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Stay Strong & Carry On (and get some college discounts while you’re at it!)

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

There was a story not too long ago about how a kid in NYC licked an entire handrail at the entrance of the subway for a dollar. It may be advised to lick a toilet seat instead. Each subway car can hold about 240 people at one time, both sitting and standing. With every stop, the pole exchanges owners.  With every breath, the air changes just a little. Wrap your hand around the pole, lean your tired back against the doors that say “Do Not Lean” and you are automatically in contact with a million other people.

I must say, its important not to become that crazy lady who carries a yoga mat everywhere just so she can sit on the train, or the man who wears gloves in a hot subway car just to avoid direct contact with the pole.

One way to solve the problem of germs on subways is to master the skateboard stance. The way to do this is to stay free of anything that would support you from falling. Comfort obviously does not come first. You must learn to balance on your own two feet during the fast and sometimes bumpy ride. This might be a bit hard when you are carrying a heavy bag and some sketches under your arm, but it’s worth a shot.  Maybe it’s your hidden talent!

The second thing you can do is to lean against the door with your book-bag (if you wear one). That way, you get support without actually having your body touch anything. You should keep in mind the safety issues that come with leaning against the subway door. After all, the ‘Do Not Lean’ sign is there for a reason, but let’s be honest everyone leans on the doors, you just have to stay awake for the duration of your ride. Remain alert and make sure to not lean on the door too much so that you don’t fall out when the subway stops and the doors open. It’s not so hard when you get the hang of it.

In addition, keep the germs in mind when you plan your outfit for the day. If you plan to wear a skirt, it would be advised not to sit on the subway. Walking up and down the stairs during transfers is a hassle on its own, but doing it in a skirt is even worse. Plan ahead and wear some boy-shorts under to avoid any mishaps, especially if you know you will be tight on time.

Try as you might, it is inevitable that you will end up touching something on the subway, to keep your balance at the very least. So just make sure to carry hand sanitizer with you and avoid touching your face while on the subway, just in case. Now that you know the ins and outs to how to ride the subway, go to Cuba, a restaurant on Thompson street for a Campus Clipper discount!

Bon Voyage!


Sofia Khiskiadze, Baruch College.

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