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How NOT to Date in NYC

Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

A humble guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of dating in a big city; don’t worry you can’t make as many mistakes as I did.

Instead of waiting for a text, I painted in my sketchbook.
  • Do not get into a car on the fifth date, tenth date, or even the twentieth date. Maybe just avoid cars altogether?

If you are a young person in a city using dating apps, at some point, you will end up on quite a few dates with one person. You may think, I’ve seen enough of this person, and they were really nice and funny at the Chelsea markets and so sweet when we rode the subway to Brooklyn. When they offer to pick you up in a car, and let’s be honest, that’s so exciting because nobody ever has a car in the city, you may agree in a heartbeat. But just because a person is no longer just a profile on a screen, it does not mean you know them! This person may drive thirty minutes outside the city before trying to weasel out of going to dinner as planned. This person may not be a serial killer, but they may still be a jerk and leave you stranded for not being “down” to only chill at their apartment. The taxi may be $70 to get home. 

  • Do meet in public places.

I’m not just saying this because of safety. That part is obvious. I’m saying it because when your family and friends start coming to visit, they are going to ask for the list of food and drink recommendations. You have a responsibility as the recommendation person. Men, women, or people you are dating may come and go, but good Spanish tapas or Indian recommendations will be with you forever. 

  • Do not let the first date be meeting up with a guy + their friends.

You may think meeting up with a guy while he is out with friends means two birds, one stone! Maybe you’ll make a friend or two. Maybe you’ll meet a husband. What it really means, though, is that you end up at some packed bar, with a suspiciously wet bathroom, a rude bartender, and one awkward man and his one awkward college roommate buddy. The guy you are supposed to be on a date with will give up yelling over Sweet Caroline at some point and sit next to you, silently bopping away to the beat. The college roommate buddy will not have uttered a single word in the last thirty minutes. In the end, your ears will hurt, and you will still be a boyfriend short and a friend short. 

  • Do go on friend dates. 

Yes, friend dates are a thing. Plenty of dating apps have a friend option where you match and meet up with people who are just like you- young, alone, and looking to do something fun in a platonic, unromantic, asexual way. Wholesome intentions only. It seems sort of odd to meet people this way, but it is better to utilize dating apps to meet friends than using your date to meet them.

  • Do not rush.

I’m not talking about sororities. Have your Alabama rush week. Just don’t rush dating. Dating may not seem like something you can rush; it isn’t your commute to work or a last-minute essay. Your first date goes well. He texts and asks to see you tomorrow, and you could punch a hole in the wall in an excited way, not an angsty way. Cut to two weeks later when you are eight dates in and telling your parents about him, and he lets you know he leaves back to London tomorrow. He lives in London. He was only visiting New York. 

  • Do treat dating as a meander.

Not a race, not a marathon, maybe not even a stroll, but a meander. Let yourself feel the highs of a great first date. Don’t try to squish the excitement. Meanders are meant for smelling the flowers. Thoroughly smell them for as long as possible; in fact, drag it out over a few days. Drag it out over a week. Drag it out until the high has inevitably faded and your brain chemistry is stable, then plan the second date. If you are meant to be together, then there is no rush. So, make your doctor’s appointments for the year. Clean that one cabinet that has both potatoes and a stack of old mail. Be a happy old woman in her English garden before you go plodding along back to the same rose.

Everybody gets Sushi on the first date. It’s an unspoken rule To Eat Sushi.

Olivia Sully is a Junior studying English Literature at New York University. Olivia spends most of her school and professional life writing and reading, but she likes to decompress with her paintings. 

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COVID & Its Impact on Dating

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

Life takes twists and turns, the pandemic reformed the world and we have to acclimate to what is considered the new normal. If many areas like the economy have been altered then the dating scene should also be a bit different, right? Although the dating landscape is now more heavily focused on online dating, the pandemic is making everything more online prior to the start of the epidemic; the only difference is that now people have no other choice but to utilize dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble to find love. With public spaces being closed and restrictions enforced, there’s really no way to meet a potential partner face to face in public let alone go on a traditional date. Not only are singles going through a tough time, those already in a relationship are suffering as well since we can’t see each other as much, especially long distance relationships. Moreover, college students can no longer attend parties or extracurricular activities to meet people. Because of these current stipulations, many of us are on the same boat to doing things virtually which eventually leaves a heavy feeling of loneliness. There was a study conducted in 2019 that illustrated the aftermath of swiping on dating apps, users couldn’t help but feel lonelier than before.

Whether you love it or hate it, the reality is that online dating is here to stay and will continue to proliferate. The presence of COVID-19 prompted people to crave interactions to eliminate the feeling of being lonely regardless if it’s for a friendship or romantic relationship; the most plausible method to go about this is counting on dating apps despite the sheer number of users and competition there. Now I wouldn’t advocate hopping on online dating platforms because they may result in low self-esteem and confidence issues, which tends to apply to more men than women. If you happen to land on a date with someone, communicate with them in order to see what type of date both of you prefer. A large number of people stick to a video call as their first date which is very common nowadays; this is an outstanding strategy to determine if both parties can engage with each other on a deeper level and if there’s compatibility. This also helps take cat-fishing out of the equation, you can see if the person you matched with is who you pictured them to be.

