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Refreshing Tea at Möge Tee

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

When hot weather hits, one of my favourite things to do is get some refreshing cold tea. Today was no exception; after a long walk in the blazing summer sun, I stepped into Möge Tee for a moment of rest. Located a few blocks from SVA, this small trendy shop offers a variety of food, sweets, and drinks for patrons to choose from.

While I am a fan of bubble tea, I have never ventured far into the world of “new style” tea. Under the guidance of the friendly gentleman at the cash register, I ended up getting a fresh black grape tea. To say the drink was revitalising would be an understatement! I am often hesitant to try grape-flavoured things, but I am so happy that I gave this a try. It lacked the artificial nature that fruit drinks often have, instead relying on a fresh fruit taste. The boba at the bottom paired well with the subtle tartness and overall sweetness of the flavour profile. It wasn’t too sugary, making it ideal for a day marred by thick hot weather.

Pudding happens to be one of my favourite desserts, so I was thrilled by the softness of the (very cute) tofu pudding. The surface had a little bounce that gave way to silky softness. I enjoy custard and I enjoy tofu and found that this pudding happens to be a good middle ground. The tofu helped lighten the dense sweetness of the custard, allowing it to be a nice airy snack!

Growing up, I’ve eaten my fair share of eel. It’s always been something I’ve greatly enjoyed– a taste I’ve certainly grown fond of because of my father’s love for it. Eel rice balls have thus been one of my go-to bites. I have to admit that Moge Tee’s might be a new favourite of mine! It was hot, the rice perfectly sticky and the seaweed crisp. The eel was tender and the kabayaki sauce wasn’t overwhelming. Each element was balanced and ended up being a great way to end my stop. 

I can say I’m a fan of “new style” tea now! Thus, I want to go back to Möge Tee soon so I can experiment with other options. I’ll also certainly be picking up a few pudding cups and rice balls to go. If you would like to drop by to try their food and drinks, bring your student ID and the coupon below for 15% off your order.

By: Ehani Schneiderman

Ehani Schneiderman is a senior studying literature and anthropology at The New School. She hopes to connect with others through writing, poetry, and cultural exchange. When she isn’t nose deep in a book or word document, you can find her paddle boarding in a bay or scuba diving out at sea.

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