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Park it somewhere!

Monday, July 1st, 2024

You’ve heard the complaints: “New York is so expensive! You can’t do anything fun without spending money!” But this is not true! Sure, eating good food and visiting cool museums may require a chunk of change. However, there’s something to be said for one of the most underrated and inexpensive activities that New York has to offer: the park.

New York, like many other urban areas, is stingy with its greenery. Parks and other recreational spaces have to be sectioned out by blocks, and it’s hard to hear birds chirping over incessant cars honking. But tucked in New York’s northernmost borough are green spaces that rival the iconic Central Park. The Bronx, deceptively wooded, alone has over 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas. But here are some of my favorites.

Poe Park. Once the home of famous 19th-century poet Edgar Allan Poe, Poe Park boasts a large green triangular lawn dotted with cherry trees. Placed in the center of the park is a charming white farmhouse with many of the original furniture still inside. Students can tour the farmhouse for only $3, but entry into the park is completely free. Poe Park is a 5 minute walk north from the Fordham Road stop on the D train, and an 8 minute walk northwest from the Fordham station on the Metro North. If you’re looking to get in the headspace to write some chilling stories, or just to get outside for a bit, Poe Park is a great option.

Poe Cottage is beautiful all times of the year, but especially so in the summertime, framed by this great green cherry tree!
Image credit: NYC Parks

Belmont’s community park, Ciccarone Park, is as lively as it is conveniently located. Nestled on 188th St between Arthur Ave and Hughes Ave, Ciccarone Park is the perfect summer spot, complete with water spouts for cooling off, shady trees to relax under, and comfortable benches to read on. The park is popular with families because of its playground and proximity to family-friendly pizza joints such as Full Moon Pizzeria. For students living in Belmont, Ciccarone Park is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while remaining close to home.

Belmont’s Ciccarone Park is one of my favorite spots for reading, reminiscing, or playing hackey sack.
Image credit: Eater NY

It wouldn’t be a list of prime outdoor spaces without mentioning the New York Botanical Garden, affectionately referred to as “the Botans” by Fordham students. NYBG’s sprawling campus is home to greenhouses, rock gardens, waterfalls, and a multitude of great green lawns. Even with 250 acres of prime picnicking spots, my favorite spot in the Botans is the rock garden. It’s quiet, serene, and beautiful all four seasons.

If you look to the right, tucked behind that cherry blossom tree, you can see Fordham’s Keating Hall poking up in the distance.
Image credit: GetYourGuide

The Bronx is often a forgotten borough, separated from the other boroughs on the northern part of the continent. People think of the Bronx solely as a strictly urban area with large stone buildings, a mess of highways, and graffitied walls. But there is so much more to my favorite borough than pop culture’s depiction of it. The Bronx boasts lush greenery along the Mosholu and Pelham Parkways, and over 10,000 acres of prime picnicking locations. Wherever you decide to park it this summer, don’t forget the beautiful boogie-down Bronx!

If the weather does not befit a trip to the park, check out Color Me Mine on the
Upper West Side for a discount on a rainy day activity!

by Mia Crocco

Mia is a rising junior at Fordham University – Rose Hill studying English and theology. In her free time, Mia enjoys cooking, collaging, and playing the piano and guitar.

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