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Restaurant Review: Bareburger

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

There is nothing like a delicious burger at the end of a long week, and Bareburger at Laguardia place has everyone covered. With its homey decor, great food selection, and mindful employees, you can’t go wrong with this relaxed comfort food joint. 

Located right by Washington Square Park, Bareburger is a convenient pit stop for students. When my friend Elizabeth and I visited last Friday, indoor dining had just reopened. We were thankful to grab a booth in the warmth, however, outdoor dining is available. 

With customers selecting their own tables and QR code menus, Bareburger has a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated in a diner-minimalist style. The brick walls are painted white with a black and yellow design, and the flooring is light-colored wood. There are both tables and booths available for customers.

The front counter at Bareburger.
The restaurant has a homey relaxed ambiance.

The menu is one of the best parts about this place. They have a burger or sandwich for whatever you’re craving, and dietary restrictions have been considered–everyone can get the burger of their dreams and your vegan friend isn’t left eating a wimpy-looking salad.  

As I pore over the menu with great enthusiasm, I contemplate whether to get the Bison Wrangler burger or the Buttermilk Buffalo sandwich. Or maybe I will try the vegan Guadalupe burger? Thankfully I brought a friend, who I will bully into letting me try her sandwich. Lifehack: family and friends are for trying a restaurant’s entire menu. If you order the same thing as whoever you’re with, then you are doing it wrong. 

Elizabeth and I decide on the black bean Guadalupe burger, the Buttermilk Buffalo chicken sandwich, and a side of onion rings. We also grab two local craft beverages from the drink case—a Black Widow cider and a Merman IPA. 

The food is delicious. The bean burger is perfectly complemented with sprouts, onion, and tomato. Elizabeth’s sandwich is also wonderful, the chicken is crunchy and the taste of blue cheese gives it the perfect kick. I also highly recommend the onion rings. The caramelized onions with thickly breaded crusts are incredibly addicting!

Our delicious Guadalupe burger, Buttermilk Buffalo chicken sandwich, and onion rings.

With great decor and food, the final feature that makes Bareburger stand out is its good service. The food was prepared quickly, and the waiter was available to answer all of our questions. Self-seating and QR code ordering created a distance between diners and servers, however, with the virus this is probably for the best. Not to mention it gives customers some privacy–Elizabeth and I were able to relax enough to talk about matters we would usually not talk about in public.

Me excited about the food!
Forcing Elizabeth to make a Taylor Swift heart.

My big takeaways from this place include the following: 

  1. Options. The menu has something for everyone, and the food is comforting and delicious. 
  2. Relaxing Environment. The informality of self-seating and QR code ordering makes diners feel at home. The decor and ambiance add to this feeling. 

Overall, I can’t recommend Bareburger enough. If you are ever looking for a relaxed restaurant to eat some fantastic comfort food, this is your place. Not to mention the GREAT student discount, which is attached below!

By: Erin Zubarik 

My name is Erin Zubarik and I am a Junior at New York University majoring in Global Liberal Studies and minoring in Chinese and Italian. Over the last few years, I have been lucky enough to study abroad in Florence and Beijing, where I enhanced my language skills and became acquainted with lovely people. This spring I am primarily holed up in my apartment taking online classes, and playing with my hamster Pork Chop.

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Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

New York might well be one of the best places in the world for food. The City has been the gateway to the USA for over a century with over a third of all Americans able to trace their ancestry through Ellis Island, and with such an astonishing mix of races and peoples from all over the world, diversity is the watchword in NYC. It’s no surprise that all these peoples kept their local cuisines going – many of them have managed to keep whole languages going!

With so much choice in food in New York, it can be hard keeping track of it all. You would certainly be forgiven for thinking that Pizza was devised here, the way it has taken hold… But the only, really, truly American food, has to be the humble hamburger, which like so much of US culture, seems to have gone on to dominate the World! Like all food that has found its way to New York, it seems to be popular, and there are now so many interesting hamburger restaurants and joints, and variations on the concept it can be impressive, if not rather overwhelming.

I had the pleasure recently to try one of the newest and more rapidly developing restaurants selling their own version of this timeless classic, Bareburger. After an initial start in Brooklyn, this small but rather excellent little chain is now franchising across the city. I had the pleasure of trying it at 85 2nd Ave along with my better half; Bottom Line Up Front: Tasty burger. Do you need to know more?

