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Come to SmashBurger with an Ex-Vegetarian

Wednesday, October 25th, 2023

After being vegetarian for four years I have recently started eating meat again, and let me just say, I am so glad to be back to burgers. The other day I went to SmashBurger, which is in Back Bay just a few hundred feet from the Copley stop on the Green Line, and it was truly so delicious. I was coming from the Orange Line, but it was just a few minutes walk from the Back Bay stop, which was super easy. It’s also in a great area, with Newbury Street closeby and lots of opportunities to shop and putter around. 

The building itself was under a bit of construction, but its interior had a sort of clean, modern look. They were also decorated for Halloween! They had decorative cobwebs and spiders, and as a girl who loves Hallwoeen, I was thrilled to see them so festive! The menu was pretty extensive, but not overwhelming, but it did take us a minute to decide what to get. Once we settled on what we wanted, we got our order in and sat down to wait! It didn’t take long at all, and they brought our food out in these cute little wire plates, diner-style. 

I got the double smash burger, which is seemingly the signature burger there, and it was so good! The burger itself tasted really fresh and was cooked well. I don’t really like tomatoes or onions, but wanted to get it without any substitutions just to get the full experience. Honestly, I was surprised how much I liked it with everything on it, I think it just all tasted so good together that my hatred for tomatoes couldn’t even phase me. My milkshake was also really good, I love a strawberry milkshake with a burger and it all paired really well with each other. The shake was also sort of gorgeous, sporting a whipped cream top and some type of strawberry syrup garnish which added some extra flare. They had some extra so they also gave my partner a little milkshake with the excess which was really nice of them!

We also got a crispy chicken sandwich, which must have been made fresh because it was super hot when we got it, but it was cooked perfectly and so yummy when it cooled down. The real star of the show had to be the fries, though. We could literally not get over how good they were. They were the perfect type of thin-cut fries where they are crisp but not hard, and tender but not soggy. They were also really flavorful on their own, so I even forgot to eat them with sauce because they didn’t even need any! 

Another thing I really like about it is the staff environment. They were nice to us, but what I appreciated most was the good energy they had towards each other. The staff here seemed to be in good spirits and seemed to genuinely enjoy each other’s company, which sort of added to the good vibes of the place. 

Overall, great eats and great atmosphere there! You can use the coupon below to get 15% off when you visit with your student ID, so go enjoy!

By Erin O’Brien

Erin is a student based in Boston, MA studying Communications and Studio Art. She is drawn to telling stories about love and friendship, with themes of humanity and connection at its core. In sharing her personal truths, she hopes to provide readers with nuggets of learned wisdom and college survival skills

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Rapid Revival Restaurant Review: Bastard Burgers

Tuesday, June 20th, 2023

Long time, no see! Although I know I promised I would do reviews more often, it turned out I was doing them without Campus Clipper approval, so I was arrested and spent several months in Sing Sing before escaping during the recent dust storm and blackmailing the staff into authorizing my reviews by holding their air conditioner hostage. But anyway, Bastard Burgers.

Bastard Burgers is a place where they serve burgers for bastards, so I may not be the right person to review it since as far as I know my parents were married when they had me. I did feel at home though, the place goes for an aesthetic of mostly metal and black paint like they never quite got out of the grunge era, and while I don’t actually know what grunge music sounds like I like how the word sounds when I say it.

Double Yankee Burger with Ziggy Fries and Bastard Sauce

I had the Double Yankee Burger with the Ziggy Fries and Bastard Sauce. The Double Yankee is the most “basic” burger they have because I’m a coward. It was extremely and unnaturally flat, like it had been placed in a hydraulic press and then sat on by an elephant before being served. It tasted pretty good though, so I can’t complain. The cheese tasted very cheesy, which you’d think would be normal for cheese but is actually quite rare. I normally hate zigzag fries, they seem way harder to make than normal fries and generally don’t taste any better. Unfortunately for me these were fantastic, they had a perfect ratio of crunch to squish and tasted incredible. The Bastard Sauce is purportedly an unholy combination if somewhere around twenty different ingredients, but to me it just tasted like tangier mayonnaise. Fortunately, I like mayonnaise.

Verdict: 7.6/10 bastard children

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By: Alexander Rose

Alexander Rose studies satire at NYU Gallatin and wishes he was actually just Oscar Wilde. He is interested in writing, roleplaying games, and procrastination. Describing himself in the third person like this makes him feel weird.

