Rainy Day Hibachi at Okinii

On a rainy Spring day, a friend and I visited a restaurant south of Washington Square Park. Okinii, located on Thompson Street, offers a variety of sushi and grilled foods. Upon entering, the staff greeted us and asked if we wanted to be seated at one of the hibachi grills. Since it had been a while since either of us had this, we agreed and were escorted to our seats.

Our waiter, a friendly and attentive man, asked us if we wanted anything to drink. We ordered some green tea; it came out hot, perfect for a cold and windy day, and was steeped so that the elegant nutty flavour came through. Our waiter always made sure our cups were topped off with fresh tea!

Pondering over the menu for a while, we decided to both get the shrimp and steak combo. All hibachi meals come with either white rice or fried rice and a soup or salad. I ordered the soup and white rice whereas my friend ordered the salad and fried rice. The miso soup had a nice mild flavour, the scallions and tofu complementing it. The salad was crisp and fresh with a sweet dressing. Both were great light options to start the meal off with! 

Soon after we placed our order, Steve, our chef, came out. His energy and friendliness were contagious and had us grinning as he prepared our food! He started with the fried rice and then moved on to the vegetables, and then the steak and shrimp. The entire time, we chatted and joked and marvelled at the way he expertly handled the food preparation and flames. It was certainly a great mid-week pick-me-up and Steve definitely knows what he is doing!

Steve’s hibachi skills aren’t just for show– the food came out perfectly! Steak and shrimp can be chewy and tough if over or undercooked, but both were on the grill for the right amount of time. They were also seasoned so that the salty-sweet flavour of the sauce came through– but they didn’t overwhelm the natural flavour of the meat! The fried rice wasn’t greasy or overly oily and paired well with the vegetables. Everything balanced out nicely, and I ended up cleaning my plate and leaving with a full stomach! 

Okinii was an incredibly fun stop! I will definitely head back– especially with a group of friends. The staff are great and the food is tasty and always hot. If you would like to visit Okinii, use the coupon below for 15% off either your first online order or your in-house visit with your student ID!


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