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NYC Student Guide

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NYC Student Guide is filled with first hand practical advice based on real experiences from fellow students. The guide speaks to every aspect of student life ranging from heath and beauty advice to how-tos on finding lasting friendships and love.

These insights come to life through the fresh creative talents of our student authors who deal with every aspect of student life, all kinds of entertainment, tips on contemporary fashion trends, employment opportunities and the essential human values that make student life a joyful and rewarding experience.

NYC Student Guide, a new guide to New York City published by Campus Clipper, is tailored for students hoping to take advantage of the city’s famously vibrant culture. Written by both native New Yorkers and more recent arrivals that have thrived in the midst of the city’s high expenses and quick pace, the guide contains over 30 short pieces covering topics especially pertinent to college students adjusting to adulthood in the city. Sections such as fashion, food, health, and jobs offer advice on how to manage the demands of school while also exploring New York’s various neighborhoods.

Each of the articles is based on the author’s experiences as a student in New York. Clearly marked sections and maps reveal local stores and restaurants within a student price range. Advice on how to quell roommate conflict or find the perfect ice cream cone is all based on and interspersed with the writers’ first-hand experiences.

Far from simply administering advice, NYC Student Guide’s contributing authors craft their articles as reflections of their growth and the city’s influence on how they live now. The book also contains short profiles of the authors that document outside projects with which they are involved. The guide proves that students are capable not only of surviving in New York, but also of establishing a place for themselves in the fields that interest them.

The Campus Clipper’s NYC Student Guide is a must-have guide for any student looking to enrich their life in “the city that never sleeps.”

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