For over 20 years, the Campus Clipper has been offering awesome student discounts in NYC,  from the East Side to Greenwich Village. Along with inspiration, the company offers students a special coupon booklet and the Official Student Guide, which encourages them to discover new places in the city and save money on food, clothing, and services.  

At the Campus Clipper, not only do we help our interns learn new skills, make money, and create wonderful e-books, we give them a platform to teach others. Check our website for more student savings and watch our YouTube video showing off some of New York City’s finest students during the Welcome Week of 2015.


Burgers and Milkshakes and Fries, Oh My!

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

If you’re an avid cheeseburger and fries eater as I am, you’ll love to hear about Burger Creations. Located at 52 E 8th Street in Manhattan, Burger Creations is in the heart of the NYU area and the college hangout. Burger Creations is a clean place with a contemporary look and a laid back atmosphere. With soccer playing on the TV and the Black Eyed Peas playing on the radio, it is easy to feel relaxed and at home. As popular as it is for students, it’s popular also among businessmen and women, particularly around one o’clock when they come for lunch, packing the small establishment. In fact, when I visited around this time with a friend, we decided to come back in an hour so that we could get a place to sit without feeling like we should rush out. Around two o’clock, the hustle and bustle of the lunch hour had subsided and the two of us returned with empty stomachs and high expectations.

As hungry as I was, I wasn’t disappointed. With over ten varieties of burgers, including everything from the original cheeseburger to burgers inspired by Japanese and Hawaiian cuisine, there is certainly an array to choose from. Burger Creations also offers a variety of sides: onion rings, regular fries, sweet potato fries, house salad, chicken fingers, and even three varieties of chicken wings! They also serve milkshakes and classic American sandwiches like the BLT. I chose the traditional route to see what Burger Creations could do with the good ole cheeseburger with everything on it, including some avocado and a side of onion rings.

If you’re a visual person, then you’ll love to see your burger being made through the glass separating customers and the kitchen. Freshly ground meat from the burgers is seasoned and paired with freshly cut vegetables through quick and friendly service. If you don’t want to peek into the kitchen, then you can rely on your nose as the smell of burgers perfumes the air and wakens your taste buds.

Compared to other burger places, the burgers at Burger Creations might seem small at first. But I left feeling extremely full and surprised at how perfectly portioned my meal was. Deliciously displayed in a pressed brioche bun that doesn’t overpower the burger and its fresh ingredients, my perfectly moist traditional cheeseburger burger was spot-on for any cheeseburger and fries lover.




With delivery and catering services available, you can have Burger Creations for your every culinary need. I will for sure come back and take the untraditional route  with something from the “Creative Burgers” menu. With the variety of unique burger combinations at Burger Creations, you can’t know what a burger is capable  of until you’ve tasted one made by the professionals. These are not your dollar menu burgers, with $7 being a typical price, but you get what you pay for and more: a juicy, seasoned burger made from in-house ground meat and cooked to your liking, a selection of toppings and sides, a bun that does more than just hold it all together, as well as a burger experience your taste buds have never had before. Also, if you’re a student, Burger Creations offers a discount with your student ID, and it accepts NYU Campus Cash. Who can beat that?!

Download the coupon below, to receive a student discount for Burger Creations.

Olivia Orellano, CCNY Graduate. Check out my Blog!

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Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

New York might well be one of the best places in the world for food. The City has been the gateway to the USA for over a century with over a third of all Americans able to trace their ancestry through Ellis Island, and with such an astonishing mix of races and peoples from all over the world, diversity is the watchword in NYC. It’s no surprise that all these peoples kept their local cuisines going – many of them have managed to keep whole languages going!

With so much choice in food in New York, it can be hard keeping track of it all. You would certainly be forgiven for thinking that Pizza was devised here, the way it has taken hold… But the only, really, truly American food, has to be the humble hamburger, which like so much of US culture, seems to have gone on to dominate the World! Like all food that has found its way to New York, it seems to be popular, and there are now so many interesting hamburger restaurants and joints, and variations on the concept it can be impressive, if not rather overwhelming.

I had the pleasure recently to try one of the newest and more rapidly developing restaurants selling their own version of this timeless classic, Bareburger. After an initial start in Brooklyn, this small but rather excellent little chain is now franchising across the city. I had the pleasure of trying it at 85 2nd Ave along with my better half; Bottom Line Up Front: Tasty burger. Do you need to know more?

