Students and Their Baggages

Being a student comes with a lot of baggage, literally. It is highly unlikely that students in a city like New York drive from place to place or even own a car. They take the train or the bus everywhere and that means carrying every possible thing that they might need while they are out, along with them, which, of course, leads us to the topic of bags.

If you are a student too, then you would know that there is almost a comically complex science as to what goes into a handbag as the number of items a student has to carry is not just limited to textbooks. Depending on the weather and their schedule students have to carry an umbrella, a jacket, sunglasses, snacks, ballet flats, cell phone chargers and laptops and the list goes on and on.

You also have to decide which textbooks you will need that day. And, using one notebook for all your classes might be good idea. You can also start carrying the pint sized bottles of water instead of the bigger ones and just fill them up from the campus’s drinking water fountains when you run out of water. It also involves making certain sacrifices, for me it was giving up my habit carrying around a book or a magazine with me.

The easiest way to carry the heavy load would be to start using a backpack. But that is easier said than done. Finding a non-hideous backpack that may go with most of your outfits and is affordable can be very difficult especially as the designer backpacks can be too expensive for most students. Using a large handbag with a cross body strap is helpful too.


If you get tired of carrying around your heavy bags all week, you can relax your muscles by going to the Vada Spa where you can get a 20 minute body message for just $18 with a student discount.

Bushra Tawhid

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