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Campus Clipper Guidebook Student Review

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Recent college grad and new to New York City, blogger Ashley Teal shares her thoughts about the soon to be released Campus Clipper Guidebook for students in New York:

“We all know the Campus Clipper to be a distributor of life saving coupons for students, and now they’ve added on some quirky and helpful editorials to the delicious little magazine, Student Maximus. Most recently, Campus Clipper is announcing the release of its book NYC Student Guide Book. The guide is filled with articles for the students, by the students, with indispensible advice for living in the big city. Not only does it discuss cooking, eating, subway etiquette, roommates, relationships, and a myriad of other essential topics, but it also offers directions to hidden clubs and bars, and the best places to eat vegan and gluten free. The candor of the student writing is astounding, unfettered by major media sources and political backers. There’s no agenda other than giving students what they want while simultaneously supporting their dreams. The NYC Guide Book is the best thing next to fiction to pick up and read on the train to class. Readers can live vicariously through other student’s writing, or they can find a way to create their own adventures and stories by seeking out the recommended places in the guide. The guide book is a great tool for students that every parent or friend should buy for a newly transplanted NYC student.”

-Ashley Teal

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Monday, January 31st, 2011

While in college, one of my friends liked to brag that her boyfriend was quite a catch. When he mysteriously checked in to the campus health clinic one day, she seemed distraught, but oddly embarrassed. An STD? I wondered silently.

Finally, she confessed the truth. He’d been admitted–for scurvy.

Scurvy?! I exclaimed. How on earth had he gotten scurvy in this day and age? Wasn’t that what pirates used to suffer from when they were on the high sea for weeks?

Yes, she explained patiently. But you could also develop scurvy due to a lack of vitamin C in your diet. Apparently, her “quite a catch” boyfriend had been subsisting on Ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches for the past semester.

I was shocked, but oddly complacent with myself. Obviously, I had enough common sense to pick up an orange and eat it. After all, oranges weren’t that much more expensive than peanut butter sandwiches. Yet….I later realized my diet wasn’t much of an improvement over the boyfriend’s.

After discovering “Rich’s” (Let’s call him “Rich” to protect his identity) malady, I sat down and wrote a list of everything I’d eaten that week. The list turned out to be pretty pathetic. Apparently, I was eating a lot of fast food. Aside from the enormous amount of calories I was taking in each day, double cheeseburgers and fries weren’t exactly bursting with vitamins. Yeah, I was drinking a High-C Orange with my meal, but it wasn’t the same as buying a fresh piece of fruit. After studying the list, I resolved to make a change to my diet. But how could I eat healthy while also staying within my meager budget?

Then it hit me. Subway.

Technically, Subway is fast food. You can walk in and out of the little sandwich shop in under 15 minutes. But unlike the Wendy’s, White Castles, and McDonald’s that clutter the city streets, Subway is actually healthy. They use freshly-made bread in a number of varieties (including garlic, multi-grain, and whole wheat). No processed hamburger buns here! And instead of a thin piece of mystery meat slapped in between the buns, you get real protein–like ham, turkey, or meatballs. You’ve also got a great selection of fresh veggies to choose from. And finally, there’s fruit! Also on the plus side, Subway is affordable. I usually order the $5 footlong and a pack of apples slices for the side. Thus, I can walk out of the store with a filling meal for under 7 dollars.

And, since you’re a student, Subway offers you an awesome discount to make eating fast and healthy even more affordable. Check out their coupons here! And remember, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”…and prevents scurvy.  

Written by Megan Soyars, Campus Clipper Blogger

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Date Night: Round II

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Dating protocol often assumes a rigorous adherence to behavioral standards or manners that may preclude yourself from acting as naturally as you normally would—to be as non-confrontational or offensive as possible. Well, for those who have less concern about inhibitions or have reached a level of comfort in their relationship in which making a total fool of yourself is endearing, I recommend spending an evening with your guy or gal at any of Karaoke Boho’s three locations throughout the city. What could be more flattering and romantic than belting out ballads to your babe in a key normally reserved for some kind of primal mating ritual? Or, take on a duet and share the mutual humiliation of singing classic pop songs out of tune. Either way, you’ll be singing when you take advantage of Karaoke Boho’s great student discounts.

