Why is the Campus Clipper Student Guide Right For Me?

As a college student in New York, you’re constantly busy. You probably have an internship, a job, a social life, essays to write, homework to do, an on top of that, classes that you actually have to go to sometimes. The one big thing you’re definitely avoiding while taking care of all of these other things? Your finances.

It’s difficult! New York is an exciting city, and you’re extremely lucky that you get to spend your four years of college here. You might be a person who likes to go to concerts, or see your favorite comedians, or you might just enjoy going to a bookstore and splurging on books. Whatever your vice may be, there’s too much to do and see while you’re living here.

Campus Clipper is the best way for a student to not have to skimp on the fun stuff. You’ll get savings on things like school supplies, copy shops, textbooks, food, even spas and dry cleaning. That way, when your favorite band comes to town, you don’t have to say no.

The best thing about Campus Clipper: it’s free! We’re going to provide our new fall student guide and coupons absolutely free of charge. So whether you need props for your student film shoot, or a little relaxation time with friendsCampus Clipper is the best choice for your Manhattan lifestyle.


Erin O., NYU

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