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Pressed Juice and your Pressed Wallet

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

The cold-pressed juice trend that has swept up many health-conscious New Yorkers seems an enticing new way to stay healthy. But cheap? It is not. With a juice-bar on every street corner in Soho and countless pictures of green concoctions popping up in my Instagram newsfeed, I felt I had to try it. However when my beet, orange, carrot, lemon, ginger blend the size of an average bottle of water rang up at ten dollars, my eyes widened and I knew this would be my first and last juice. As much as I hoped that this little juice would be a worthwhile investment for my health, a ten-dollar juice is simply not do-able for a student looking to use college discounts at every possible opportunity.

Although, pressed juice is a fresh, innovative way to get in your daily nutrients without harming your digestive system, there are cheaper, less-trendy alternatives. If you feel committed to juicing, you could invest in a juicer, which runs at about 80 dollars, the equivalent of only eight pressed juices, and less than the cost of your average juice-cleanse at your average New York juice-bar.

Another great option and perhaps the most obvious one, is simply to eat fruits and raw vegetables (which is not a bad idea even for those who are partaking in the juice trend). Juicing removes some of the pulp, which contains fiber. One may not have the same opportunities as far as combinations of fruits and vegetables go, but there are plenty of great pairings, like strawberries and beets, apples and celery, oranges and carrots, that compliment each other well in salads and snacks, so you can get both sides of the pyramid in one meal. Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to eat fruits and vegetables in a myriad of colors, as different colors contain different nutrients that are important for your diet.

Yet, fresh fruits and vegetables at your average New York City grocery store can still run up quite a bill. To avoid high prices, I recommend making weekly trips to Stiles Farmer’s Market in Hell’s Kitchen and stocking up on fresh produce. The market is a much cheaper alternative to Morton Williams or Food Emporium, and they have daily specials on bundles of produce. Another money-saving option is to head over to your local Associated grocery store and fill your cart with fruits and vegetables. You can save ten percent on your entire purchase with our Campus Clipper coupon and your student I.D. Juice your purchases or eat them as they are, even though you didn’t buy into the juice trend, your body – and wallet – will still be grateful.


Frankie Johnson, New York University. Check out my Twitter!

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