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Friends of Campus Clipper: Blick

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Dick Blick Art Materials, or, as it is more simply known, “Blick,” is an art supply store and a friend of Campus Clipper. Blick offers a whole array of art supplies as well as supplies for crafts and framing.

Currently, Blick is offering a Back to School sale running until October 6th that includes little things like brushes, as well as more expensive items like canvases.  You’ll also find coupons for 40% off framing. Not only that, but they’re also running a car sweepstakes!

My favorite part of Blick is probably that their products range from real artists’ art necessities—supplies for sculpture, drawing, and illustration—to craft supplies and services anybody can use, like screen printing, framing, yarn, and beads for crafts. Blick is easily the most accessible and friendly art store you’ll find here in the city.


Erin O’Brien, NYU.

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Discount for Starving Artists

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Written by Megan Soyars

For my second semester of college, I was growing tedious of science and mathematics classes. The cosign of whaa?? One morning, my left brain aching after an hour-long session trapped with Dr. Monroe in Calc 101, I happened to wander by the art building. Intrigued, I stepped inside. A cool white hallway greeted me, its walls adorned with paintings and drawings of every subject matter available. It was like entering a mini Metropolitan Museum of Art. The talent of those student artists amazed me. I wanted to produce something like that. Next semester, I got my chance.

When Spring enrollment rolled around, I was the first to sign up for Art 101. See ya Dr. Monroe, time to let out my inner Picasso! While relieved to give my left brain a break as I produced the next Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, I was quickly stunned by the price of the art supplies I needed. I’d already dropped nearly $300 for textbooks, now I had to buy sketch books, paint brushes, and charcoal?!

Unfortunately, at that time, I wasn’t aware of student discounts on art supplies, so I paid full price for the tools of the trade. Truly, I’d become a starving artist. But you, dear student, can take advantage of  A.I. Friedman’s 10% discount. A.I. Friedman lets you explore your creative side at a great price! Now you can afford that artist’s residence in a Soho loft.

Also, don’t forget to check out our website for additional art supply coupons, including this one for Blick Art Materials.

-Megan, Trinity University

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Work of Art

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Last night, Bravo‘s hit reality show “Work of Art- The Next Great Artist,” whose premise is to discover the next big thing in art through grueling weekly challenges and eliminations,  came to a surprising end. After duking it out with two other finalists, the underdog, Abdi Farah, ended up taking the grand prize-$100,000 and an opportunity to showcase his work at the coveted Brooklyn Museum. As the show came to a close, I overwhelmed by a series of emotions- happy that one of the two people I had been rooting for from the beginning had won the show; sad that I hadn’t decided to become a talent agent because I’ve ‘discovered’ just about everyone from Britney Spears to James Patterson (well their work blows up after I listen to them which may sound a bit egotistical but I know some folks can relate to this feeling) and angry that I have absolutely no artistic talent!

Throughout the past five or so years, I’ve attempted to weed out a hidden artistic talent by buying a how-to-draw book, sketchbook, canvas, brushes, etc (you name it, I bought it) and getting to work. It wasn’t until about the summer of 2007 that I discovered and subsequently lost my muse- a tall dark and handsome man who I had fallen in love with and who unfortunately didn’t share my sentiments.  I poured my aching heart out onto the pages of my sketchbook- the converse sneakers that he so often wore, the horses in Central Park that we’d ride on in my daydreams. For the entire summer, I drew and the work was unbelievably good.

After the initial disappointment of love lost subsided, however, I could barely even draw a straight line. It made me wonder:  Was I just hallucinating? Were all those amazing drawings just a figment of my crazy imagination? My only piece of evidence, the sketchbook,  is no where to be found so I guess we’ll never know.

These days the only doodling I’m doing is in the pages of my Hello Kitty Activity book. Whenever I need to stock up on art supplies (color pencils in my case) or fine papers for resumes or presentations, I always head to A.I. Friedman. They offer a wide selection of products for the home or office- everything ranging from computer supplies to custom framing.

A.I. Friedman’s  great prices and the even greater student discounts that are offered throughout the year allow  you to shop til you drop without feeling an ounce of guilt. Whether you’re just looking to stock up on school supplies, furnish  a home office or embrace your inner artist as I continue to do,  the experts at A.I. Friedman can help with all of your creative needs!

-Milka, The New School

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