on East 4th Street (between Bowery and 2nd Avenue). The festival will include many indoor and outdoor stages showcasing the three art forms that the festival is centered around.

Advertised as a family-friendly affair, activities will feature everything from world music performances to cooking demonstrations to open theater, art demonstrations, art activities for kids and screen printing, to trivia, and more.  There is even a bike friendly tour that is free with RSVP. Find out more here and visit the website for more info.



Canteen’s Epic Brooklyn Book Festival













Literary magazine Canteen is throwing an awesome party tomorrow night. The event will feature live performances from 3 great bands (Devin, Starlight Girls, and Vorhees) plus a three hour open bar courtesy of  The Noble Experiment and Brooklyn Brewery.

This event will totally be worthwhile and can be summed up with a simple equation: 3 live bands + 3-hour open bar = Friday night well spent. Be sure to “like” the event page and get there early.




Stars @ Mercury Lounge










Canadian band Stars will be playing a free show at Mercury Lounge this Saturday. It’s a thrillcall sponsored event, so to get in you need to download their app and get the tickets through there.




Brooklyn Book Festival

Literary celebration has been in full swing for about a week now and will be going on until the 23rd. Organized by the Brooklyn Book Council, the event features author readings and discussions. Attendees can sample the offerings of indie publications and even their own publications at the event.  If you’re a writer or aspiring writer this is a great event to showcase your work to an audience you probably haven’t even thought of. Check out the website for more information.


Carlos L., Monroe College. Read my blog!!  Follow me on Twitterand Facebook

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College Savings Doesn’t Mean College Boredom

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Being broke is not fun. Your friends are out having the time of your lives and you’re stuck at home due to lack of funds. Although a night out on the town doesn’t need to cost much, you can only get so far with a wallet full of hopes and dreams. With that being said, here are a couple of tips to help turn you into the thrifty man or woman you always knew you could be . . . I’m talking borderline parsimonious.

Saving and budgeting doesn’t just factor into one aspect of your life—it should greatly affect ALL aspects. College savings are important because you are on your own and you want to prove that you can live on your own. Managing your money is the first step to being able to do what you want when you want.

Transportation tends to be one of the biggest expenses in the city. Whether because of gas prices or MetroCards, a large amount of our money goes into getting from place to place. How can this be cut down? Skateboarding, rollerblading, and biking have gotten quite popular. Commuter cycling has doubled since 2005, and there are bike sharing programs around the city whose memberships are substantially cheaper than a monthly MetroCard.  Carpooling to class can be a great way to not only make friends but save money, and, if all else fails, you can walk.

Thrift stores are more popular than they have ever been.  Places such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill can provide you with basic t-shirts and jeans as low as $2. Venture to the nook and crannies of some of Manhattan’s shopping districts and you’re bound to find a Buffalo Exchange or a Beacon’s Closet. These thrift stores sell name brand clothing for ridiculously cheap prices. If you’re a fan of vintage styles and trendy clothing then these stores are for you.

Cheap dates are usually the next thing on your mind since you have the ability to actually make it and the clothes to step out in. Magazines such as <em>The L Magazine</em> and <em>Village Voice</em> are always advertising free movie screening and shows. is one of my favorite websites for not only concerts but also art exhibits and fun (and, more importantly, free) nights out.

After running around the city you’ve probably worked up quite the appetite. Luckily, the Campus Clipper is here to help. We offer deals across the city, helping students keep the green in their pockets while taming the growling in their stomachs. The $9.99 all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at Bombay Talkie is highly suggested, or if you and a friend need a caffeine boost, there’s a coupon for a free cappuccino or latte with a purchase from The Bean.

So there you have it: proof that you can have fun in the big city and keep a majority of your cash at the same time! Now go out, have fun and be frugal.


Carlos L., Monroe College. Read my blog!!  Follow me on Twitter and Facebook 🙂

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Sale savvy

Friday, March 16th, 2012

I travel around 34th street a lot, mostly because of the many stores I can go through. I notice there are a lot of stores that say “sample sale” or “wholesale only”. Which brings me to the question: what is the difference between a whole sale and a sample sale?

Now, while these are no-brainers to many people, for the longest time I was completely unfamiliar with these terms.

