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How to Become an Effective Listener

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Being a listener means paying attention not only to our five senses but with our hearts. Anyone can be blessed with the ability to hear sound, but being a gifted listener means being attentive. There are techniques, tips, and different approaches that one can take to enhance our listening skills through effort and desire.

According to study reports made by the Florida State University and Michigan State University stated, ” The average listener will remember only about 25% of what was said” (Nichols and Stevens, “Listening to people”) Conveying that listening isn’t naturally a strong element we possess already, it is a gift that is taught and learned. Julian treasure, a speaker and expert upon the mystery behind sound and communication skills describes this learning experience as a mental process of “extraction” and unconsciously “filtered” (Treasure, 2011, Ted talks). One of the reasons why we lack listening skills is because we generally filter what we prefer to hear versus what we rather not or unless there is a benefit behind it. In ” 5 ways to listen better” Treasure expresses the importance of understanding the value of time as we listen in order to be successful.

One technique to become an effective listener is learning to be “silent”. Society has built our minds to always be on the move creating a foggy scenery, Silence helps refresh our ears and minds allowing us to be both physically and mentally present in the room. Another technique called the “Mixer” is described as a mixing bowl of sounds from birds chirping to the different channels of sounds in a noisy environment. This technique requires being attentive to what sounds you’re listening to, how many sounds there are, how far, or how close are these sounds, enhancing your ability to listen. Treasure recommends two of his many techniques to help become more effective as a listener and to improve the quality of listening in your lifestyle.  

Cruse, Rose. “It is important to be a good listener. Why?”, 17 Oct 2017, Accessed 20 Oct 2020.

Oftentimes it feels good to have someone you can confide with, reveal your tears with, or share your biggest aspirations. By natural instinct as human beings, we have embodied emotions that are universal, allowing us to create empathy amongst us. Therefore, apart from how we may feel occasionally, we can also absorb other people’s emotions which depicts the connection between another living soul. One way to be an effective listener is to make eye contact with your significant other, it shows respect and encourages the other person to express themselves. Secondly, as Treasure mentioned silence is key to listening especially in this given situation, it will help you envision and concentrate on what the other person is communicating to you. It can be a lot of information to retain or analyze therefore, you want to listen thoroughly. Thirdly, clean your mind and be ready to be open-minded, without having any judgment or opinions. Most importantly, do not interrupt or try to relate to the conflict. Most of the time the speaker wants to be heard, don’t make it about you. Lastly, once the speaker has finished ask if they would like feedback or advice on any possible solutions rather than imposing your solutions as it can cause stress or tension. The goal is to be patient and to understand the point of the speaker.

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By: Yadira Tellez

Yadira is currently enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology, majoring in Fashion Business Management and minoring in English literature. She’s worked in retail and has had the opportunity to work behind the scenes during NYFW. Her dream is to be a Fashion Stylist, but enjoys creative writing to relieve stress and express her mind.

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Free Summer Concerts in NYC for College Savings

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Summer in NYC teems with fun, heat, and excitement, and there is nothing that encompasses all three of these qualities like a summer concert.  With thousands of concerts to choose from, and festivals such as Governors Ball and Electric Zoo, summer fun can leave your wallet aching and dry.  Luckily, for students lacking a handsome, continuous income, New York is chockfull of free concerts during these hot months.

A popular venue for free music fests lies downtown in South Street Seaport. Nestled comfortably east of the Financial District’s towering buildings, the Seaport Music Festival has brought a collection of talented artists (including Animal Collective, Abe Vigoda, The XX, and Asobi Seksu) to its famous Pier 17 for ten years. This year, artists such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Ex-Cults have been announced, with still more to come.  A great facet of this particular music festival is the spacing between the acts.  Instead of all these bands playing clogged together over a day or a few days, some bands begin playing on the first Friday in June, with the other acts playing on the subsequent three Fridays.  That’s already enough concerts to hold you over until July.
But if your insatiable desire for free concerts continues, South Street Seaport will be holding an all day festival after the Seaport Music Festival culminates. Sharing the beautiful seaside venue, the 4Knots Music Festival is guaranteed to melt your face off.  Fast, punkie, and unrelenting, the 4Knots festival features a group of musicians whose genres range from punk to psych rock.  Artists Kurt Vile, Parquet Courts, The Babies, and The Men shine in this year’s lineup, so get ready for a fast-dancing, sweaty, and fun time.

