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The Cannoli King Reigns

Monday, March 12th, 2012

 My expectations were built up. And they were met. I was unsure of why Caffé Palermo in New York City’s Little Italy called him “The Cannoli King.” Then I tried his cannoli. It’s all clear now.

If you don’t know what a cannoli is, then you need to reassess some of your life decisions. The dictionary defines a cannoli as “Italian pastries in the form of hard tubular shells filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and often containing nuts, citron, or chocolate bits.”

That's no chef's hat, that's a crown!

I define a cannoli as “delicious.” The vanilla cream and crispy pastry tube was just what my sweet tooth was craving, and not too rich, or too sweet– just perfect. The cannoli cost me $4.75, so I the only thing that would’ve made it sweeter is if they had some student discounts!

If you have a sweet tooth like me and love awesome student discounts in NYC, then grab the student special at Just Sweet Dessert House, downtown!


Paul, Auburn University 2012

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