Going into one of these stores, you see a small amount of several items along with tags on each. Some items are wrapped together in a plastic covering, others are hanging separately on a beam against the wall. There is no music and the place over all feels slightly dingy but gives you the sense that you might find a deal here.

Wholesale is when stores buy large quantities of items from manufacturers and sells it in smaller bulks to retail stores. This is mainly used for smaller retail stores to get good quality items for cheap. If you go to shop here and don’t plan to buy in bulk, you should probably go elsewhere. However, some stores will sell individual pieces. Chances are though if it says “only wholesale” don’t bother.

Claim what is rightfully yours!

Sample sale legally means:

“Any sample or model which is made part of the basis of the bargain creates an express warranty that the whole of the goods shall conform to the sample or model”. [UCC § 2-313(c)]

It used to be a term for when designers would sell pieces from their collection to show at retail stores at the end of a season. For the public, these items would sold at wholesale prices and would be limited in selection. However, now it has turned into more of a stock sale, where left over inventory is given to stores while being sold at a fraction of the price. Generally, there is only one type of size and they only take cash.

For a third type of sale (just to keep boggling your mind) there are warehouse sales. Recently, American Apparel had a warehouse sale, selling their items at crazy discounts. The main difference is that the items being sold are usually items that have been on the shelves and this event is similar to a final clearance. They usually, but not always, take credit or debit.

There has been an online movement for sample sales where there might be some membership authorization involved. Overall, the selection is less and items go very quick.

How to find one of these sales? Online you can do a search or if you know a friend/ family  member in the field who can clue you in. Some places you can subscribe to them to get emails of events.

As for shopping at a sample sale there are some helpful tips here:

For those of you want more savings on clothing, here is a student discount for Hillary Boutiques.


Jewels 32: A Gem!

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Finding a place to get a piercing in New York is a daunting task. The sheer volume of piercing salons in the city is staggering, and finding a clean, reputable place to get your body art done can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Horror stories of lost earlobes and infected eyebrows can steer anyone clear of getting pierced altogether.

A jewel in its own right, Jewels 32 is the quintessential piercing parlor. Its cleanliness and pleasant staff immediately calm any nerves a potential pierce-ee might experience. Tucked into the exciting St. Marks Place, it would be easy to miss the little shop. The staff at Jewels 32 promise to provide “the highest quality of customer service possible” and offer a wide range of piercing possibilities. It’s quite comforting to know that the person who will be puncturing your body with a needle is a licensed professional, and Jewels 32 lives up to that promise. The jewelery is high-end and the piercings made in a clean, safe environment by people who have been trained to do what they do. And it’s not just piercings that Jewels has to offer– the wide selection of jewelery offered at the St. Marks hotspot isn’t limited to piercings. Jewels 32 carries a wide range of high-quality jewelery including bracelets, anklets, lockets, necklaces, and rings from reputable designers including Millefiore and Swarovski.

I didn’t get a piercing during my visit to Jewels 32 (ears are enough for me!), but if any of my friends wanted one I wouldn’t hesitate to send them to Jewels. It’s not easy to find someone you can trust with altering your body; it deserves a technician who takes the job seriously. Having experienced my fair share of indecent customer service in piercing salons and tattoo parlors, it was a breath of fresh air at Jewels 32.


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Shopping For Summer

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Shopping for summer is always fun, and this summer there are a lot of great options to choose from. Here are a few things that I really liked:


To look great in your new summer outfits, try out Beach Bum Tanning where you can get two weeks of free tanning by purchasing a full-size bottle of lotion. You can also check out to look for great student discouts.

Bushra Tawhid

Image credit:,,,,

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Students and Their Baggages

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Being a student comes with a lot of baggage, literally. It is highly unlikely that students in a city like New York drive from place to place or even own a car. They take the train or the bus everywhere and that means carrying every possible thing that they might need while they are out, along with them, which, of course, leads us to the topic of bags.

If you are a student too, then you would know that there is almost a comically complex science as to what goes into a handbag as the number of items a student has to carry is not just limited to textbooks. Depending on the weather and their schedule students have to carry an umbrella, a jacket, sunglasses, snacks, ballet flats, cell phone chargers and laptops and the list goes on and on.

