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Burgers and Milkshakes and Fries, Oh My!

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

If you’re an avid cheeseburger and fries eater as I am, you’ll love to hear about Burger Creations. Located at 52 E 8th Street in Manhattan, Burger Creations is in the heart of the NYU area and the college hangout. Burger Creations is a clean place with a contemporary look and a laid back atmosphere. With soccer playing on the TV and the Black Eyed Peas playing on the radio, it is easy to feel relaxed and at home. As popular as it is for students, it’s popular also among businessmen and women, particularly around one o’clock when they come for lunch, packing the small establishment. In fact, when I visited around this time with a friend, we decided to come back in an hour so that we could get a place to sit without feeling like we should rush out. Around two o’clock, the hustle and bustle of the lunch hour had subsided and the two of us returned with empty stomachs and high expectations.

As hungry as I was, I wasn’t disappointed. With over ten varieties of burgers, including everything from the original cheeseburger to burgers inspired by Japanese and Hawaiian cuisine, there is certainly an array to choose from. Burger Creations also offers a variety of sides: onion rings, regular fries, sweet potato fries, house salad, chicken fingers, and even three varieties of chicken wings! They also serve milkshakes and classic American sandwiches like the BLT. I chose the traditional route to see what Burger Creations could do with the good ole cheeseburger with everything on it, including some avocado and a side of onion rings.

If you’re a visual person, then you’ll love to see your burger being made through the glass separating customers and the kitchen. Freshly ground meat from the burgers is seasoned and paired with freshly cut vegetables through quick and friendly service. If you don’t want to peek into the kitchen, then you can rely on your nose as the smell of burgers perfumes the air and wakens your taste buds.

Compared to other burger places, the burgers at Burger Creations might seem small at first. But I left feeling extremely full and surprised at how perfectly portioned my meal was. Deliciously displayed in a pressed brioche bun that doesn’t overpower the burger and its fresh ingredients, my perfectly moist traditional cheeseburger burger was spot-on for any cheeseburger and fries lover.




With delivery and catering services available, you can have Burger Creations for your every culinary need. I will for sure come back and take the untraditional route  with something from the “Creative Burgers” menu. With the variety of unique burger combinations at Burger Creations, you can’t know what a burger is capable  of until you’ve tasted one made by the professionals. These are not your dollar menu burgers, with $7 being a typical price, but you get what you pay for and more: a juicy, seasoned burger made from in-house ground meat and cooked to your liking, a selection of toppings and sides, a bun that does more than just hold it all together, as well as a burger experience your taste buds have never had before. Also, if you’re a student, Burger Creations offers a discount with your student ID, and it accepts NYU Campus Cash. Who can beat that?!

Download the coupon below, to receive a student discount for Burger Creations.

Olivia Orellano, CCNY Graduate. Check out my Blog!

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