The restaurant itself is on a fairly quiet corner, a few blocks down from St Marks. It is a really bright space, decorated with a slight, modern twist on classic rural Americana – though the fork chandelier made me feel slightly wary! The service was quick, pleasant and very knowledgeable. The hamburgers themselves are close to a design-your-own set up, where you can specify the meat and the bun with selections including Beef, Turkey, Elk, Boar, Portabella Mushroom, Brioche Bun, Lettuce Wrap, Wheat Flour Wrap or a Multi-Grain Roll. Wanting to get the best comparison, I took a classic beef/roll combo, but I’ll have to return to try the Elk now…

A Classic American Feast!

Aside from the content, there is also the style to consider, with a further fourteen menu choices for your burger. I took the ‘Supreme’, while my date went for the Maple Bacon Cheeseburger. We were not disappointed at all. The presentation was really excellent and both burgers were juicy, tasty and different enough that we could be certain Bareburger has its own signature and style. The food came in the classic basket, with a simple bu t very effective selection of sides – we took the onion rings and fries. Even the beverages were organic, and my blueberry soda went really well with the whole meal, that unusual, organic edge of a healthy drink (without being so-called ‘health food’) perfectly complimenting the natural food.

Food Goes in Here

You do not get hamburgers in the UK like you do in New York, and I love them. I have a running list in my head of the top 5 places, but it just doesn’t seem like enough (or even reasonable to try and rank them!), and now I have another one to juggle in there. Bareburger has nine (soon to be ten) outlets across the City. If you like your hamburgers, if you like to support good organic food, and particularly if both, you need to check them out. We have a student discount coupon for you right here!

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Bare Burger – Restaurant Review

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

By Laura Brown, NYU

Location: 535 Laguardia Place

Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00AM – 11:00PM

Cuisine: Organic Classic

Price: $$

Alcohol: Yes

Outdoor Dining: Yes

Take Out: Yes

Best For: Brunch, Lunch or late night Munch

Accepts NYU Cards

The term “organic” can come with many preconceived ideas. As a kid, I always grimaced when my health-conscious mother brought home organic “treats” such as wheat-grass shakes or tofu banana puddings. If I had any residual disdain for organic dishes, Bare Burger has eradicated my juvenile notion that taste had to be sacrificed for healthy, organic ingredients.

Bare Burger, first conceived in Astoria by six Greek brothers, has sprouted another branch in Greenwich Village. Upon arrival my boyfriend and I were graciously welcomed by manager Mischa Levine, who was to be our guide during the Tour de Force sampling of the lunch and dinner menu. We felt like gods to be fattened.

While the first batch of food was freshly being prepared, Mischa introduced us to the Bare Burger beer and wine selection. Almost all the beers and wines are organic or only lacking in the pricey authoritative seal. When it came to the wines, Mischa knew most all the vendors and which local communities the grapes were grown and harvested before distribution. For teetotalers there are also options of organic ice tea, organic lemon-lime lemonade and wide array of organic sodas.

My mouth moistened and stomach rumbled with Epicurean anticipation as trays of russet potato fries, chicken tenders, and flaky onion rings were first brought out with a haloed ring of dipping sauces. As wonderful as these fried appetizers were, they seemed to be more of a vehicle for trying all of the sauces. Some of my top favorites were the malsala ketchup, a smoky-sweet barbeque sauce that goes really well with the ostrich burger, the pesto mayonnaises, and agave nectar mustard.

Then came a promenade of sliders: trays of beef, turkey and ostrich burgers were compacted next to a chicken club sandwich and hot dog filling our booth with carnivorous wafting. The pairings of complimentary flavors in the burgers and sandwiches were indicative of a burger-artisan. The classic beef burger is the platonic representation of the ideal burger: tender meat, fluffy brioche role and a special sauce with the usual tomato and lettuce accoutrements. The chicken club sandwich gives a strong kick, Cajun style that is simultaneously balanced and cooled by creamy avocado wedges. My particular favorite, the turkey burger, has the smokiness of organic bacon coupled with the sweetness of a grilled pineapple ring.

What was most satisfying however during the meal was how animated Mischa was in detailing the background for most every ingredient. Why he chose particular vendors for the organic ice cream or where he was supplied the organic ketchup and agave sweetener flirting their chemical-free purity on the tabletops. He relished in the fact that all the meats were organic, prepared to order, and of the highest quality. The term organic became a dulcet, alluring golden ticket for consuming everything presented, sans guilt.

