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Something to Know About Me Is…

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

I always strolled through the back alleys of school since I was in 6th grade, taking paths that were not hidden, but also were not sought after by other students. The only reason I knew about them is because I was always close to my teachers and developed friendly relationships with my classmates. This allowed me to hear first hand what was going on in my school. 

The high school that I attended was Gramercy Arts, a small school occupying one floor of the Washington Irving Building in the lower east side of Manhattan. I entered this school because I did not get into any other high schools in the city. This was not because I did not have good grades. This is because the selection process for high school in New York is like a lottery. Everything is unnecessarily competitive as soon as you leave elementary school. 

I have heard of blessings in disguise, but this one was more of a blessing buried under the concrete of a 100 year old, 14 story building. Adorned with carved wood and 20th century paintings in the lobby, this is where I learned how to dig. Most students thought it was a terrible school, and on the surface it may have seemed that way, with the metal detectors and the 6 high schools combined in the one building. I tried my best not to think about this and look at this experience for what it was… school. 

Somehow my discomfort with social settings landed me in the library every day for lunch. I was not friends with the librarians though because they would always catch me sitting in the midst of the bookshelves either doing homework, reading, or on my phone. Some days I would find myself in the room designated for the YMCA on my campus, and this is where the digging began. It was small room that allowed for more intimate connections with students and gave me the space to talk about a range of topics and break out of my invisible shell. 

All of this does not mean that you need to be like me and hangout in corners by yourself. This is just my experience to share with others. It is always important to know about the journey to understand the lessons. With that being said, let’s get into making connections that will be the foundations for your schooling experiences. 

In my experience, I formed connections between people who I slowly began to relate to. The kids in the library told me about the YMCA room, which was open on select days. Track where your opportunities come from, how they come to you, who is the messenger, and which you choose to act on. We all have unique experiences, but the one thing that we can all relate to is the constant that occurs in all of our lives. It is like if you always end up stubbing the same toe throughout your life, or if people come to you and say the same things about how they perceive you based on a first impression. These are constants, and they will also apply to areas of your life that seem miraculous. Tracking your opportunities will allow you to find out more about yourself and the types of opportunities you and your unique existence attract.

By Miashe Barnes

My name is Miashe, and I go to Parsons School of Design, as a communications design major. I never thought art school would be my path, but alas here I am and loving it so far. I want to share some of my experience with others with faith that I can help some who may be a bit confused or hesitant on where to go. I am not going to show you the way, but I will just provide a helping hand to let you know that the trials of life do not need to be faced alone. Cosas de la vida mis amigos. With that being said, please tune in for some tips and tricks for assistance in using the tools you are given in school to explore. 

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How to Suffer Healthily – Guidelines to Surviving NYC Campus

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

Chapter 1: A Healthful Reality


Anyone who moves to New York City has a goal. They have dreams and expectations and a vision of what their dazzling life in the city. Media has shown us so many encouraging stories about the struggle of making your way in New York. There are parties and fashion, runways and bankers, agents and food and artists and culture; all of these things are banded together in such a small place, it’s a wonder you get to somehow experience it all.


Yet, NYC college students ultimately end up asking themselves is how do you manage to stay healthy on a student budget while still trying to conquer New York?


To help out fellow peers, I’ve compiled a list of a few challenging realities that students should know to expect.

  1. Most Students are Still Growing Up


It’s not a shocking truth, but it’s one that hits home for many struggling students. It’s strange enough becoming an adult in a place that demands your attention full time, but students often move astounding distances to live in New York, leaving their family and most of their support system behind. These students must construct new routines and learn the ins and outs of solidarity. At the beginning, no one is making sure that you’re staying fit or eating healthy or eating at all for that matter. It may take a while to become adjusted to getting by on your own.


