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Soothing Creative Spaces in the City

Monday, July 19th, 2021

I love New York and I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of exploring the city. But I am not always in the mood for chaotic, cramped places that demand large amounts of money for me to just sit down for a few moments. Over time I’ve been able to find spaces of relative quiet and stillness that offer a creative environment and affordable prices. 

I find these places therapeutic. Inhabiting these soothing and creative spaces offers an effective salve for any icky sensations that come along with balancing the highs and the lows of the human condition amidst a chaotic world. In these spaces I am often led to ponder or participate in creativity. When I do the act of creating, I can process, release, and emerge from my feelings with something tangible to be proud of. When I am appreciating the creativity of others–watching, reading, thinking– I can give my own brain a break, stepping outside of my mind and body for a while. It’s something beyond escapism. It’s a practice in empathy, an exercise of meditation.

This activity is something that I can do alone or with others. Alone I can fill an empty journal page with freewriting or I can sit with an interesting book for the afternoon. But I can also join with others in creative activities like group trips to museums, book clubs, and writing workshops. 

In New York City there is chaos but also countless hubs of stillness. If you know where to look, you can surround yourself with creativity and soothing company. You can find therapy for your anxious mind and create colorful memories in the meantime. Here are some spaces for quiet meditation and creativity in Manhattan. 

Book Club Bar. Image Credit:

Book Club Bar

197 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009

This bookstore cafe is located near Tompkins park. It offers refreshments, bookshelves, sofa chairs, and an open yet cozy atmosphere. It is accessible into the evening time and can be a beautiful place to lose yourself for a few hours in the company of other beings at rest.

The Astor Chinese Garden Court. Image Credit:

The Astor Chinese Garden Court 

Central Park West, New York, NY 10028

This court, an interior/exterior blend, is a sort of hidden gem within the Met. It is one of the few exhibit areas that is intended to be interacted with and appreciated for long periods of time. Bring a book and sit by the soothing coy pond for a couple of hours. 

Alice’s Tea Cup. Image Credit:

Alice’s Tea Cup

102nd W73rd St

This imaginative tea shop allows for a themed tea service and other meals. As you sit and sip you are immersed in the world of Alice and surrounded by related artistic renderings. It’s tea with a pleasant twist! 

The Bean at Astor Place. Image Credit:

The Bean (Astor Place) 

31 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

The Bean is a classic and affordable coffee shop. While here, you can take advantage of the free wifi, student discount, indoor and outdoor seating, and overall creative aesthetic of the place! 

NYU Bobst Library. Image Credit:

*University Resources

Check out your university’s libraries, study spaces, and other lounge areas for points of calm and creativity. 

Here are only a few options at your disposal to unwind, relax, and create or escape into something wonderful. 

By: Taylor Custis

Taylor Custis is a recent graduate of NYU where she made her own major because it sounded like a cool thing to do. She enjoys stories of all kinds, ethnic foods, and spiritually charged candles. She is currently in Queens embarking on a career in written and visual storytelling.

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