If singing is not something you are interested in, consider heading over to Fat Cat (75 Christopher St. at 7th Ave.) for nightly live music, pool, pong, shuffleboard, and an assortment of board games to challenge your date to. A little friendly competition is a great way to break the ice and what better game is there to do so than pool. Whether you choose to shoot classic 8 or 9-ball games, Fat Cat has an exclusive deal for students. With any hour of pool purchased, you get one free hour! All you have to do is show up with your student ID and Campus Clipper coupon. Next thing you know you’ll be designing signature trick shots to impress your date.

Whether you are hoarse from “singing,” or simply famished from a few intense games of bar sports, why not finish off the evening with a late dinner at Boyd Thai (210 Thompson St.). A personal favorite, Boyd Thai offers a 15% student discount on dinner from 4PM-close, so you won’t be limited to an “early bird special” crowd. All you need to do is show your student ID. Enjoy the magnificent fusion-style cuisine and recount on the happenings of the evening over a bottle of sake and the warm, comforting ambiance.

Click  Here For Coupons:

Karoke Boho

Fat Cat

Derek Parsons

Be sure to check back next week for A Prelude to V-Day…


How to Make Love Stay

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

The one to two year period of a relationship is the time in which you start to get into what I call the meat of it. Any facades that you had in the beginning have dissipated; you’ve seen the gritty and the real, and obviously you like what you’ve seen so far, otherwise there’d be a hole in the wall shaped like you or your beau followed by a settling cloud of dust. You know your other half’s tics, quirks, phobias, and the whole kit and caboodle. This is the point where you don’t know everything, there are always little (and sometimes not so little) surprises, but you feel like you do. This is the meat. This is what everyone was always talking about when they said that relationships are work. When your grandmother was cross stitching pillow cases (or, like mine, gambling in Vegas), and she looked at you over her glasses (or poker chips) and furrowed her brows at your gushing affections for some guy you just met, this is what she was waiting for.

Relationships are work, but the work is one of the best parts. You have to enjoy the ride, because there is no destination. Here are a few tips for relationship maintenance:

Say Thank You: It’s all about the little things. Big gestures are nice, as are the warm and fuzzy declarations of love that happen every now and again, but it’s the little day to day recognitions that keep you from taking advantage of each other. Just remembering to say thank you for the things they do for you is as important as doing things for them. Say thank you for taking the trash out, doing the dishes, making the bed, walking the dog, making dinner, or easing your troubles after a rough day. You don’t have to press your forehead to the floor in a bow of thanks, it can even be in passing, just say it. Verbalizing thanks also reminds you of how much they do for you, it’ll keep you out of the ‘I do everything’ mentality that everyone gets wrapped up in from time to time.

Thoughtful Purchases: You have to buy your one and only a present on their birthday, holidays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. What about every other day of the year? A bouquet of flowers ‘just because’ is a winning gesture, but there are other things that will make your significant other gush at your sweetness and earn you a few extra brownie points. If they’re an avid reader, pick up a book that you heard about or saw in a book review that you think they might like. Even if they don’t like it, they’ll like the idea of it. A box of sweets from a bakery your co-worker raves about, a trinket from China Town, their favorite appetizer from a local restaurant, or anything you see in your daily travels that you think they might enjoy. If you’re strapped for cash, they will understand, so even mentioning that you saw something they’d love in a store window will remind them how much you care. You don’t have to go over the top every day, that’s overwhelming for both parties, but let them know that you’re thinking of them with small gifts. This little tip works for all types of relationships from romantic, to platonic, to familial.

Time Apart is Time Together: When we hear of good relationships, ones that people are often envious of, the line “they do everything together” is almost always used. This is a fallacy. Healthy relationships are kept by each person having their own time. I like to think that the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is not referring to separate vacations, long business trips, or long distance, but the time couples spend apart on a regular basis. It’s important to share a lot of common interests and hobbies, but sharing everything will certainly wear down the enamel of any relationship. Make time for your friends, for taking walks on your own, classes, or spending time doing something you want to do alone. You should also remember that your mate has friends and activities he or she would like to do alone. Don’t gripe over “girl time” or “guy time,” but relish the time they’re away from you to do your own thing. A glass of wine and a good book go a long way in a bustling city, especially when you’re sharing a matchbox sized apartment with another person (or 5). Every week you should make time for yourself and your friends, and then set up a time to spend together. A walk through Coney Island, an intimate dinner, an indie flick, or renting a movie and ordering Chinese are great things to do together, and you’ll have a lot to talk about because you haven’t spent every waking moment together. Conversations grow stale and quiet in even the best relationships. How can you have anything to talk about if you haven’t been apart to experience new things?

