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Restaurant Review: 16 Handles

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

Upon arriving at 16 Handles in East Village, Manhattan, my friend and I were greeted with friendly customer service and fresh-smelling frozen yogurt. While small, the establishment was very clean and inviting. Neo, the owner, called and explained to one of the employees at the toppings counter our purpose for being there was to conduct a food review. The worker at the counter then pointed us to the back where the flavors were. I especially liked the bar table posted against the wall, which made it easy to sit and wait as we decided what flavors to get.

Super good chocolate yogurts from 16 Handles!

For my yogurt, I chose a cookie dough and chocolate fudge mixture with graham cracker shavings on top and some sour gummy worms as a little snack on the side. My friend chose a more elaborate mixture; vanilla, cookies and cream, and fudge chocolate topped with nuts, oreo chunks, and mini mochi ice cream bits. We took a seat at a small booth located near the back of the restaurant and chowed down. I’m not really a fan of ice cream or frozen desserts, so I was not expecting much from the flavors I chose. However, within the first bite, I was completely blown away. The chocolate fudge flavor was so rich and complimented the lighter, milkier flavor of the cookie dough. Topped with the dry graham cracker shavings, it added a slightly crunchy texture to each bite. I already knew I’d love the sour gummies, so I ate those on the side, but I did not expect to like my yogurt so much! I finished it completely, which again, is unheard of for me, and I even tried a bit of my friend’s yogurt, which was also extremely rich in flavor. There was an employee bathroom near where we were sitting, which had a sign on it advising customers not to use it. However, my friend had to use the restroom urgently, and when asking the young man at the counter, he unlocked it for us and explained we could use it for as long as we were eating there. That was also a nice touch to the experience.

Overall, I would definitely come back and order more cookie dough and chocolate fudge dessert! The customer service was great, and the flavors were incredible. 10/10, would recommend! College students get Buy One, Get One Free on Wednesdays with the Campus Clipper coupon. 

By: Alex Muniz

Alex Muniz is a Junior English Major at Pace University. She currently resides in Jackson, New Jersey where she works for Campus Clipper and Arts Management Magazine: Next Gen. Her ultimate goal is to publish a creative fiction novel and to work as a Scientific Journalist, primarily in cosmology and earth science.

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