You also have to decide which textbooks you will need that day. And, using one notebook for all your classes might be good idea. You can also start carrying the pint sized bottles of water instead of the bigger ones and just fill them up from the campus’s drinking water fountains when you run out of water. It also involves making certain sacrifices, for me it was giving up my habit carrying around a book or a magazine with me.

The easiest way to carry the heavy load would be to start using a backpack. But that is easier said than done. Finding a non-hideous backpack that may go with most of your outfits and is affordable can be very difficult especially as the designer backpacks can be too expensive for most students. Using a large handbag with a cross body strap is helpful too.


If you get tired of carrying around your heavy bags all week, you can relax your muscles by going to the Vada Spa where you can get a 20 minute body message for just $18 with a student discount.

Bushra Tawhid

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Good Yellow in the Snow

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Photo thanks to Psychology Today

Despite all the fantastic holidays that accompany the winter season, the hot chocolate and snow fights are over by January, and now you’re just trying to keep the once snow, gray muck off your shoes. There are a few strange days where the sun is out and the temperature spikes for a few hours, but mostly it’s gray and icky out there with little light peering through the clouds, let alone through the skyscrapers of Manhattan. So, how do you keep your spirits up? Here are a few little happiness tips to cut through the gray:

Wear Yellow: It is the happiest color, after all. This is Martha Stewart’s suggestion, and I thoroughly promote it. So, it’s not time for your spring line to come out, why not tuck a little yellow into your wardrobe? How about a yellows tie with your button down, a few yellow hair clips, even yellow underwear (after all, it’s really for you!). The things that other people can see can spread the smiles. If your dorm, apartment, or workspace is a little dreary, why not bring a yellow soaked photo, or a few little yellow plants to brighten it up!

Just Dance: Get your heartbeat to match some pop music and really kick it up. Space is sparse in this city, but you can move a few tables, grab an ihome, and put on some dance tunes for a little party. Even if it’s just you and a hairbrush dancing in front of the mirror, make it happen and you’ll expend a little energy towards your own joy.

Give: It’s always good to remember that there are others out there who have it worse than you do. After all, you’re probably getting a college degree and have a roof over your head, so you’re already blessed. Volunteer at a shelter, soup kitchen, or outreach program. You don’t have to be a big brother or big sister, but giving just a little bit can be great. Get some friends together and make a little gift basket for a person you frequently see struggling. Not a people person? Volunteer at an animal shelter, you’ll get some furry love for your attention, which is my favorite kind.

Move Around: Make time for you and your beau to take a nice, long walk in a new neighborhood. Getting some fresh air, even if it’s cold, can be a real pick me up. No beau, drag your best friend out of the apartment, and if they’re unwilling, offer them a small prize for the outdoor exercise. No friends? Get an extra gig as a dog walker. You may have to pick up a little poo, but you’ll get paid to take a pooch out for an hour.

Even if these things don’t do it for you, making the conscious effort to mix it up a little and get out of your every day slump can brighten your cob-webbed endorphin transmitters.

Find some yellow undies at La Petite Coquette

Also, check out ATTITUDE for something sparkly:

Written by Ashley Teal, Campus Clipper Blogger

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Monday, January 24th, 2011

photo courtesy of

I recently stumbled upon an old photo album dating from my junior high school years. The album was bubblegum pink–unquestionably girly–and very well-worn. I’d spent many days during my preteen-hood, adding photos of my friends and family, then decorating the photos with sparkle pens and stickers. That album had been my pride and joy, but now the sight of its bubblegum pink cover fills me with horror. Why? Simple. Because it had photos of me in it. In junior high.

Everyone went through an awkward phase growing up. They had acne, or cow-licks, or braces. For me, it was my glasses. I was a somewhat bookish kid, and when picking out my lens in 6th grade, I chose a pair that I felt signified my brilliant acumen. In reality, they just made me look like a dork. My glasses were like Harry Potter’s, only 5 times bigger…and I wasn’t famous. In every photo, there I was, grinning obliviously into the camera, the upper part of my face pretty much obscured. But one particular photo in that album takes the cake.

