Campus Clipper Guidebook Student Review

Recent college grad and new to New York City, blogger Ashley Teal shares her thoughts about the soon to be released Campus Clipper Guidebook for students in New York:

“We all know the Campus Clipper to be a distributor of life saving coupons for students, and now they’ve added on some quirky and helpful editorials to the delicious little magazine, Student Maximus. Most recently, Campus Clipper is announcing the release of its book NYC Student Guide Book. The guide is filled with articles for the students, by the students, with indispensible advice for living in the big city. Not only does it discuss cooking, eating, subway etiquette, roommates, relationships, and a myriad of other essential topics, but it also offers directions to hidden clubs and bars, and the best places to eat vegan and gluten free. The candor of the student writing is astounding, unfettered by major media sources and political backers. There’s no agenda other than giving students what they want while simultaneously supporting their dreams. The NYC Guide Book is the best thing next to fiction to pick up and read on the train to class. Readers can live vicariously through other student’s writing, or they can find a way to create their own adventures and stories by seeking out the recommended places in the guide. The guide book is a great tool for students that every parent or friend should buy for a newly transplanted NYC student.”

-Ashley Teal

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