Poké City: Downtown’s Hidden Gem

Despite my close proximity to the Orange Line and easy access to the Downtown area, I don’t get out there much. Best $1,000 loan same day no credit check today. It is really such a great area though, with so many hidden gems and delicious varieties of food to try. I am so happy that I was able to get myself out there the other day to try something new with Poké City!

Poké City is a Hawaiian sushi bowl restaurant just a few minutes walk from Faneuil Hall. It is on Broad Street, which is a sort of quaint, business-centered area of Downtown. The area was super cute and rather quiet, so much so that it didn’t even really feel like Downtown at all. It was a sort of peaceful place, and I really enjoyed exploring this “new” corner of town.  They also have a Cambridge location for my friends across the river!

The logo itself is really cute—I like their tropical vibe, a lot of their menu items center on fruits like pineapple and mango, which makes it a unique kind of cuisine to find in Boston. 

I am ironically not really a fan of sushi, so I brought a friend that actually does like fish who happens to work in the area. She said that her coworkers grab lunch here all of the time, so I was excited to know that it was a really popular place, and she was eager to see what all of the hype was about. 

The inside was really nice and clean, and we sat down in front of the window so we could look out onto the nice city street. We went in the early evening hours, so the sun was just beginning to set, which made our view really beautiful and peaceful. The staff was also really nice—we were having a tough time deciding what to get but they were super patient with us while we figured out what we wanted! 

We both wanted to get signature bowls, but it would have been really easy to make your own customized bowl here. The ingredients are behind the counter, assembly line style, so it is super easy to personalize your order and make it so that it’s perfect just for you. I love this type of restaurant because it gives you the option to create your own, or you can enjoy one of their pre-designed bowls if you aren’t familiar with the type of food. Because I had never had this style of poké, I was happy to have some guidance through their signature dishes!

Teriyaki Bowl

I ended up getting the Teriyaki & Shrimp Bowl, which comes with chicken, shrimp (I ordered without), pineapple salsa, cucumber, sweet corn, seaweed salad, scallion, cilantro, sesame seed, teriyaki sauce, and rice. It was really delicious, and I loved the combination of the tropical pineapple salsa paired with the savory chicken; they went so well together and were so different from what I usually eat. They also added some extra carnitas chicken for us to try, which was SO good! It was nice and soft and full of flavor, I would definitely recommend it. My bowl was delicious, and not too spicy for my Irish palette. 

My friend ordered the Spicy Salmon Bowl, which was too spicy for my Irish palette, but was delicious nonetheless. This bowl came with salmon, mango, edamame, red cabbage, scallion, tobiko, furikake, sriracha aioli, and rice. Despite being a bit too spicy for me, it had really great flavor that even I could appreciate. It was actually surprising how much I liked it considering I do not really like fish or spicy food, so I guess that speaks to how great these flavors work together to create such a unique and delectable dish! I have basically no spice tolerance, but it seemed to be just the right amount of spice for my friend, because she ate the whole thing up!

Spicy Salmon Bowl

Overall, we had a really great time there. The building was clean, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was very relaxing and tranquil. We lingered there for a while even after we finished eating because we were really enjoying the pleasantness of the area and of the restaurant itself. This is definitely somewhere that I am certainly going to return to, and I definitely recommend bringing a friend to sit and chat with you! 

Thank you so much to Poke City for the delicious food and hospitality. You will definitely be seeing me again soon!

There is truly nothing like eating some good food with your buddies while the sun sets on the city, so bring a friend and your student ID to buy one get one 25% off! 

By Erin O’Brien

Erin is a student based in Boston, MA studying Communications and Studio Art. She is drawn to telling stories about love and friendship, with themes of humanity and connection at its core. In sharing her personal truths, she hopes to provide readers with nuggets of learned wisdom and college survival skills

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