The most popular summer venue in NYC, however, is undoubtedly the Central Park Summer Stage.  In the next few months, the Summer Stage will host about twenty shows, more than half of which are free. The stage will see bands like Twin Shadow, The Airborne Toxic Event, and Django Django.  Music from all genres will play, so if certain acts don’t strike your fancy, don’t fret, because there will be plenty more to catch.

If you want to hang in a borough other than Manhattan, there are free concerts for you as well.  The Northside Festival has acts playing across venues around Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn. With an integration of film and music, and boasting over 300 bands set to play from June 13th to 16th, the Northside Festival is an art-lover’s dream.  Unfortunately, the festival works like NYC’s fall CMJ festival, with an array of free events but some premiere showings that cost money.  But if you pick and choose carefully, you can attend the festival without dropping a dollar, like if you go to see The Walkman or Solange (Beyonce’s sister) for free with an RSVP at McCarren Park.

There are too many opportunities for inexpensive fun, so be sure not to miss out. Make a plan, gather up some friends, and head out this summer to enjoy warm weather, good company, and great music!




Alejandro Font, Student at NYU.

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Spa Day

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

A new semester starts in twelve days at my college. I can hardly believe that the summer is already coming to a close, but I’m also excited to get started on a new year at school, where I will inevitably make new friends, start new projects, and continue to change intellectually and physically. I want to kick off the start of this new year positively, both feeling and looking good. During the summer, it was so hot outside that I sometimes sacrificed style just to stay comfortable. Now that school is starting, I can’t wait to once again be able to slip back into my regular fashion and beauty routine. With that in mind, there has never been a better time to splurge on a fabulous spa day.

At Eve in the West Village, the services include facials, waxing, tanning, and nail care. Go in for a quick freshening up before school starts, and receive 10% off with valid student ID, bring the coupon in and receive a $20 Honey Brazilian Wax or a $40 full body spray tan. These amazing student discounts will give you an extra boost of confidence to help you face your first day back at school all the more exciting. We have enough to be stressed out about with piles of homework, strict professors, and the constant distress over our budget. With the unbeatable student discounts at Eve, looking good and saving money are two less things to stress about in the already overwhelming life of a college student.

-Elisabeth, Eugene Lang College

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Work of Art

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Last night, Bravo‘s hit reality show “Work of Art- The Next Great Artist,” whose premise is to discover the next big thing in art through grueling weekly challenges and eliminations,  came to a surprising end. After duking it out with two other finalists, the underdog, Abdi Farah, ended up taking the grand prize-$100,000 and an opportunity to showcase his work at the coveted Brooklyn Museum. As the show came to a close, I overwhelmed by a series of emotions- happy that one of the two people I had been rooting for from the beginning had won the show; sad that I hadn’t decided to become a talent agent because I’ve ‘discovered’ just about everyone from Britney Spears to James Patterson (well their work blows up after I listen to them which may sound a bit egotistical but I know some folks can relate to this feeling) and angry that I have absolutely no artistic talent!

Throughout the past five or so years, I’ve attempted to weed out a hidden artistic talent by buying a how-to-draw book, sketchbook, canvas, brushes, etc (you name it, I bought it) and getting to work. It wasn’t until about the summer of 2007 that I discovered and subsequently lost my muse- a tall dark and handsome man who I had fallen in love with and who unfortunately didn’t share my sentiments.  I poured my aching heart out onto the pages of my sketchbook- the converse sneakers that he so often wore, the horses in Central Park that we’d ride on in my daydreams. For the entire summer, I drew and the work was unbelievably good.

After the initial disappointment of love lost subsided, however, I could barely even draw a straight line. It made me wonder:  Was I just hallucinating? Were all those amazing drawings just a figment of my crazy imagination? My only piece of evidence, the sketchbook,  is no where to be found so I guess we’ll never know.

These days the only doodling I’m doing is in the pages of my Hello Kitty Activity book. Whenever I need to stock up on art supplies (color pencils in my case) or fine papers for resumes or presentations, I always head to A.I. Friedman. They offer a wide selection of products for the home or office- everything ranging from computer supplies to custom framing.

A.I. Friedman’s  great prices and the even greater student discounts that are offered throughout the year allow  you to shop til you drop without feeling an ounce of guilt. Whether you’re just looking to stock up on school supplies, furnish  a home office or embrace your inner artist as I continue to do,  the experts at A.I. Friedman can help with all of your creative needs!

-Milka, The New School

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