The restaurant itself is on a fairly quiet corner, a few blocks down from St Marks. It is a really bright space, decorated with a slight, modern twist on classic rural Americana – though the fork chandelier made me feel slightly wary! The service was quick, pleasant and very knowledgeable. The hamburgers themselves are close to a design-your-own set up, where you can specify the meat and the bun with selections including Beef, Turkey, Elk, Boar, Portabella Mushroom, Brioche Bun, Lettuce Wrap, Wheat Flour Wrap or a Multi-Grain Roll. Wanting to get the best comparison, I took a classic beef/roll combo, but I’ll have to return to try the Elk now…

A Classic American Feast!

Aside from the content, there is also the style to consider, with a further fourteen menu choices for your burger. I took the ‘Supreme’, while my date went for the Maple Bacon Cheeseburger. We were not disappointed at all. The presentation was really excellent and both burgers were juicy, tasty and different enough that we could be certain Bareburger has its own signature and style. The food came in the classic basket, with a simple bu t very effective selection of sides – we took the onion rings and fries. Even the beverages were organic, and my blueberry soda went really well with the whole meal, that unusual, organic edge of a healthy drink (without being so-called ‘health food’) perfectly complimenting the natural food.

Food Goes in Here

You do not get hamburgers in the UK like you do in New York, and I love them. I have a running list in my head of the top 5 places, but it just doesn’t seem like enough (or even reasonable to try and rank them!), and now I have another one to juggle in there. Bareburger has nine (soon to be ten) outlets across the City. If you like your hamburgers, if you like to support good organic food, and particularly if both, you need to check them out. We have a student discount coupon for you right here!

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The Cannoli King Reigns

Monday, March 12th, 2012

 My expectations were built up. And they were met. I was unsure of why Caffé Palermo in New York City’s Little Italy called him “The Cannoli King.” Then I tried his cannoli. It’s all clear now.

If you don’t know what a cannoli is, then you need to reassess some of your life decisions. The dictionary defines a cannoli as “Italian pastries in the form of hard tubular shells filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and often containing nuts, citron, or chocolate bits.”

That's no chef's hat, that's a crown!

I define a cannoli as “delicious.” The vanilla cream and crispy pastry tube was just what my sweet tooth was craving, and not too rich, or too sweet– just perfect. The cannoli cost me $4.75, so I the only thing that would’ve made it sweeter is if they had some student discounts!

If you have a sweet tooth like me and love awesome student discounts in NYC, then grab the student special at Just Sweet Dessert House, downtown!


Paul, Auburn University 2012

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Fried Twinkie

Monday, February 27th, 2012

As a Southern boy, I was born and raised in a world of good ole country home cookin’ and fried food galore, but nothing could have prepared me for the fried wonderland, “The Chip Shop,” in Brooklyn.

My meal: 

Deep fried pizza

Fish n’ chips

Deep fried macaroni and cheese (a battered ball of macaroni and cheese)

and last, but certainly not least….


drizzled in raspberry sauce!!

(Don’t worry, I split the meal with a friend).

My meal at The Chip Shop was definitely my favorite meal out of the 21 years that I’ve been consuming food. It’s bizarre how much more delicious and flavorful you can make an ordinary piece of food, by battering and deep frying it. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s so delicious. I definitely wouldn’t suggest gorging yourself on too many courses, but for the love of food…. you have to try that fried Twinkie. Next fried food adventure I take, I’m going to make sure that they offer me some fried NYC student discounts!

If you’re a foodie like me, then you’re constantly in search of the next best meal or restaurant. I always comb over the Campus Clipper coupons for new places to try without shelling out too much dough. Speaking of dough, if you’re craving some monstrously good pizza and you need some serious NYC student discounts (like me) then you gotta go to Monster Pizzas. Here’s a Campus Clipper coupon for a great deal!



Paul, Auburn University 2012

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Tanti Baci: A Romantic Italian Experience

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

The Love Nest

One glance at the Tanti Baci website, or menu clearly indicates a “love nest” perfect for sharing dinner and a glass of wine with any loved one. (The restaurant’s name even means “lots of kisses” in Italian.) But I was most drawn to the effortless way Tanti Baci provides an escape from the well-beaten sidewalks and bustling streets to your grandmother’s living room.

