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Daniela Bizzell is a writing major attending Eugene Lang College for Liberal Arts, The New School University. She is in her third year and was a publishing intern for the Campus Clipper.

When people ask me what I’m majoring in, my response is automatic; “I’m a writing major.” When people ask me what I plan to do with this writing major, I am silent. When I finally speak, I stumble over my supposed well-learned articulation skills and mumble out, “Publishing…magazine….I’m no novelist,” [insert awkward laughter]. Entering the art world in hopes of finding a career is…well…I have a panic attack just thinking about it. But, for some, it seems like the only plausible option to achieve some sort of life-long happiness in their professional lives.

The Campus Clipper was my first step in attempting to figure out the rest of my life. Being my first real internship in the city, I was naïve, inexperienced, and afraid that I wasn’t enough; enough for the writing world, the publishing world, the world of social media, maybe even the city itself. I quickly learned that while I may not have been born with the ability to run social media accounts or write restaurant reviews at the drop of a hat, with the right environment, teachers, and drive, I could learn and thrive. And this is exactly what the Campus Clipper taught me. Not only was I trained to know the ins and outs of social media promotion, journalistic style writing, and independent publishing, but I created relationships, learned patience, and as a whole bettered myself in terms of knowing my field and confidently incorporating it into my everyday life.

I am still in school and I do have time to figure out the rest of my life, but the Campus Clipper led me in the right direction. It provided an opportunity for me to begin realizing what I would like to do in the future. No plans are set in stone and my early twenties are a time for exploration and new experiences, yet I have established a base more beneficial and motivational than I could have ever hoped for. And for that I thank the Campus Clipper.

Daniela Bizzell, Eugene Lang College, The New School


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