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Commencement – Campus Clipper Fiction

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Charlie Wickerson had always been skeptical about the availability of certain attributes within himself that are usually needed to make friends.  Before his embarkation to New York, Charlie never felt the scorn of social loneliness, but to an extent, he knew those who he called friends were just peers only interested in the most superficial and ephemeral qualities of association.  Today, though, Charlie understood the necessity of seizing this opportune time amongst his classmates before it was too late.


Together with his blonde and aloof Californian roommate Jackson, Charlie made plans to arrive at the opening ceremony about thirty minutes before the allotted starting time.  The boys agreed upon and stressed the importance of surveying fellow classmates as they streamed into the red-seated auditorium.  They didn’t want to sit bayside while everyone else began university life as emphatically as they had dreamed.


“What do you think?” Charlie asked.


“I reckon there are some pretty girls to the left,” Jackson said, “down there.”


“Well, there are pretty girls all over,” Charlie said, “There are five thousand of us rumbling in here.”


“Hell, I don’t know”


“Alright,” Charlie said, “Let’s just head down there around the left of the stage.”


Charlie and Jackson made their way toward the left-centered area of the auditorium and sat amongst the pretty girls previously marked, who, although they could have only been in the theater for a few minutes, found themselves surrounded by an array of suitors.  What surprised Charlie most were the girls’ radiance, which suggested that were more than delighted to be the spectacle of rows H through K. Perturbed by what they saw, Charlie and Jackson formed nothing more than the outskirts of the insular circle and found themselves only looking with envy toward their peers.  Fortunately for the two boys, they were not the only ones that had not made the cut and began conversing with some others near.


“Hi, my name’s Charlie.”


“Sam. How are you liking your first days?”


“They’ve been decent,” Charlie said, “What are you going to be studying?”


“Business and Finance,” Sam said, “What about you?”


“I’m not so sure yet,” Charlie said, “How did you know finance was right for you?”


“I just wanted to do whatever makes me money.”


“Oh, interesting”


“You should look into engineering or another STEM degree.” Sam added, “They always have great job prospects.”


“I’ll definitely think about it.”


Before the words had completely rolled off Charlie’s tongue, the stage’s red curtains were pulled back and the opening ceremony was set to begin.  For the next three hours, Charlie stared at the events without concern or opinion.  He knew he should have just stayed in his dorm


Alejandro Font, Student at NYU.

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