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Let’s Dance: Battery Park

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

In an attempt to finance my admission to real performances, for the past year I have been working at the Statue of Liberty (yes, it’s both cool and terrible at the same time). While I’m still waiting on my paycheck so I can see a real performance and write about that, I do have some exciting free things for you to check out.

In order to get to Liberty Island, I have to board the ferry in Battery Park. I can’t attest to what goes on all day long in the park, since I refuse to go there on my off days, but I can tell you that after 5 or 6 p.m. (when we get off the last boat from the island), there’s always something going on. On any given day that doesn’t involve storms, there are people waiting to sell you handbags, draw you a picture, or pass out Obama condoms. Additionally, there are usually some musicians playing tin drums, big guys holding snakes that you can take pictures with (although this makes me scream and run away – no big deal), and the occasional breakdancing show.

Particularly over the summer, there’s always a crowd in Battery Park. My favorite part of these festivities is certainly the breakdancing – although the shows don’t often last long and they aren’t the best shows I’ve ever seen, it’s worth stopping and clapping for a few minutes. Usually when I get off the boat (by Castle Clinton in the park, which is closer to the 6 train rather than the South Ferry subway station) there is a group in red performing. They bust out flips, yell until you clap, and although sometimes disorganized are at least good for a laugh.

Photo from

This place isn’t so exciting over the winter (although once it’s snowy and there are no performers left you are free to make epic snowmen) – but in the summer, there’s a lot going on.

The biggest snowman I ever made was this winter in Battery Park!

In addition to these informal street performers, Battery Park also holds some concerts and other events. This Saturday there was a science exhibit, and last summer there was a Rilo Kiley concert (that I had to miss!), among others. I’ve even seen the Paul Taylor II company perform for free on a makeshift stage in the park.

If you don’t want to chance it and head down to the park to enjoy some rays and the random entertainment, you can find schedules for the larger events on the Battery Conservancy website. Different organizations use the space, and a wide variety of things go on there. The best part? It’s free!!

-Meghan Q

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