After courses requiring vigorous mastication, I was grateful that our last was purely liquid. A silver tray displayed old-fashion shakers, holding frothy-organic milkshakes. We sampled flavors of chocolate, pistachio, chocolate-raspberry, and “Steve’s Special” which was part chocolate, part vanilla, banana and peanut-butter all delicately combined by the Jedi-Master of Milkshakes: Bare Burger’s Steve.

This ethos of community applies not just to the food, but the overall atmosphere.

Even the adornments of the restaurant contain their own narrative: the storefront is a cheerfully refurbished yellow garage door, the wooden tables were garnered from excess driftwood and our booth was canopied with a glistening recycled milk bottle chandelier.

Admittedly, I went back two days later. And after a couple moments of sheepish gluttony, I eased back into the same booth with the feeling of comfortable chumminess. And that’s just the type of customer base Bare Burger will attract. Bare Burger’s menu is the type you want to woo repeatedly for dinner, lunch and even breakfast- not the late night quickie when anything in the realm of edible will suffice. The health devoted and foodies alike will find dishes to delight over and a restaurant to commit to.

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Shake Shack

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Restaurant Review of Shake Shack – 86th St

By Laura Brown, NYU Grad Student

Address: 154 East 86th Street between Third and Lexington

Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00AM – 11:00PM

Cuisine: American

Price: $

Alcohol: Yes

Outdoor Dining: Yes

Attire: Shorts and Flip-Flop approved.

Best For: A bite for lunch, quick evening meal, or late night crave.

Danny Meyer has bestowed to NoLIta, the Upper West Side, Miami, and even the Left Bank of France, American burger perfection. It seems only natural that another branch of Shake Shack should nestle into Upper East Side Manhattan on East 86th between Third and Lexington.

If one word could depict this art-nouveau locale, it would be desire. The long, curving line seems as much a fixture as the iconic stainless steel and lime striped interior. Half of the waiting is done outside, peering longingly through finger printed glass, the rest inside, the air sensually flavored with cooking beef.

However, for the beef-intolerant, the offerings of chicken hot-dogs and portabella cheeseburgers are also well worth the wait. The L.A. sized burgers come wrapped in waxy sheaths, sporting unnaturally colored condiments: neon green pickles and unnervingly rosy-red tomato slices.

There is a separate register line entirely dedicated to a quick hit of frozen delight. The flavors range from the familiar vanilla and chocolate to the experimental green tea, basil and mango. Though without a bar, the Shack offers a wide selection of beers and half-bottles of red and white wine.

The metallic table and benches as well as the outdoor seating reflect Shake Shack’s original concept: a modernization of the traditional American picnic. Shake Shack puts a fresh face on fast food and brings an American classic to new zenith of cool.

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In the City that Always Eats

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

For a city that never sleeps, New York City is where you can find food at every corner. Whether you find food at a street vendor, a sidewalk cafe, an upscale restaurant, or the latest popular burger joint, you will inevitably be faced with daily decisions of which of the thousands of restaurants you will travel to for something delicious, something budget friendly, or something to give you endurance for a long night of studying. As a student in the big apple, these choices may seem overwhelming, and tempt you into turning the $1 pizza store across from your dorm into your go-to place for all meals. In today’s technology age, there are so many great resources for finding great deals and budget conscious ways to keep you from being a starving college student, that you can surely have a diverse culinary experience while in New York.

Before resorting to the internet to start frantically searching for great lunch deals and hot date spots, use your eyes to spot places you may want to dine. You will quickly learn that living in New York City means you can always “window shop” for clothes, food, jewelry, and anything else you may need. As you use your feet to get around, instead of a car, you have the opportunity to gaze into the restaurants you have heard so much about already, and get a real-life sense of what your dining experience may be like. And, walk around with a pen and a notepad. Some of the best restaurant and food deals are not advertised on their websites – they are advertised on chalkboards right outside of the restaurant! Take note, and add it to the to-do list.

Soon, I will share more specific details on how to dine out on the town in this fabulous city that always eats. But for now, I encourage you to be aware of your surroundings, and take note when you see a slice of pizza that is extra cheesy, a quaint neighborhood cafe, or a bustling hot spot. There are 365 days a year, and 4 years of college. Just think of all the great eating you can do!

-Kerry H

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