Restaurant Review: Bareburger

There is nothing like a delicious burger at the end of a long week, and Bareburger at Laguardia place has everyone covered. With its homey decor, great food selection, and mindful employees, you can’t go wrong with this relaxed comfort food joint. 

Located right by Washington Square Park, Bareburger is a convenient pit stop for students. When my friend Elizabeth and I visited last Friday, indoor dining had just reopened. We were thankful to grab a booth in the warmth, however, outdoor dining is available. 

With customers selecting their own tables and QR code menus, Bareburger has a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated in a diner-minimalist style. The brick walls are painted white with a black and yellow design, and the flooring is light-colored wood. There are both tables and booths available for customers.

The front counter at Bareburger.
The restaurant has a homey relaxed ambiance.

The menu is one of the best parts about this place. They have a burger or sandwich for whatever you’re craving, and dietary restrictions have been considered–everyone can get the burger of their dreams and your vegan friend isn’t left eating a wimpy-looking salad.  

As I pore over the menu with great enthusiasm, I contemplate whether to get the Bison Wrangler burger or the Buttermilk Buffalo sandwich. Or maybe I will try the vegan Guadalupe burger? Thankfully I brought a friend, who I will bully into letting me try her sandwich. Lifehack: family and friends are for trying a restaurant’s entire menu. If you order the same thing as whoever you’re with, then you are doing it wrong. 

Elizabeth and I decide on the black bean Guadalupe burger, the Buttermilk Buffalo chicken sandwich, and a side of onion rings. We also grab two local craft beverages from the drink case—a Black Widow cider and a Merman IPA. 

The food is delicious. The bean burger is perfectly complemented with sprouts, onion, and tomato. Elizabeth’s sandwich is also wonderful, the chicken is crunchy and the taste of blue cheese gives it the perfect kick. I also highly recommend the onion rings. The caramelized onions with thickly breaded crusts are incredibly addicting!

Our delicious Guadalupe burger, Buttermilk Buffalo chicken sandwich, and onion rings.

With great decor and food, the final feature that makes Bareburger stand out is its good service. The food was prepared quickly, and the waiter was available to answer all of our questions. Self-seating and QR code ordering created a distance between diners and servers, however, with the virus this is probably for the best. Not to mention it gives customers some privacy–Elizabeth and I were able to relax enough to talk about matters we would usually not talk about in public.

Me excited about the food!
Forcing Elizabeth to make a Taylor Swift heart.

My big takeaways from this place include the following: 

  1. Options. The menu has something for everyone, and the food is comforting and delicious. 
  2. Relaxing Environment. The informality of self-seating and QR code ordering makes diners feel at home. The decor and ambiance add to this feeling. 

Overall, I can’t recommend Bareburger enough. If you are ever looking for a relaxed restaurant to eat some fantastic comfort food, this is your place. Not to mention the GREAT student discount, which is attached below!

By: Erin Zubarik 

My name is Erin Zubarik and I am a Junior at New York University majoring in Global Liberal Studies and minoring in Chinese and Italian. Over the last few years, I have been lucky enough to study abroad in Florence and Beijing, where I enhanced my language skills and became acquainted with lovely people. This spring I am primarily holed up in my apartment taking online classes, and playing with my hamster Pork Chop.

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