The Benefits of Becoming a Regular

The Dog House, a lovely cafe outside of Dublin that I like to visit on weekends!

One thing you should probably know about me is that I love coffee. I know, real original take from a college student, but I’m going somewhere with this. I love coffee, and I’ve been trying to make it from home most of the time to save a little money, but sometimes at the start of a long day, I just can’t resist getting an iced latte made by someone who knows a lot more about making coffee than I do. 

Last year, chai lattes were the menu item that got me through my early morning lectures and cram study sessions. I discovered a cute café right down the street from my campus called Beanhive that makes the most  incredible vanilla chai latte, along with serving the widest array of muffin flavors that I’ve ever seen. Regardless of whether my day was going terrible or amazing, taking a self-care break to grab myself a warm drink or snack from there always gave me a little extra pep in my step.

Something I feel doesn’t get talked about so much in regard to the college transition is the unfamiliarity in the stores and restaurants you’re newly surrounded by. When moving to Europe for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the unfamiliar names of places and had no clue which store to go to for what (note to future study-abroaders from the US: savor every last trip to Target and Jimmy John’s :’) ). 

Over my first year in Dublin,  I definitely learned and adapted significantly to my surroundings and now could in general tell new students where to go for what they need. However, something that I think would have helped me get adjusted earlier on in the transition is finding stores and restaurants I like and sticking to them on a regular basis.

To reference a small anecdote, my dad is somehow probably 10 times more addicted to coffee than I am. This is to the point that the Starbucks employees recognize him, and I think know a decent amount of his life story as well. For the sake of your wallet, I don’t mean you have to establish yourself this concretely. However, having those regular spots can help you establish a routine early on and feel a little more grounded in your new campus and environment.

There is a wide range of ways that you can incorporate some regular spots into your routine, all depending on your interests and preferences. If you’re a big coffee or tea drinker like me, finding a nice café that’s close to where you live or take classes can be the perfect place to coordinate meet-ups with friends or drop in for some study motivation. Maybe you want to fit in some regular work-outs and get to know your campus gym more. This could even mean finding a secret spot on campus that’s secluded and comfortable, where you can go when you just need a break from everything. Finding “your spot” is all about finding comfort and community in a new and oftentimes stressful environment.

Elevation, a cool pin and poster shop that I have spent way too much money at

Now, I know that exploring campus right off the bat to find a place that’s right for you can seem overwhelming. My first month of college, I alternated between forcing myself to be more extroverted than I’ve ever been in my life and spending way too much time curled up in my room recovering from said extroversion. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time, and everyone deals with the college transition in their own way. You should search for this comfort spot whenever you feel ready and know that you can always try new places out and switch things up if it’s not working for you at first.

Being in different student housing this year, I’m actually in the process of finding some new spots right now. The quest for the best iced vanilla latte in the city is no small undertaking, after all. However, being a little more comfortable with my environment this year, I’m actually excited to explore some new places. After all of the memories I made in my regular spots last year, I can’t wait to see how some new experiences this year will help me continue to thrive in college.


  • Finding a regular coffee shop my first year helped me integrate into my new environment
  • There are many ways you can incorporate regular spots into your college experience
  • These spots can provide comfort and support in the unfamiliar
  • You can change places as you grow, and it can be exciting to try new things

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By Bella Littler

Bella is a second year film student within the Trinity College Dublin / Columbia Dual BA program. She grew up in Iowa, but is currently living and studying in Dublin. On the average day, you can find her watching obscure movies, going on aimless walks around the city, or raving about any and all Taylor Swift lyrics.

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