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Should I go Uptown, Downtown, Queens, Brooklyn, or Jersey?

Thursday, August 8th, 2013


  LITERALLY, the biggest issue in NYC we face  today is where to visit in our free time. We are jetties on the prowl, be seen to be seen, but be posh and chic, so that when our Facebook friends peruse our pictures they’ll be abysmally jealous. Forget that assignment due in the morning, your over withdrawn bank account, and the protests  about equality. It’s time to experience New York City.

   New York magazines and articles on Tripadvisor tell you to visit the Moma, the Natural Museum of Modern Art, and Central Park for an authentic, unforgettable New Yorker experience. Only issue is that New Yorkers tentatively avoid those locations because they’re tourist hives. We’re frustrated when tourists don’t automatically hypersonic to the turnstile because we know if we don’t hop on that train there is no other one arriving for at least another year.  Our fast paced, independent attitude makes us appear mean but the other alternative is for us to punch every tourist in the face, and no one wants that except perhaps Madonna who isn’t even a New Yorker.

  Most college newbies to the city stay within a 5 mile radius of their campuses. Why wouldn’t they? It’s relatively safe, there are average restaurants, and their own private library. After a while, however, it’s repetitive: you eat, drink, pray that yellow cab won’t run you over, and you’ll find love just as Sarah Jessica Parker’s character did in Sex and The City. Let’s face it that only happens in movies, commercials, and over serialized novels.

  Where then to visit with your new friends during your free time? Try planning trips to authentic places tourist rarely visit like Washington Heights, Inwood, Harlem, and Battery Park. You’ll hear diverse languages at every corner, try new foods, and practice your Spanish listening skills. Other locations to visit are Forest Hills and Flushing Queens where you’ll find bargains on every corner–they may not be Forever 21 or H&M brands, but you can certainly find  sleek styles that no one else in your school wears.

 Brooklyn is a popular destination for hipsters, those who claim they’re not hipsters, those who say they’re not hipsters and yet extrude hipster style and persona, and then regular real 1% folk. Visit the deeper Brooklyn to really experience the authentic culture and wide graffiti art everywhere. I have chosen to skip New Jersey, reader should know, since I have very deep biased perspectives as I am a native New Yorker and think Jersey is just Jersey.

  If you’re willing to travel, but don’t want an extensive trip, then head on over to the Upper West Side to Life In Motion for a $5 yoga class only available with the Campus Clipper coupon. Remember that you’re in a cultural hubbub; there’s never a dull moment unless you make it.



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