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I recently stumbled upon an old photo album dating from my junior high school years. The album was bubblegum pink–unquestionably girly–and very well-worn. I’d spent many days during my preteen-hood, adding photos of my friends and family, then decorating the photos with sparkle pens and stickers. That album had been my pride and joy, but now the sight of its bubblegum pink cover fills me with horror. Why? Simple. Because it had photos of me in it. In junior high.

Everyone went through an awkward phase growing up. They had acne, or cow-licks, or braces. For me, it was my glasses. I was a somewhat bookish kid, and when picking out my lens in 6th grade, I chose a pair that I felt signified my brilliant acumen. In reality, they just made me look like a dork. My glasses were like Harry Potter’s, only 5 times bigger…and I wasn’t famous. In every photo, there I was, grinning obliviously into the camera, the upper part of my face pretty much obscured. But one particular photo in that album takes the cake.

It was taken at my best friend’s pool party. We were arm-in-arm beside the pool, both dressed in our two-pieces. So why was I wearing such horrendous glasses at a swimming pool? Maybe I’d subconsciously hoped to lose my glasses when I dove into the deep end, becoming freed from them forever. My 10-pound glasses would sink 10 feet underwater, never to be seen again.  As it was, I kept my glasses for two more years. When I started high school, I decided to update my look, opting for a sleeker pair, which no longer made me look like I’d popped out the lens of two magnifying glasses and stuck them to my face.

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-Written by Megan Soyars, Campus Clipper blogger

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