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Two Left Feet

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Photo courtesy of njpacflickr

I’ll state it plainly—I don’t know how to dance. I discovered that I suffered from the disability of possessing two-left feet during elementary school gym class.

Our gym teacher, a formidable and muscular woman named Miss Bea, who had a graying mullet and graying Nike tennis shoes, gathered us together near the bleachers and declared that we would be square dancing today.

I had never heard the words “square” and “dancing” in the same sentence, so I had no idea what Miss Bea was talking about. The look of disconcertment on my face must have caused her to single me out.

“Megan!” she barked. “I want you to pick a partner. Ya’ll over six there, you partner up too. Everybody else’ll watch. This is a demonstration.”

Needless to say, our demonstration turned out to be a disaster, mainly due to my “disability.” The eight of us arranged ourselves in a square. My partner, Kyle, gave me a pleased but cheesy grin, a grin that quickly turned into a grimace as the demonstration wore on. Kyle’s red high tops were stepped on, his glasses were knocked askew, and he might have somehow got elbowed in the ribs. My partner probably suffered more injuries due to a square dancing demonstration than he would have if Miss Bea had sent us outside to play contact football.

Once class ended, I slunk away as quickly I could. Thankfully, next period was lunch, where I could lock myself in the girl’s bathroom and bemoan my lack of finesse on the dance/gym floor. Fast forward fourteen years and I’m still no Ginger Rogers, though I do know how to square dance!

I’ve considered taking a dancing class to improve my skills, but have never been able to muster up the courage. What if the instructor declares me hopeless? What if, through some twist of fate, Kyle reappears from my past as a dance student? However, the Sandra Cameron Dance Center has me reconsidering my hesitation.

Located down in trendy SoHo, the Sandra Cameron Dance Center offers instruction for Tango, Salsa, Ballroom, and Swing. The staff is awesome, the classes are fun, and instruction is offered on all levels, whether you’re a beginner like me, or a virtuoso who wants to hone his skills. Sandra Cameron offers classes every weekday, so you’re sure to be able to fit it into your hectic school schedule. But best of all, the classes are affordable! A single month-long course costs only $80! And with this awesome student discount, you’ll be saving even more. Save $25 off any course with your student ID.

I know I could benefit from taking a class at the Sandra Cameron Dance Center. If I ever happen to run into Kyle again, he’ll be glad I did! This time, I’ll sweep him off his feet amidst the hay-bales at our local square-dancin’ barn.

–Written by Megan Soyars, Campus Clipper Blogger

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