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A Good Day for Goody Fresh Dim Sum

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

Along the bustling sidewalks of 6th Ave rests Goody Fresh Dim Sum, a small restaurant that serves… Well, dim sum! Upon walking in, I was met with images of the restaurant’s dishes and a bright-but-cosy aura. The staff were friendly and kind, immediately offering a nice change of pace from the brisk outdoors. It was a welcomed energy, as the conclusion of midterm season had left me craving warm vibes and tasty bites. 

I hadn’t had dim sum in quite a few years; in my quickly paced New York City life, I simply let more and more time pass since my last venture into a cuisine I loved. I was excited to finally have some again – and Goody Fresh Dim Sum did not disappoint. It was difficult for us to narrow down what we wanted to try since there were plenty of mouth-watering options. After spending more than a few minutes wondering what to go for, our waiter offered some house recommendations.

I am no stranger to shrimp dumplings or siu mai… They’re two of my absolute favourite things to eat! Thus, I was very excited when these two dishes came out from the kitchen. The shrimp dumplings were pillowy, puffed up by generous amounts of shrimp. Dipping them in soy sauce gave them just the right amount of salt needed to create that complex flavour profile I love. The siu mai were seasoned just as I like them– a subtle amount of sweet to complement the savoury as you chew. When my dining partner took her first bite, she exclaimed, “These are where it’s at.” I would be hard-pressed to disagree! They just may have been the best siu mai I’ve had. What I love about these two foods is that there’s a kind of gentle mildness to them while still being packed full of flavour. They’re comforting foods to me – perhaps this is why I always go back for more!

Up next were the soup dumplings. I have been eating soup dumplings since I was a child– they were a dish I would drag my parents out to get as often as I could. These dumplings brought me back to those childhood days. The soup inside warmed my wind-chilled fingers and the filling melted on my tongue. Sometimes soup dumplings fall apart as soon as you pick them up, but these certainly didn’t! They stayed intact, only giving way when I finally took a bite. This was great, as I got to fully enjoy the soup packed inside without spilling any. These dumplings were both a pleasant throw back and warm up.

Last but not least are two dishes I hadn’t had before. A joy of mine is partaking in new foods, and I was glad to not only try these, but also love them! The first was the BBQ pork bun. The bun was soft as a cloud, and the pork inside was smothered in a sauce that was to die for. I enjoyed how the chunks of meat contrasted the fluffy nature of the bun, leading to a nice texture that complemented the taste. The other dish was mushroom dumplings. I am a fan of dumpling, I am a fan of mushrooms, and now I am most certainly a fan of mushroom dumplings! The taste of the mushrooms came through in an almost smoky way, truly letting a great flavour profile shine.

I am very happy that Goody Fresh Dim Sum is only a few steps away from The New School, as I will certainly be returning to relax and eat after a long day of classes! I am excited to go back to not only experience flavours from my youth, but to try new things as well. If you would like to also go and try out their variety of options, use the coupon below for 15% off with your student ID.

By: Ehani Schneiderman

Ehani Schneiderman is a senior studying literature and anthropology at The New School. She hopes to connect with others through writing, poetry, and cultural exchange. When she isn’t nose deep in a book or word document, you can find her paddle boarding in a bay or scuba diving out at sea.

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