Campus Clipper Designers

Philip Harrison, University of the Arts

 Philip Harrison is a 21-year-old junior from the University of the Arts.  He is a Graphic Design major, and is currently working on multiple projects, one of which includes his work at Campus Clipper.  Philip hopes to become a better designer from working at Campus Clipper.

Philip grew up in New Jersey, right across the bridge from New York City.  He is currently located in Philadelphia for college, but spends time interning in New York.  His favorite area in New York is Central Park, specifically by the MET Museum.  For students that do attend school in New York, Phil gives them the following advice: “Not many people can walk outside their dorm and be in the heart of the biggest city in the US.  Take advantage of what the city has to offer and explore.”

Philip loves to keep himself entertained by watching sports, as well as reading literature by Richard Matheson.

Academically, Philip’s best experience has been in his Typography class during junior year.  During this class, Philip had the opportunity to research and design an editorial piece.  These skills are being demonstrated through Philip’s work at Campus Clipper.

Bo Ra Na Lim, the School of Visual Arts

Bo Ra Na Lim is a 21-year-old senior from the School of Visual Arts.  She is currently studying Graphic Design, and putting her skills to use as a Graphic Design intern for Campus Clipper.

Bo Ra Na has lived in New York for 3 years, and she loves to hang out at The High Line.  When not at the High Line, Bo Ra Na may be found in Central Park ice-skating during the winter.  Her favorite vacation spot abroad is in Busan, Korea.

Bo Ra Na claims that her favorite class that she has taken so far was a sophomore graphic design class.  She also states that her piece of advice to younger students would be to “Try everything, you are still young to find out more about yourself.  Explore the unknown areas as much as you can.  You can get inspiration and insight from anywhere.”

Her favorite movie of all time is Annie Hall, by Woody Allen, and her favorite author is George Lois.

Christine Cha, Parsons, The New School of Designs

Christine is a first year student at Parsons, the New School of Designs.  She is matriculating towards a degree in Fine Arts.  She’s been living in the city for 5 months now and has discovered a few places she really enjoys; MoMa, the Fat Cat, Chelsea Market, the Met, and Lincoln Center.

Her advice to students is to never settle and always move forward.  Her favorite artists are Alexander McQueen and Paul Cezanne.  The Nike of Somothrace; a widely celebrated sculpture displayed at the Louvre, is one of Christine’s favorite piece of work.   She considers Europe to be her place she loves to visit the most.  But when she is in NYC she finds inspiration to draw while waiting for the train or while riding the train.  She also likes to draw at the Union Square Park.

Music is the other half of Christina’s life.  When she isn’t studying or drawing she likes to play the piano and violin.  She also sings and composes.  Her advice to students is to never settle, to always move forward

Brian, NYIT

Brian is a 22 year old senior at NYIT majoring is Graphic Design.  He is working on a unique project design for a candy wrapper and has gotten great encouragement from his friends and professors.  Brian has been living in the city for four years now and considers Brooklyn Heights to be one of his favorite places in New York.  While Brian likes to go to concerts and play video games, he advices other students to work hard and play hard.  His favorite place for an ideal vacation spot is Mexico’s Rivera Maya.  Brian’s favorite class in college was his graphic design class; it allowed him to build a product from scratch and build a model for it.

Working for the Campus Clipper allows Brian to gain design experience and working experience in his field.

Colleen Reinhart, Parsons The New School of Design

Elliot Rosenberg, Touro College

Ilona Gordon, Pace University

Ilona is a current student at Pace University (’13). She is majoring in Advertising with a minor in Art. She is experienced in graphic designing, and is currently designing an eBook for the Campus Clipper, as well as using social media to promote coupons and events. Ilona states that she enjoys finding new events because it’s something that other students may find useful and they may not be aware of them. She even likes to go to some of the events. She’s lived in the City for two years, and her favorite places to frequent are the South Street Seaport, Battery Park City, MoMA, Union Square, and Webster Hall.

Her favorite college class is Principles of Design, because it gives her the chance to express herself in the form of fine art, without any restrictions and limitations. As an artist, she is able create something that not only pleases other people, but herself as well. Practice has helped her become really good at it, and as a piece of advice, she tells students to never stop practicing what you love doing. In the end it may end up as a career.

Her final piece of advice to students is to find time to explore your resources. You may be surprised how much your school has to offer, from events and free food to exhibits, speakers, and connections. And living in New York City, you get opportunities that people anywhere else in the world only dream of. You can meet famous people at free events, or enjoy free movie screenings months before they come out. Know your city.


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