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Plugging in with Good Intentions — Chapter 1: Relax from Reality

Monday, July 12th, 2021


Living in a modern society that is dependent on technology and the Internet, can sometimes be challenging for us to find and maintain positive energy through virtual means. There will always be controversial debates as to whether technology and the Internet are good or bad for us, however, we shouldn’t be preoccupied with settling this never-ending dispute. Rather, it’s up to us to utilize devices and engage online in a way that brings new meaning to our lives. From finding new interests to connecting with people, the virtual world doesn’t always have to lead to negativity. When plugging into the technological world, the key to helping to avoid an unhealthy mindset is to go in with good intentions. Ensure that you step into the cyber realm with purpose and set yourself up to receive fulfillment.

Chapter 1: Relax from Reality

Oftentimes, we say that we desire an escape from the obstacles and chaos that we experience throughout our daily lives. With such ease of accessibility and instant entertainment, it’s no wonder why we constantly absorb ourselves in the digital world. Still, it’s important to note that we shouldn’t exclusively resort to our devices as an ‘escape.’ Instead, modify our mindset to focus more on relaxation. You may need a little distraction from matters in your life and that’s okay. It’s all about setting boundaries and treating yourself to some digital entertainment. Despite going on your phone with good intentions, sometimes logging on to social media can dampen the mood. This is where certain phone apps can help shine some light on your day.


Lately, I’ve been switching between a couple of self-care apps that have helped me through rough patches in my life. If you are new to self-care, there are two meditation apps that provide tools and remedies to support your journey to feeling better — Sanvello and Headspace. 

These two apps are great if you like simple check-ins on how your day is going and need guides to mindfulness. Both apps contain activities, ranging from breathing exercises to journaling, that can be completed within just a minute, or even an hour, of your day. If meditation doesn’t seem like your niche,  Headspace contains guides on physical activities such as cardio and yoga routines.

Now, you might be thinking that such meditative and therapeutic practices are not for you. Well, don’t fret sometimes I don’t even want to immerse myself into a state of deep relaxation or guided workout. So, this is where another app comes into play — #Selfcare.

As the name suggests, #Selfcare is all about focusing on you and creating a space tailored for your well-being. Essentially, the app is a virtual bedroom to resemble a ‘stay at home’ or ‘lying in bed’ kind of day. There are numerous simplistic tasks including, putting away laundry, watering plants, and lighting a candle, that are available whether you choose to do so or not. You can even just open the app and listen to its soothing soundtrack and imagine you’re in bed if you aren’t already. Again, it’s all about you! This app gives you space to simply relax and focus on the present moment.

Of course, I couldn’t leave out minimal mind games that are more ideal if you are the type of person that needs to keep your brain busy. Games such as 2048 and 1010!, are great if you want straightforward objectives and calming conditions. 2048 is all about combining numbered tiles to reach the number 2048 and 1010! revolves around merging puzzle blocks to clear the board. Below are actual gameplays from my phone.

In the end, these apps are accessible from a phone or tablet and contain various methods for relaxing from reality. Whether you prefer meditations, aerobics, a virtual space for winding down, or simple games to keep your mind busy, it’s always good to take some time to relax from reality.


~Log on with a positive mindset

~Relax with self-care apps

~Play simple mind games


~ Rely on technology as an escape

~ Engage with platforms that may trigger negativity

If you’re in need of some major relaxation, then check out IL Girasole for a day at the spa!

By: Sydney Ly

Sydney Ly studies Communication with dual minors in Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is currently working in retail and has experience as a tutor. Her passions include but are not limited to reading, listening to music, and watching The Office.

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How Not to Do Anything: An Expert Guide – Welcome to Unproductivity

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Image Credit:

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For as long as I can remember, in the back of my mind I’ve had a long list of things that I should be doing. But the thing about this list is that it never stops growing. No matter how disciplined or organized I could possibly be, I could only chip away at the list, never complete it. If you’re reading this, I’d guess that you have a similar list of your own. Instead of trying, like Sisyphus, to overcome the great mental to-do list, why not make peace with it, accept that you won’t always have time to go grocery shopping and call your grandmother and do a load of laundry? Everyone has to learn to do this to a certain extent, but I’ve gone a step further.

I’ve learned to attack the problem at its source, and preempt as many responsibilities as possible, in order to prevent the big list from growing any more than it absolutely must. Thanks to the simple stratagems I’ve lain out in the following chapters, I rarely need to do much of anything, and I’m free to squander my days as I please. With a little pluck, you too could be as free of obligations as an early retiree, as free as me.

Gone will be the days of getting up early and working late, gone the nagging bosses and vexing coworkers, gone the interminable moments of friendly chitchat with acquaintances (well, maybe not the chitchat). Some may think you’ve lost it, or succumbed to mere laziness, but your choice to eschew activity means far more than that. If the rat race is a war, in which every individual is in perpetual battle with every other, then you are like a conscientious objector, declining to do violence (or anything else) to yourself or others just because you’re supposed to. While your peers pack the cities and suburbs with thoughtless ambition, you will burn the draft card calling you to the American Dream, and flee to a metaphorical Canada, where the people are nice and free and never have to work. So turn the page and prepare to change your life for the better, to free yourself of employment, (some) errands, and just about anything else that you don’t want to do.

By Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown was one of the Campus Clipper’s publishing interns, who wrote an e-book   “How Not To Do Anything: An Expert Guide.” If you like Aaron’s writing, follow our blog for more chapters from his e-book. We have the most talented interns ever and we’re so proud of them! For over 20 years, the Campus Clipper has been offering awesome student discounts in NYC,  from the East Side to Greenwich Village. Along with inspiration, the company offers students a special coupon booklet and the Official Student Guide, which encourage them to discover new places in the city and save money on food, clothing and services.  

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