There are snatches of tables along the brick walls and corners of the dining room. The pink twinkle lights of the window display give a rosy hue to the entire restaurant. Simmering sauces and aromatic garlic made promises from the kitchen.

My first visit to Tanti Baci was with my boyfriend Valentines week and I immediately saw the date-potential for any pair of pasta lovers. The owner, Sam, greeted us warmly and handed us menus part English, part Italian with flowing script.

I started off the meal with an arugula salad with sweet slices of pears and salty slivers of parmigiano cheese. When I asked Sam what the best entrée to order was, he told me that all of the pasta listed on the menu were hand-made and that I could not choose wrong with any of them. The chefs use original Southern and Northern recipes from the old Italian country. The pastas are part of the year-round menu, where the list on other entrees such as grilled polenta and sausage, chicken breast sautéed in lemon cream, and vegetable lasagna and are updated daily.

In addition to the list of pastas, the menu has an ornate list of sauces that may seem overwhelming, But never fear! The waiters are prepared with friendly suggestions of what best compliments each other.

While waiting for the main courses my boyfriend and I couldn’t help notice the Italian love ballades that were playing on the speakers. I again felt that I was in the home of my make-believe Italian grandmother and that I was hearing her watching her stories in the kitchen while making our meal.

My Ricotta Cheese Ravioli arrived peeking through the bright red homemade tomato sauce. The sauce was incredible. I could taste the sweet from the carrots, freshness from the basil and the time and affection the chef gave the sauce.  My boyfriend ordered his pasta in the Bolognese sauce, which came out creamily pink and I could clearly taste the meat it was simmered in.

We finished the meal splitting a homemade Tiramisu with coffees. The portion was perfect for two and the ladyfingers with mascarpone cheese left me feeling lighter than the coco powder on top.

Many Kisses are not a guarantee in bringing a date to Tanti Baci, but you will find an ideal meal and setting to cozy up with someone you love.

Click here for more information on Tanti Baci.

Laura Brown, guest Blogger for Campus Clipper

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Gourmet Diner Delights

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Restaurant Review of Stand4

By Angela M, Baruch College

With its wide windows, Stand4 (24 East 12th Street) is filled with a fresh and bright ambiance. There are tall tables and stools near the windows for a quick bite to eat, more comfortable seating at the back, and a fully stocked bar between.

Perfectly crispy and without that unpleasant oil drip, my first dish was sweet potato fries. An ideal food to munch on while waiting for the rest of your meal to arrive, the fries were served with a mustard and mayo dip, much like most of the appetizers on Stand’s menu.

Tempura battered bread and pickles came next. Stand’s B&B pickles are a twist on the classic New York side crunch. If you’re in the mood to channel Snooki’s least harmful obsession, this appetizer will prove to be both tasty and legal.

My next dish, chicken bites with BBQ sauce, was coated with a batter that didn’t overwhelm the taste buds nor overpower the flavor of the tender white meat enclosed within. A complete and total win. Although this is just a minor detail, I appreciated that the BBQ sauce and mayo/mustard dip were placed separately, rather than being slathered on the chicken. It kept the dish clean and ensured the lightness of each mouthwatering bite.

When Michael Symon, the famous Iron Chef, restaurateur and author raved about Stand’s toasted marshmallow gelato shake on Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate,” the establishment’s then most popular burger moved to second place.

The shake was rich, thicker than your average ice cream shake and sweet with white fluffs of unearthly goodness.

As previously mentioned Stand was once most famous for their gourmet cheeseburgers. Topped with your choice of melted American, Mozzarella, or Swiss or cheddar cheese with a  mini-bowl of extra cheese on the side, the burger was tasty, yes, most memorable was the cheese and extra cheese.

As deliciously creamy as the gelato shake was, it left my mouth begging for refreshment. Normally, I would have just gulped a glass of water, but since I was at Stand, I could not pass up the opportunity to try their homemade ginger ale. Prepared on the premises, the puree is a house blend and, unlike every other ginger ale I’ve ever drank before, actually tastes like ginger! I could not have asked for a better refreshment to complete my meal. I would gladly — and most likely will — come back to Stand to do it all over again.

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