Come to SmashBurger with an Ex-Vegetarian

After being vegetarian for four years I have recently started eating meat again, and let me just say, I am so glad to be back to burgers. The other day I went to SmashBurger, which is in Back Bay just a few hundred feet from the Copley stop on the Green Line, and it was truly so delicious. I was coming from the Orange Line, but it was just a few minutes walk from the Back Bay stop, which was super easy. It’s also in a great area, with Newbury Street closeby and lots of opportunities to shop and putter around. 

The building itself was under a bit of construction, but its interior had a sort of clean, modern look. They were also decorated for Halloween! They had decorative cobwebs and spiders, and as a girl who loves Hallwoeen, I was thrilled to see them so festive! The menu was pretty extensive, but not overwhelming, but it did take us a minute to decide what to get. Once we settled on what we wanted, we got our order in and sat down to wait! It didn’t take long at all, and they brought our food out in these cute little wire plates, diner-style. 

I got the double smash burger, which is seemingly the signature burger there, and it was so good! The burger itself tasted really fresh and was cooked well. I don’t really like tomatoes or onions, but wanted to get it without any substitutions just to get the full experience. Honestly, I was surprised how much I liked it with everything on it, I think it just all tasted so good together that my hatred for tomatoes couldn’t even phase me. My milkshake was also really good, I love a strawberry milkshake with a burger and it all paired really well with each other. The shake was also sort of gorgeous, sporting a whipped cream top and some type of strawberry syrup garnish which added some extra flare. They had some extra so they also gave my partner a little milkshake with the excess which was really nice of them!

We also got a crispy chicken sandwich, which must have been made fresh because it was super hot when we got it, but it was cooked perfectly and so yummy when it cooled down. The real star of the show had to be the fries, though. We could literally not get over how good they were. They were the perfect type of thin-cut fries where they are crisp but not hard, and tender but not soggy. They were also really flavorful on their own, so I even forgot to eat them with sauce because they didn’t even need any! 

Another thing I really like about it is the staff environment. They were nice to us, but what I appreciated most was the good energy they had towards each other. The staff here seemed to be in good spirits and seemed to genuinely enjoy each other’s company, which sort of added to the good vibes of the place. 

Overall, great eats and great atmosphere there! You can use the coupon below to get 15% off when you visit with your student ID, so go enjoy!

By Erin O’Brien

Erin is a student based in Boston, MA studying Communications and Studio Art. She is drawn to telling stories about love and friendship, with themes of humanity and connection at its core. In sharing her personal truths, she hopes to provide readers with nuggets of learned wisdom and college survival skills

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