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How to be a Comedian: Week 1 – And Check Out Our College Discounts Below!

Monday, October 26th, 2015

For the next eight weeks, follow the advice of a Campus Clipper comedy connoisseur, our former intern, as he goes through the rigorous steps of taking the route of comedic entertainer in one of the most competitive cities in the country: New York City. If you’re looking to be the next Louis C.K. or the next Amy Schumer, you may want to soak up as much comedy genius  as you can.


Let’s take it easy and start with the introduction.

There are many different ways to be a comedian, and even more ways to succeed, but an infinite amount of ways to fail.

Don’t give up yet.

It’s important to learn from the success stories of others and be prepared to meet your own challenges head on – learning from them and becoming stronger. That’s what I hope you gain from this series – How to be a Comedian. I hope that you will learn from my mistakes and get a sense of what the industry expects of a successful comic.

I had a slew of questions when I first started in comedy. Over time, I learned some answers the hard way out of my own personal experiences:

How do I get stand up experience? – Open mic nights

How do I make money? – Ha ha!

What if I’m not good? – Practice more

How can I get recognized? – Social networking, videos, stage exposure

The list could go on forever, but all of these questions and more will be answered by me and some of the best experts in comedy. Getting in the comedy game isn’t just about grabbing a microphone and rattling off jokes off the top of your head (although a rare few are talented enough to do so). It takes writing, rehearsal, mental preparation, and overcoming self-doubt.


A comic has to network, to grow, and to expose themselves to everyone they can (not like that – get your mind out of the gutter). However, you need to make sure you bring your “A-game” if you’re going to put yourself out there. You wouldn’t go into battle with zero combat training and no weapon, right? Keep laughing, keep crying, and keep reading.

Stay tuned next week to learn how to take being funny seriously. It works, just trust me.

A few words from the Campus Clipper –

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NYC Comedy Scene

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Have a funny night at GothamMy biggest passion in life is comedy. It’s like I have some cancer that makes me seek out everything that’s funny. In fact, that’s why I came to New York City—it’s the mecca of comedy, from stand up to improv, it’s here.

I started performing stand up comedy last year, and there’s no greater sensation in the world. It’s terrifying and utterly liberating all in the same moment. Just making one person laugh, one time, is a huge reward. I’ve become addicted to the sound of laughter I receive after I get through telling a story or making a witty remark (maybe people are just laughing at me).

I’m so in love with the comedy found in NYC that it’s not funny. Seriously.

It’s ironic that the thing I’m most serious about in life is something that’s far from it.  I urge everyone to dive into the comedy scene, whether you’re performing or enjoying (or both), because everybody needs a little more laughter in life. Go out and do something, like stand up shows, improv shows, or karaoke. What better way to laugh than at your friends trying to belt out lyrics from The Spice Girls? Finding fun NYC student discounts makes a good time even better, knowing that you’re saving cash!

Joking aside, with a quick web search you can find loads of cheap or free comedy shows all across the city. My favorite, Gotham Comedy Club, hosts a free open mic every Monday; a very cool venue to check out.

Also, if a hilarious night of karaoke with some close friends hits your funny bone, then I found a great coupon for “Karaoke Boho” in the Campus Clipper for 50% Sunday-Thursday and 25% Friday-Saturday. Don’t forget your student ID for an awesome NYC student discount!

Paul, Auburn University 2012

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