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Loving Ourselves So Others Can Love Us Too

Friday, April 28th, 2017

You need to love yourself.

Love yourself so much to the point that your energy and your aura rejects anyone who doesn’t know your worth.

-Billy Chapata

Motivational speaker and author, Allison Fallon, discusses in this article some of the reasons that it is so important to love yourself before you can love another or accept love from another person. One of the many great points Fallon makes is explaining that although it is easy to think that we are being selfless by putting others first and forgetting about ourselves, truly, this is not selfless at all. By failing to make ourselves a priority, we are depending on others to support us, provide us with validation, and make us feel good, which is incredibly unhealthy.

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If you feel like you’ve been in a rut, it may be beneficial to evaluate whether or not you’re giving yourself the love necessary to be truly satisfied. Without feeling the love you should have for yourself, it is more than challenging to properly love someone else or to fully experience love from someone else.

Further, once your mental health begins to improve, as you love yourself, your physical health will also improve. If you’re skeptical of this, Fallon says to think about your mind-body connection. In the same way that your body gets goose bumps when your mind tells it you are scared, it will physically improve when your mind sends a message of love to yourself. I must admit, until reading Fallon’s article, this had never really crossed my mind. However, once I thought about it, I realized that this makes complete sense. When we think a certain way, we also feel a certain way. This is the idea behind being nervous but telling yourself that you are excited instead, you begin to feel better and your palms stop sweating. It is one hundred percent mental. Your mind and body fit together perfectly and work together like pieces of a puzzle.

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“When we are kind to our bodies, they are kind to us”-Allison Fallon

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Another thought is that as you begin to view yourself in a more positive light, others will naturally follow your lead. The positive vibe that you elude will make other people feel positively about you.


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Fallon also makes another great point: self-love can be totally free. We want to step away from the idea that loving ourselves means spending money on ourselves. As Fallon explains, loving yourself could just mean sleeping in once a week, taking a night off to stay in, exercising, or reading a book you’re interested in.

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By Chanelle Surphlis

Chanelle Surphlis is a Campus Clipper publishing intern, who is graduating from FIT this May. Passionate about giving back and pursuing volunteer opportunities, Chanelle aspires to work for a fashion or beauty company that includes philanthropy in its core values. If you like Chanelle’s writing, check out her blogs here and here. We have the most talented interns ever and we’re so proud of them! For over 20 years, the Campus Clipper has been offering awesome student discounts in NYC,  from the East Side to Greenwich Village. Along with inspiration, the company offers students a special coupon booklet and the Official Student Guide, which encourage them to discover new places in the city and save money on food, clothing and services.  

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Where I’ve Been: A Solo Exhibition by Christine Cha

Monday, December 9th, 2013

In this vast city that is New York, art is all around us. Whether we are observing, analyzing, criticizing, or creating, the artistic realm is always at our fingertips, and it is our choice if we want to be a part of it. As a student at The New School, I am surrounded by artists every day. No matter the focus, whether visual, musical, or written, art plays a large role in my life and in the lives of all of The New School’s students. Some of these very artists will extend their craft past the walls of the Parsons, Mannes, or Lang classrooms and develop a life revolving around their artistic passion. As an aspiring musician and writer, watching my peers establish themselves as creative beings in this bustling, competitive, overwhelming city is nothing short of miraculous and motivational. Christine Cha, a former student at Parsons School of Design, and a former intern at The Campus Clipper, has fulfilled this aspiration as a painter, as a city-dweller, as an artist.

Painting by Christine Cha

At her solo exhibition, Christine Cha displayed her works of art, which express the comparison of  the earth and the body through oil paint on canvas. Through a contrast of reds, browns, and yellows against greens and blues, an image of the abstract human form is perceived, resembling the mountainous terrain of our Earth. Her work is sensual, natural, and incredibly conceptual. With a display of ten different works, visitors at the Wix Gallery in Chelsea could view an array of Cha’s work.

Paintings by Christine Cha

Painting by Christine Cha

The experience, as a whole, was worth the trip into Chelsea from my Crown Heights apartment. In addition to the art viewing, free Brooklyn Brewery beer was available as well as free homemade empanadas. Cha also provided a variety of live music, playing softly in the background to enhance the guests’ overall viewing experience.

Live music enhanced the overall experience of the exhibition!

As a first time visitor at the Wix gallery and a first time viewer of Cha’s paintings, I was nothing short of impressed. The dedication to her craft as well as her appreciation for her followers and peers was commendable. In order to fulfill a life in the arts, a certain drive is necessary in order to succeed, a drive that Cha seems to possess. Since her time at Parsons and The Campus Clipper, Cha has motivated fellow students and created a life for herself among the other great artists in this fair city. For this, we congratulate her and wish her the best of luck in all of her future endeavors.



Daniela Bizzell, Eugene Lang College, The New School University.