It was taken at my best friend’s pool party. We were arm-in-arm beside the pool, both dressed in our two-pieces. So why was I wearing such horrendous glasses at a swimming pool? Maybe I’d subconsciously hoped to lose my glasses when I dove into the deep end, becoming freed from them forever. My 10-pound glasses would sink 10 feet underwater, never to be seen again.  As it was, I kept my glasses for two more years. When I started high school, I decided to update my look, opting for a sleeker pair, which no longer made me look like I’d popped out the lens of two magnifying glasses and stuck them to my face.

Perhaps, like I was, you’re in need of an update to your eyewear. Check out HMY Vision! They carry classic brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Prada, and DKNY.  They also sell sunglasses and contacts, as well as provide eye exams. HMY Vision is also currently celebrating their 1 year anniversary, so they’re offering awesome discounts. Get 10%-20% off your next pair, or a free eye exam. Check out their website at (Also remember to check out our website here for even more money-saving coupons and discounts.) So head over to HMY Vision and trade in those “Harry Potter” glasses for a sleek, stylish new look! 

-Written by Megan Soyars, Campus Clipper blogger

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Get a New ‘Do

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Written by Megan Soyars

I have to say, one of the greatest haircuts I’ve gotten was in the City. I laid down a fi’ty plus tips, but walked out of the salon feeling like a million bucks. Feathered layers that fell just to my shoulders, and bangs that, for once, didn’t make me look a kid. (I’d tried bangs before in high school, but the stupid bowl cut look had made my age seem to drop into the single digits.)

Five months later, I needed a cut, but unfortunately at that time I was living in Wyoming. There were only two stylists in town, and after glancing into both shops, I chose the one which was not populated by balding cowboys and blue-haired old ladies. Two hours later, I walked out of Kathy’s Cuts  feeling like I needed a bag over my head. Gaw, what had happened to my chic city cut, I mourned.

I’m now back living in the City, and ready for another cut. Soon, my po’dunk look will disappear under the savoir-faire and sleek scissors of a NYC stylist.  I’m considering heading to Shampoo Avenue B for my New Year’s make-over. If you’re also looking for a make-over, you should consider them, too!

Shampoo Avenue B Salon, located in the Village on 42 Avenue B, is a soulful little salon. Ghetto-fab grafitti splashes across the walls, spiky chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and everything exudes that funky, feel-good vibe. You’re not only coming for a cut, you’re also coming for the atmosphere. So slide into a sleek leather chair and shimmy off with a great new ‘do.

The stylists at Shampoo Avenue B have worked for big-name celebs like Jimmy Page, Gerard Butler, and the band Shiny Toy Guns, but they pamper you with the same celeb service. Get a cut, coloring, highlights, or their trademark Brazillian Blowout. And don’t forget to use that student discount! A regular cut starts off at only $60, but with this 20% coupon, you can walk out of the salon with a Hollywood look for only thirty bucks! So head down to the Village today. Get a great look, a funky vibe, and A-list service.

-Megan, Trinity University

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Pretty Woman

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Although New York City boosts one of the hottest fashion scenes on the planet, my life here isn’t always conducive to looking my best. In the summer I’m too hot to feel pretty, in the winter I sometimes have to sacrifice personal style to stay warm, and during the school year my full schedule of work, an internship, and classes distract me so much that fashion is the last thing on my mind. La Petit Coquette has the solution to my style conundrum: picking out the perfect outfit when I’m already late for class is impossible, but with a drawer full of flirty, frilly bras and underwear I don’t have to forfeit feeling beautiful and confident when I’m in a rush. La Petit Coquette’s fabulous student discounts promise to add a much needed dose of sugar and spice to your underwear drawer: 10% off with your student ID, 15% off on your birthday with your student ID for sexy gift to yourself, and free bra fitting with your student ID.

Its 9:45 and you slept through your alarm again. With fifteen minutes to get to your first class, it looks like you’ll be wearing sweats to school again. Not to worry! La Petit Croquette’s lingerie will come to the rescue. Slip into one of their fun bra and underwear sets you got with one of their student discount coupons and suddenly those drab sweats feel like a designer dress. After all, real style isn’t about your outfit, its about your attitude, and an exciting new pair of underwear is an easy, fun way to make your attitude go from exhausted to confident and ready to take on the world.

-Elisabeth, Eugene Lang College ’12

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