You do maintenance on nearly everything you own: your computer, car, apartment, shoes, clothing, phone, so why would you neglect the most important thing? Your relationship is a living, breathing thing that you and your significant other create, so treat it with a little courtesy and keep it healthy.

Written, with love, by Ashley Teal

Bring home something sweet. or bring your sweet to a treat from Dessert House



Monday, January 24th, 2011

photo courtesy of

I recently stumbled upon an old photo album dating from my junior high school years. The album was bubblegum pink–unquestionably girly–and very well-worn. I’d spent many days during my preteen-hood, adding photos of my friends and family, then decorating the photos with sparkle pens and stickers. That album had been my pride and joy, but now the sight of its bubblegum pink cover fills me with horror. Why? Simple. Because it had photos of me in it. In junior high.

Everyone went through an awkward phase growing up. They had acne, or cow-licks, or braces. For me, it was my glasses. I was a somewhat bookish kid, and when picking out my lens in 6th grade, I chose a pair that I felt signified my brilliant acumen. In reality, they just made me look like a dork. My glasses were like Harry Potter’s, only 5 times bigger…and I wasn’t famous. In every photo, there I was, grinning obliviously into the camera, the upper part of my face pretty much obscured. But one particular photo in that album takes the cake.

It was taken at my best friend’s pool party. We were arm-in-arm beside the pool, both dressed in our two-pieces. So why was I wearing such horrendous glasses at a swimming pool? Maybe I’d subconsciously hoped to lose my glasses when I dove into the deep end, becoming freed from them forever. My 10-pound glasses would sink 10 feet underwater, never to be seen again.  As it was, I kept my glasses for two more years. When I started high school, I decided to update my look, opting for a sleeker pair, which no longer made me look like I’d popped out the lens of two magnifying glasses and stuck them to my face.

Perhaps, like I was, you’re in need of an update to your eyewear. Check out HMY Vision! They carry classic brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Prada, and DKNY.  They also sell sunglasses and contacts, as well as provide eye exams. HMY Vision is also currently celebrating their 1 year anniversary, so they’re offering awesome discounts. Get 10%-20% off your next pair, or a free eye exam. Check out their website at (Also remember to check out our website here for even more money-saving coupons and discounts.) So head over to HMY Vision and trade in those “Harry Potter” glasses for a sleek, stylish new look! 

-Written by Megan Soyars, Campus Clipper blogger

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Date Night

Thursday, January 20th, 2011


The Campus Clipper is proud to bring you a new feature of our blog, brought to you by me, Derek. My new weekly post will come each Thursday, hopefully providing you enough time to ask that special guy or gal if they have plans for that night, and will focus on fun ideas for a weekend date that won’t limit you to simply dinner and a movie. So for the inaugural post, I have planned a day event. For the month of January, pop-up Open House has launched a hidden oasis at its Mulberry Street location (between Spring and Kenmare), turning the multi-leveled space into a lush, vibrant indoor park called Park Here. What better way to escape this frigid, snowy January then by taking time to remember what leaves and grass once looked like. So grab a date and head to Nolita for a uniquely New York experience, complete with complementary bocce ball and croquet courses (there’s even a see-saw!). Or for those who prefer a more peaceful and relaxing exchange, feel free to lounge under the numerous fake trees, or retreat to a specially designed enclave for a more private setting. Park Here is totally free to the public and is open from 11AM-6PM daily, but remember it will only be around until January 30th. Be sure to check their official website and Facebook page for more information about special events like food vendors and movie nights:
After spending your afternoon enjoying the illusion of spring day at the park, why not continue the date by heading right next door to Tartinery (209 Mulberry Street), an authentic, contemporary French bistro that features an array of delectable entrees and appetizers, as well as an excellent selection of wines, beers, and signature cocktails. Tartinery boasts a warm, comfortable atmosphere that is upscale and romantic, but not overwhelming for those on a first-date. Don’t forget to take advantage of their exclusive deal through the Campus Clipper, valid for a 15% discount off your bill with presentation of coupon and student ID. Check out to find the coupon (under Food & Dining in the Downtown section). For more information about Tartinery and there menu options, visit there website at:
Be sure to check back here at the Campus Clipper blog each Thursday for new, fun ideas to spend with a date for the upcoming weekend.
Photos of Park Here courtesy of Urban Daddy (