  1.  School is Important


Not only do college courses require an immense amount of focus, but now you’re paying for that focus. If you miss too many classes or your grades start to slip, it’s likely you may have to retake a class. What does this have to do with health? The human brain requires a nutritious balance of Magnesium, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and all of the B Vitamins. Without these elements in your diet the brain loses a significant amount of stamina, making it harder to do well in school. Of course, ramen and dollar pizza slices are staple foods for the regular student, but after a week of MSG and no vitamins, it gets hard to keep up with the fast pace of NYC.


  1. Movement is Key

Maybe this one is implied, but people in New York City are constantly moving from place to place and they are always hard-pressed to get there on time. With so much happening at once and with so much to do, it’s a wonder how students find time to stay fit. And while fitness is unique to the individual, it’s sometimes difficult to discern what exactly your body needs. It’s not essential to have a gym membership or to be a part of a sports team, sometimes it’s as simple as investing in a bicycle or scooter to get around town. Just be sure to remember, there’s a difference between being active and staying healthy. Walking around all day and running from one train to the next can be quite the workout; it’s beneficial to find time to relax and get plenty of sleep.


Despite all of those chilling realities, it is also extremely important to have fun. Staying healthy in school can be a breeze with the right resources, knowledge and motivation. In this book, I will explain a few tips on how to turn college survival into simply living.


Olivia L. Brummett

Rising Senior at The New School – B.F.A. Writing 


Why is the Campus Clipper Student Guide Right For Me?

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

As a college student in New York, you’re constantly busy. You probably have an internship, a job, a social life, essays to write, homework to do, an on top of that, classes that you actually have to go to sometimes. The one big thing you’re definitely avoiding while taking care of all of these other things? Your finances.

It’s difficult! New York is an exciting city, and you’re extremely lucky that you get to spend your four years of college here. You might be a person who likes to go to concerts, or see your favorite comedians, or you might just enjoy going to a bookstore and splurging on books. Whatever your vice may be, there’s too much to do and see while you’re living here.

Campus Clipper is the best way for a student to not have to skimp on the fun stuff. You’ll get savings on things like school supplies, copy shops, textbooks, food, even spas and dry cleaning. That way, when your favorite band comes to town, you don’t have to say no.

The best thing about Campus Clipper: it’s free! We’re going to provide our new fall student guide and coupons absolutely free of charge. So whether you need props for your student film shoot, or a little relaxation time with friendsCampus Clipper is the best choice for your Manhattan lifestyle.


Erin O., NYU

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NYC Student Guide- About the book

Monday, June 18th, 2012

NYC Student Guide

The Campus Clipper is launching the NYC Student Guide KickStarter Project to fundraise the book, so stay tuned for the updates!

NYC Student Guide is filled with first hand practical advice based on real experiences from fellow students. The guide speaks to every aspect of student life ranging from heath and beauty advice to how-tos on finding lasting friendships and love.

These insights come to life through the fresh creative talents of our student authors who deal with every aspect of student life, all kinds of entertainment, tips on contemporary fashion trends, employment opportunities and the essential human values that make student life a joyful and rewarding experience.

NYC Student Guide, a new guide to New York City published by Campus Clipper, is tailored for students hoping to take advantage of the city’s famously vibrant culture. Written by both native New Yorkers and more recent arrivals that have thrived in the midst of the city’s high expenses and quick pace, the guide contains over 30 short pieces covering topics especially pertinent to college students adjusting to adulthood in the city. Sections such as fashion, food, health, and jobs offer advice on how to manage the demands of school while also exploring New York’s various neighborhoods.

Each of the articles is based on the author’s experiences as a student in New York. Clearly marked sections and maps reveal local stores and restaurants within a student price range. Advice on how to quell roommate conflict or find the perfect ice cream cone is all based on and interspersed with the writers’ first-hand experiences.

Far from simply administering advice, NYC Student Guide’s contributing authors craft their articles as reflections of their growth and the city’s influence on how they live now. The book also contains short profiles of the authors that document outside projects with which they are involved. The guide proves that students are capable not only of surviving in New York, but also of establishing a place for themselves in the fields that interest them.

The Campus Clipper’s NYC Student Guide is a must-have guide for any student looking to enrich their life in “the city that never sleeps.”

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