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An Indian Feast at Malai Marke

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

I had been craving some quality Indian cuisine when I discovered Malai Marke in the East Village. Lately, while scrolling through endless Seamless suggestions, the thought of ordering Indian crossed my mind. But, like a great New York slice, finding that perfect Indian place in a sea of mediocrity is hard to come by. Malai Marke was that golden spot—quality food, great atmosphere, affordable prices, and a lovely location, especially in this crisp fall season.

Lovely, tasteful decor!

Malai Marke is part of a group of restaurants that strive to provide quality and culture. Whether it’s Chola on 58th St, one of the best Indian buffets in the city, Dhaba in the Flatiron District, rife with traditional flavors and a chic atmosphere, and other various eateries, Malai Marke is a piece of a rather successful enterprise. How are these restaurants so successful? They focus on quality and giving the absolute best food they can possibly give. The managers of these restaurants, like Roshan, the manager of Malai Marke, are confident in what they are doing, both in terms of business and good cooking!

So many options on the affordable lunch menu!

Malai translates to cream, a slang term used in Northern India. This Northern Indian cuisine focuses more on creamier, smoother flavors and less on spice, differing from that of Southern India. One of the favorite dishes at Malai Marke is the Malai Chicken Tikka Masala, chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce, a different and unique take on the common chicken masala.

Before jumping into the heavier foods, my friend and I started with fried okra. Roshan laughed as he handed us a plate full of golden- brown strands, resembling fried onions. He claims that everyone is too scared to try the okra, so he simply sets it down on their table, offering a complementary appetizer to unsuspecting customers. Without revealing what this crispy, salty, perfect-for-sharing dish is, people are already asking for more, their okra fears a thing of the past.

Crispy, salty, and delicious!

When it came to the metaphorical “meat” of the dish, I was in awe. Determined to have us try a little taste of everything, Roshan brought us quite the selection. Upon ordering Saag Paneer—a spinach curry with paneer cheese—and Lamb Pasanda—lamb in a creamy, nut sauce—Roshan also brought us Fish Moilee, which consists of fish in a creamy coconut curry sauce, lemon rice, spicy chicken, garlic naan, mango lassi, and Gulan Jamu for dessert to finish up. Like I said, we were in awe. Not only did the quantity of the food astound us, but the quality helped us regain our faith in Indian food in the city. Everything was pretty incredible. The flavors weren’t too overwhelming and each bowl of goodness was cooked to perfection. I would personally recommend the fish in a coconut curry sauce; as a pesscatarian, I was in heaven. The mango lassi was the perfect addition to the meal. This mango yogurt blend was sweet and the texture was smooth. After so many different spices, the coolness of our sweet and creamy beverage was much appreciated.

So much food!


This lassi was sweet, creamy, and perfect for our meal!

Located on east 6TH Street, not only is Malai Marke near New School dorms, NYU buildings, and Cooper Union, it works well with a student budget—the lunch special is only $9! Malai Marke is promoting culture by providing unique foods and utilizing a huge menu to not only please those unfamiliar to Indian cuisine, but to educate them as well. And just for a heads up—the owner of Malai Marke is always thinking of new concepts for new restaurants, so stand by for some new, great restaurants to try!

Malai Marke is great for students! Whitney loves eating here!

After we attempted to finish our meals, we caved and opted for a to-go container as well. Nothing is more satisfying than a great Sunday lunch where you leave full and content. Everything at Malai Marke was amazing! Plus, I learned that it stays amazing, even if you have to eat it later that night in your living room out of a to-go container while watching Netflix. That doesn’t actually sound that bad. Did I mention that they deliver?



Daniela Bizzell, Eugene Lang College, The New School University.

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Free Weekend (Week of 9/21/12)

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

So many great things to do around this city this weekend! Just remember to wear a jacket while you enjoy the beautiful weather in store:


FAB! Festival 2012


The FAB! (or Fourth Arts Block) festival is a music, theater, and dance festival taking place on East 4th Street (between Bowery and 2nd Avenue). The festival will include many indoor and outdoor stages showcasing the three art forms that the festival is centered around.