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Greetings Readers,

My first order of business is to introduce myself as a new Campus Clipper guest blogger. My name is Ashley Teal, and I’ll be here to speak on all things Love and of Values. As we all know, the rest of the world sees New Yorkers as fast-paced, dark, and cynical. I’m here to bring a little sunshine into the world, as well as prove for certain that New Yorkers are hopeless romantics just like any mid-western mush or southern sap. With a pinch of realism and a scoop of the warm and fuzzy, I’ll be focusing on the heart warming aspects of life, including advice, psychological studies, and recipes for love potions and swoon worthy dishes.  After all, it can be a drab and gloomy city if you’re looking through the wrong kaleidoscope.

I obtained my B.A. in English gushing over the classics and soaking up the local color of the Hudson Valley’s legendary writers. Some sway for the red carpet’s guest list, while I squeeled with delight at visiting scholars. What kept me wandering the stacks of the university library, letting my fingers run down thousands of cracked, dusty spines, was the work of so many, the lives of thousands, poured into those pages. While it may have been written in solitude, literature speaks volumes about human connection, which thrills my skin to prickles. All human connection is love, which fuels our values.

I hope you’ll all stay with me and leave a little brighter, with a little more faith in humanity and see the glimmer of what we can accomplish as we spin on this big ball together. So, greetings, nice to meet you, won’t you take off your coat and stay a while? Don’t forget to check out my blog:


A.M. Teal



Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Our publication, Student Maximu$ magazine, has a mission. First, to provide students with coupons in order to make their experience in NYC a fun and affordable one. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Student Maximu$’s mission is to showcase the talents of NYC students. Each issue of Student Maximu$ features a young person who is using his or her unique abilities to make their mark on the world. I’d like to give you a brief snapshot of some of the talented students who have been featured in our magazine. Cheer them on as they succeed, and use their stories to inspire your own!



At only 22 years old, innovative rapper Genesis Be has released 3 albums, performed at sold-out shows, and created a record label. These milestones become more impressive since Genesis Be is not only a woman in a male-denominated industry, but her lyrics do not contain sex, violence, or any of the lurid subjects popularized in rap. Rather, Genesis Be uses her lyrics to promote moral awareness. Called “the CNN of the ghetto,” Genesis uses her musical talent to educate others with such songs as “I don’t discriminate.”



Previously a Jazz Saxophone major at NYU, Adam possesses both musical finesse and an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2008, Adam created Search and Restore, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of modern jazz in New York.  As a jazz musician, Adam was disappointed in how few jazz venues seemed to exist in NYC. Plus, there was limited awareness of the venues in the first place. But Search and Restore is combating that issue. Check out their website,, to find out about upcoming jazz concerts (and listen to some free tracks!) Also, check out his recent interview with the New York Times here!


Many people love taking photos, but few use this talent to promote social awareness. However, Annie Escobar has implemented her virtuoso for photography to inform others of disadvantaged regions. Recently, Annie traveled to Nablus in the Middle East to document the poverty in that region. While in Nablus, Annie experienced a deep sympathy for the plight of the impoverished families she stayed with, yet at the same time was inspired by their tenacity and spirit. After returning to the U.S., Annie hosted a photo benefit to spread awareness of that area.


A student at NYU, Nick Dee is something of a jack-of-all trades. He’s a blogger (or bleeger, as he’s coined it) a musician, and a stand-up artist. On his original website,, Nick Dee seems to hold an informal conversation with you each time he updates. He lets you know of upcoming gigs, and if he doesn’t have any happening, it’s because he’s “too damned busy.” On his official website,, you download or purchase his independently-produced album, “Sorry I’m Not Sorry.” Nick’s tracks synchronise an electropop beat with rap rhythms.


