Restaurant Review: Filthy Flats in Brooklyn

It feels like it’s been forever since the last time I got to sit down and write a restaurant review. Midterm season was crazy, as I’m sure many of you can relate to, and visiting Filthy Flats was one positive moment in the whole mess of it.

I’m pretty new to Brooklyn, so I was super excited to have the opportunity to explore some downtown restaurants for the first time since I moved. Filthy Flats in particular is located on Court St. right next to Columbus Park. I spent some time walking around before stopping into the store and the area is super nice. There’s seating inside Filthy Flats, but everything they sell is packaged in to-go containers, so you can also take it to some of the outdoor public seating nearby. 

Exterior of Filthy Flats facing Columbus Park

Filthy Flats opens daily at 7am, but their whole menu is all-day for any fellow late risers. I stopped in around 10 am, which I would consider the early morning, and of course started with a breakfast flat. Most of their breakfast flats have some combination of meat, eggs, and cheese, but there’s also a couple avocado options for fans of that. I, however, went for an all time classic: a Bacon, Egg and Cheese with two fried eggs, covered in melted cheese, and topped with bits of chopped bacon.

If you’re like me, you have a terribly hard time pulling yourself out of bed in the morning for class. I started the semester strong with a substantial breakfast every morning before class, but let’s be honest— post midterms I’m lucky if I’ve eaten anything before I run out of the door to catch the subway. Thus, this flat was probably the best breakfast I’ve had in months. As a big cheese fan I appreciated that they did not go light on it. The bread underneath was also a really great compliment to the toppings. It was more than just a slice of bread or half bagel. It had a really nice crunch to it and the whole breakfast flat was definitely enough to make up a solid meal, especially when paired with a juice or coffee from the drink menu.

But if you’re not in the mood for breakfast, or if you’re visiting later in the day— fear not. True to their title of the “home of the open faced sandwich,” Filthy Flats has a great selection of other flats. They have breakfast flats, specialty flats, pizza flats, and even dessert flats. I also tried the BBQ Chicken flat off their specialty menu and it was delicious.

While the Bacon, Egg and Cheese flat was good, the BBQ Chicken definitely had that extra oomph to it that really makes it one of their specialty flats. The BBQ sauce they use has a delicious sweet quality to it, and it compliments both the chicken and the red onions perfectly. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also ranch dressing on top which adds a whole extra layer of flavor. Lastly, the BBQ Chicken flat again has a healthy portion of cheese on it, making it overall just an ideal item.

Bacon Egg and Cheese and BBQ Chicken Flat

If you perhaps happen to hold a flawed view on cheese, or any general dislike for a particular food item, it is possible to ask to make changes to your order. I appreciated that they had various options for the bread you can get your flat on, including whole wheat and gluten free. There’s also a handful of meat-free options for any vegetarians out there, so I feel confident that I could take anyone here with me and they’d be able to find something they like. 

Overall, Filthy Flats is a fantastic restaurant to stop into the next time you’re in downtown Brooklyn. They have a really great vibe, and you can tell that they’re already an important part of the community less than a year after opening. I highly encourage you to try not only their more traditional open face sandwiches, but also some of their creative options— like Cranberry Chicken Salad or Strawberry Cheesecake from the dessert menu!

And to any Brooklyn friends make sure you use this coupon with your student ID when you visit to save 20% OR use the code “filthy20” online ✅✅✅

If you want to see more about my trip to Filthy Flats check out my video on the Campus Clipper TikTok page!

By: Peter Schoenfeld

Peter Schoenfeld is an illustrator and self proclaimed food fanatic from New York. His work errs on the side of silly, goofy, or wacky, and he has a particular interest in both printmaking and painting. As a current junior at the School of Visual Arts, Peter doesn’t have much free time– but when he does he’s always looking to try new food!

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