Advertised as a family-friendly affair, activities will feature everything from world music performances to cooking demonstrations to open theater, art demonstrations, art activities for kids and screen printing, to trivia, and more.  There is even a bike friendly tour that is free with RSVP. Find out more here and visit the website for more info.



Canteen’s Epic Brooklyn Book Festival













Literary magazine Canteen is throwing an awesome party tomorrow night. The event will feature live performances from 3 great bands (Devin, Starlight Girls, and Vorhees) plus a three hour open bar courtesy of  The Noble Experiment and Brooklyn Brewery.

This event will totally be worthwhile and can be summed up with a simple equation: 3 live bands + 3-hour open bar = Friday night well spent. Be sure to “like” the event page and get there early.




Stars @ Mercury Lounge










Canadian band Stars will be playing a free show at Mercury Lounge this Saturday. It’s a thrillcall sponsored event, so to get in you need to download their app and get the tickets through there.




Brooklyn Book Festival

Literary celebration has been in full swing for about a week now and will be going on until the 23rd. Organized by the Brooklyn Book Council, the event features author readings and discussions. Attendees can sample the offerings of indie publications and even their own publications at the event.  If you’re a writer or aspiring writer this is a great event to showcase your work to an audience you probably haven’t even thought of. Check out the website for more information.


Carlos L., Monroe College. Read my blog!!  Follow me on Twitterand Facebook

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Your Next Favorite Burger Eatery: Pauls’ Da Burger Joint

Monday, February 28th, 2011

View from the street

On the verge of its 22nd anniversary “Paul’s Da Burger Joint” located at 131 2 ave (at the corner of 2 ave and St.Marks), a family-run business that was established in 1989, keeps serving delicious and affordable burgers to the neighborhood diners who know all the servers and managers in the place and feel at home amongst welcoming tablecloths with red and white checkers on tiny tables, and also tourists appearing at the joint during different seasons looking for the best burger in town.

And here they find it, indeed.

Being the house specialty, ½ pound beef, turkey or vegetarian burgers make up 90% of all food orders. Just looking at the juicy patty tempts one to bite into it right away, ripping apart the soft fresh bun that serves as a great body for the meaty “soul.” Choose the right cheese, add lettuce, tomato, and onions – and you got yourself a filling lunch or dinner. The size is just right: it neither lets you go home hungry nor leaves anything to bring home in a doggy bag. Once you bite into it, you will not stop chewing until it’s gone, so good it is.

Irresistible taste

And the price is just right as well: $7-8 on average for a burger depending on what you prefer to have on it. Out of the house’s large variety you may be willing to try St. Marks, a special cheeseburger topped with mushrooms and fried onions, or the diners’ favorite Eastsider, a bacon cheeseburger with ham, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions; those will be a little fancier and more expensive.

Even though food prices increase as we breathe, the owner, Matt, insists on keeping the cost of burgers on the same level. “I’d better have more customers and make less money than have less people and charge them more,” he says. It is believed at “Paul’s” that the main thing is to supply the customers with high quality burgers that don’t cost them an arm and a leg.

Understandably, though, not everyone is a burger lover. There are plenty of choices left for you, if you are one of those. For instance, you may opt for a chicken or fish fillet sandwich, or an Italian sausage hero with peppers and onions, or a beef frank with sauerkraut. Having a lot to choose from, you may be sure to find something that will satisfy your empty stomach. And if it’s big and craves for more, accompany your sandwich with a side of curly and slightly spicy cajun fries, sweet potato fries or crunchy onion rings.

And if you are a student, there is a new special just for you, so you should put it on your student savings list. If you visit “Paul’s” on a Tuesday or Thursday at any time, buy any burger and show your student ID (what can be easier), you will get a complimentary milkshake. Choosing between vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, you might as well go for a “Michael Jackson,” the mixture of the first two. The milkshake is the greatest student discount you can get anywhere, as it is a creamy, delicious full-size dessert that will complete your meal and satisfy your sweet tooth for free!

Having started as “Paul’s Palace,” the restaurant is definitely not the dwelling of kings, but it may become your next favorite eatery on the East Side. After all, it takes only one try to make it your regular stop-by.

Ekaterina Lalo

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