Just last year, Kenneth Molloy, produced his own original play, “Ghost of Dracula,” which sold out during it’s month-long run at the Wings Theater in the West Village. Molloy describes his play as “the bastard child of ‘Dracula’ and ‘The Breakfast Club,’ with a lot more blood and music.” The “Ghost of Dracula” has also been accepted into the New York Fringe Festival. Kenneth experienced a great sense of pride to see his work performed live on stage. He’s currently working on a new play entitled, “Catiline: Historia Arbitrabitur.”

These five students have followed their creative dreams, whether it be writing an original play, producing their own record album, or showcasing a photo documentary. Although each of these students is unique, they have one thing in common–they are letting the world know about them. If you feel you have a talent, don’t hide it in the closet! Follow the examples of Genesis Be, Adam Schatz, Annie Escobar, Nick Dee, and Kenneth Molloy. Get your name out there, whether it means starting a blog or creating your own website. Maybe one day your name will be in the pages of Student Maximu$ magazine.

-Written by Megan Soyars, Campus Clipper blogger

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New Kid on the Blog: Derek

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011


Hello all. I’m writing to you this cold, dreary, and wet morning to announce that I will be writing about all things fun for the Clipper during the next few months So, if you are looking for a way to stay updated on cheap (preferably free!), and diverse happenings, be sure to check back here and my personal blog ( for great ideas on how to spend those precious few moments of free time you have with friends or by yourself.

As someone who began living in New York City only six months ago, my search for affordable, but most of all fun, events and nightlife is very much an experiment in getting to know the city and all it has to offer. My experience has varied in success, including that awkward moment when you realize the meal you’ve just enjoyed can only be paid for in cash while you sit wide-eyed in disbelief at the waitress or counter-clerk and have to run to the nearest ATM. When I write about my experiences, you can expect me to be honest, telling whether or not the event was a bust or a must-see, that way you know not only what is worth your time, but also what isn’t. Even if something is reviewed negatively, I encourage you to have an open mind and check it out if it initially interested you. After all, each of us has our own personal tastes that are subjective to our interests, so I want to provide a diverse and varied range of ideas for you to experiment and challenge yourself with. But most of all, I’m looking for happenings that offer a chance for reprieve from the burdens and obligations of student life–simply, to be yourself and have fun.

Derek Parsons



Monday, January 17th, 2011

As a college student, you’ve probably got a list of things you cannot live without. The list might look something like this:

Shh, don’t tell your roommate! Oh wait, she already knows, since you snuggle with it every night.

You wear this to pretty much every class. There’s a slight chill in the air? Grab the hoodie. Don’t have clean laundry? Grab the hoodie. Spilled sauce on your t-shirt? Grab the hoodie. Woke up with a hang-over and don’t want to riffle through your closet? Grab the hoo…oh, wait you’re already wearing it.

Maybe it’s delicious, with gooey cheese and a crispy-golden crust. Maybe it’s like a piece of cardboard with squashed tomatoes and cheese gratings dribbled over it. But no matter what your campus cafeteria pizza tastes like, chances are you’re eating it. Hey, you’re on a budget and the pizza’s a dollar a slice. Plus, it’s a quick snack between classes. Just make sure you don’t have any sauce on your chin! (Or hoodie, for that matter.)

Umm, it’s the night before two midterms and three papers. Okay, scratch “sleep” off the list.

This is number five on the list, but it may be the most important. I admit you can squeak by without a laptop. There are computer labs located all over campus, and when in a bind you can always borrow your roommate’s. But roommates always draw the line about letting you borrow their camera or cell phone. And in this technological age, no student can live without these two items. Unfortunately, electronics are not guaranteed to work. I had my cell phone die when I dropped it in some water, and immediately rushed out to get a new one the next day. I knew I couldn’t live without contact with the outside world. My digital camera has gone on the fritz, too. Thankfully, I backed up most of my photos, so it wasn’t a terrible loss. I also managed to repair my camera, though at a hefty price.    

Fortunately for you, you’re a student in NYC and can take advantage of Phototech’s great discount! Phototech is currently offering 10% off repair of cell phones, digital cameras, and video cameras. And even without this discount, their deals are affordable. This company has been providing fast, reputable repairs for many years. Check out their website at So next time your phone goes on the fritz, head to Phototech.  


–Written by Megan Soyars, Campus Clipper blogger

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