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Thirty Seconds to Fame

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Our day at the ‘office’ started with a mission: to make an ad. With the energy at an ultimate high, we all sat around the glass table to brainstorm. The process resulted in three phases.

The first was the idea phase. No idea went unheard, and no idea was forgotten. Joey wrote it all down in his fancy book, which we later used as a prop. After throwing some thoughts around, we came up with the idea of showing the connection between students, the journey of the coupon booklet from student to student, until it reached the final destination: Papaya King.

With that idea in mind, we entered the actualization phase. Now that we knew what we wanted, we needed to strategize how we would bring it alive on camera and who would play what part. Miles grabbed a piece of paper, being the cameraman, and drew a series of boxes. That’s when we knew we were getting down to business. He outlined the scenes as we came up with the order and the scenery behind the coupon. We had about eight frames on paper when we were ready to hit the road.

The last phase was bringing it to life. We picked a corner on Saint Marks street where Ing gave out the Campus Clipper Coupon booklets. We acted as the people passing by, and a woman who wasn’t even asked to participate grabbed one! Then, the camera followed Anna as she ripped a coupon and passed it onto the writer on the bench, James. Then, with the scenery changing, James passed on the coupon book to the guy playing a guitar on the street, Joey. With his guitar all packed and the spare change in his pocket, he then traveled to the artist on the staircase drawing a tree. Saying “Hey Sofia,” he passed it onto me. The last transition was when I passed the coupon book to Christy and Jackie as they typed away on their laptops. Although the coupon book exchanged several hands in different backgrounds, we all ended up in the same place for the same great deal: Papaya King. The rest of the interns who opted out of the transition roles were included as extras eating the hot dogs in the last scene.

The process was fun and enlightening. Here is what I learned from this journey of the Campus Clipper Booklet:

1. Plan before you film; spending two hours planning beforehand actually saves time

2. Pick a leader to take charge when directing the filming process (to avoid giving too many directions)

3. Ask people for their ideas, and brainstorm together

4. Write everything down, even if you do not think it will work (ideas work off of each other and each idea helps inspire the next)

5. Be open to playing different roles

6. Try to include everyone as best as possible

7. To make a thirty second ad, it takes much more than thirty seconds!

8. Have fun!

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Sofia Khiskiadze, Baruch College.

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Good Yellow in the Snow

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Photo thanks to Psychology Today

Despite all the fantastic holidays that accompany the winter season, the hot chocolate and snow fights are over by January, and now you’re just trying to keep the once snow, gray muck off your shoes. There are a few strange days where the sun is out and the temperature spikes for a few hours, but mostly it’s gray and icky out there with little light peering through the clouds, let alone through the skyscrapers of Manhattan. So, how do you keep your spirits up? Here are a few little happiness tips to cut through the gray:

Wear Yellow: It is the happiest color, after all. This is Martha Stewart’s suggestion, and I thoroughly promote it. So, it’s not time for your spring line to come out, why not tuck a little yellow into your wardrobe? How about a yellows tie with your button down, a few yellow hair clips, even yellow underwear (after all, it’s really for you!). The things that other people can see can spread the smiles. If your dorm, apartment, or workspace is a little dreary, why not bring a yellow soaked photo, or a few little yellow plants to brighten it up!

Just Dance: Get your heartbeat to match some pop music and really kick it up. Space is sparse in this city, but you can move a few tables, grab an ihome, and put on some dance tunes for a little party. Even if it’s just you and a hairbrush dancing in front of the mirror, make it happen and you’ll expend a little energy towards your own joy.

Give: It’s always good to remember that there are others out there who have it worse than you do. After all, you’re probably getting a college degree and have a roof over your head, so you’re already blessed. Volunteer at a shelter, soup kitchen, or outreach program. You don’t have to be a big brother or big sister, but giving just a little bit can be great. Get some friends together and make a little gift basket for a person you frequently see struggling. Not a people person? Volunteer at an animal shelter, you’ll get some furry love for your attention, which is my favorite kind.

Move Around: Make time for you and your beau to take a nice, long walk in a new neighborhood. Getting some fresh air, even if it’s cold, can be a real pick me up. No beau, drag your best friend out of the apartment, and if they’re unwilling, offer them a small prize for the outdoor exercise. No friends? Get an extra gig as a dog walker. You may have to pick up a little poo, but you’ll get paid to take a pooch out for an hour.

Even if these things don’t do it for you, making the conscious effort to mix it up a little and get out of your every day slump can brighten your cob-webbed endorphin transmitters.

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Written by Ashley Teal, Campus Clipper Blogger

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