We have to recognize that anyone can still contract the virus when they socialize or partake in intimate contact. The most realistic options that you have for a safe date are going for walks in the park, grabbing coffee at a cafe, and hosting a picnic just to name a few. I’m aware that these are only viable ideas for either a first or second date, but you’ll have to work with what you have and hope for the best; it’s going to be redundant and mundane, but what can you really do about it given the present circumstances? Taking the date to the next level generally indicates sex; however, it’s going to be perilous and you’re going to look like a fool with a mask on. Furthermore, a doctor by the name of Kimberly Tilley claimed that wearing a mask won’t reduce the chances of disseminating the virus because it’s just not possible to social distance during sex. Meeting up with someone for the first time during the pandemic can also be super awkward, believe it or not. Try to imagine this in your head, pretend that I’m so excited to meet this pretty girl at Central Park and I see her smiling but what do I even do? Should I welcome her by giving her a hug? Giving your date a hug is what most people do, it shows that you’re genuinely delighted to see them; however, what if the girl completely dodges my hug? If my hug gets brushed off then it undoubtedly changes the whole mood and environment of the planned date. I would want to turn around and scurry back home to avoid the humiliation I just went through. It’s going to feel like you just had your heart ripped out literally and I can only imagine how embarrassing it would be if there were people watching. Many would prefer not to be touched with COVID cases spiking, but ask your date if you can hug them or try to read their body language. For the time being, you’ll have to stick to what limited resources that are available or perhaps use this time wisely and work on yourself until normalcy returns. Trust me, I know this isn’t the most ideal time to search for love but hey try to picture it from the bright side; all this spare time will allow you to set goals for yourself and improve yourself then you can come back more than ready to meet people after this fiasco concludes.

By: Alex Huang

Alex is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Advertising & Marketing Communications. He used to major in psychology because he didn’t know what to do with his life and now wants to be in the business world. He gets distracted easily by all of the pretty girls in New York City and hopes to become a PR or Marketing manager someday. One of his favorite things to do is going out for bubble tea.

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Saying Okay to Cupid: Online Dating and the Search for Something

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

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A commercial says that one in five relationships now start online. If your experience in a university library is anything like mine, you stare at a Date My School poster in the bathroom stall while you excrete the two Red Bulls and three cups of coffee that you guzzled in the past hour. You probably know, or are yourself, someone who has tried online dating, and you’ve probably heard an array of horror and success stories. When it comes down to it, online dating is just like any other kind of dating—you win some, you lose some—no matter how much success websites claim to have.

Take, for example, the tale of the two Lisas who both signed up for OkCupid.  One Lisa was a classmate, the other my roommate. Classmate Lisa had a few just-okay dates and then finally met a guy that was tall, funny, and handsome. The two decided to date for a few months before becoming exclusive, and have been happily in a relationship with each other for almost a year.  Roommate Lisa, on the other hand, after looking around on the site for a few months, finally decided to go out on a date with someone. She brought him to our apartment for some drinks before they went to a bar. I invited my own date over and a friend as well, and we all setup a false, nonjudgmental, and laid back oh-we’ve-been-hanging-out-for-a-while appearance.  Long story short, an hour later Lisa’s mother was in a terrible car accident (not really) and Lisa had to cancel the date after a tear-jerking phone call (seriously, the girl deserves an Oscar for that performance).

A promising feature of most online dating sites is that users get to establish what they are looking for. Similarly, they can talk with each other before deciding to meet in person. Of course, in-person interaction can be extremely different than interacting online, but the pressure of saying “yes” or “no” to a date is lessened when it only requires the click of a button.

So what are people on dating sites looking for? A common belief that makes people wary of signing up for the sites is that users don’t actually want relationships. For some, this is true. The beauty of it, however, is that most pages will list upfront why people sign up for the site. Then it comes down to whether or not that person is being honest, and, if he/she is not, how he/she will handle a situation that goes past a date.

Take now, for example, the report of a boy named Richard. Richard signed up for Date My School and did just that—dated his school. Date after date ensued for a boy who was troubled by rarely being able to get a step further than obtaining girls’ phone numbers at parties. As his online dating repertoire expanded, so did his ego—that is, until he met one particular girl who made him want to stop his search.

Some good news about online dating is that, since it has become increasingly popular, there are more ways than ever to meet people online and, therefore, more sites for you to choose from.  You can now find people on less traditional sites based on specific things like what you would be doing on a date (, who is in the area (the SinglesAroundMe phone application), what your religious beliefs are (,, what icebreakers you use to start conversations (, and what you’d want in a no-strings-attached relationship (

While the opportunities seem endless, they also seem daunting.  But once you choose a site, the rest is relatively easy.  First, be honest about what you are looking for.  While it’s also a good idea to expand your horizons and not be afraid to take chances with new and different people than you’re used to, you’re not doing anyone a favor by going on dates with people who you know beforehand you won’t be interested in. Be honest on your profile and be honest in person. Secondly, play the game like a good sport. Don’t be offended if others don’t respond online; just move on. If a date turns out to be no more than just one date, take something from the experience, even if it’s just meeting new people. Third, keep at it with a positive attitude, like this guy. If you look at someone’s profile and are unsure about whether to pursue him/her further, go for it. Why not? Remember, you already have something in common: you’re both looking to date and took a chance doing it on the same site.

Carina, New York University. Read my blog and check out my Twitter!

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