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A Delectable Midnight Treat

Monday, August 9th, 2021

I know being at college you are often consuming delectable treats and snacks in your free time and in your dorm sometimes you get the urge to just create something on your own. I know for me at midnight I always found my roommate and I ordered from the beloved Insomnia Cookies or any dessert place we saw that was open. Even taking the leap in getting out of our dorm and spending money at the dorm market to buy any candy like gummy worms, or any ice cream that they had. From originally living in the NYU dorms I know that most underclassmen dorms do not get the luxury of having the appliances that a kitchen contains. If you are lucky most college students have a mini-fridge and a microwave. Still, if you have those one or two appliances the chances of you keeping it or even using it are slim since the dorm room is so small. This made me venture into the world of dessert and snack creations. While I explored different recipes that were easy to make, and required very few ingredients, and were tailored to the needs of college students I stumbled upon one of the best recipes I make in the dorm, and even at home when I have a real kitchen. Luckily, I know a snack/dessert recipe that can be altered in many different ways for it to fit your own needs. It is known as “vegan edible cookie dough”.

It is your lucky day. Here is the recipe to create the tastiest, healthy, and protein-packed edible cookie dough. For this dessert, you will need chickpeas…. Yes, I said chickpeas, and trust me you won’t taste them. You will also need some type of nut butter, or sun butter if you are nut-free. You will also need some oats, and vanilla extract and the final most important ingredient is the dark chocolate chips in my opinion. All you need to make this is a blender if you have one, or you can use a fork and mash it up while you mix in the oats, nut butter, and vanilla extract. It is that easy. Just mash all the ingredients together and then top it off with some dark chocolate chips, and there you go. If you do not like dark chocolate chips you can add as many other toppings, and customize them to your own desire. You do not have to worry about getting food poisoning from the raw eggs or anything like that, because there is raw produce in this, therefore it will leave you with that sweet chocolatey feeling of happiness, and pure joy.

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After you create this, if you have a mini-fridge you can store it in a container and save it for later. If you are lucky enough to also have a microwave in your dorm, you can form the dough into a ball and place it into the microwave, and watch your healthy, vegan cookie dough be transformed into a quick and easy cookie. Not only is this snack/dessert recipe easy and fast, but it also will leave you not becoming broke in your bank account. I know many college students that spend their own money on GrubHub, UberEats, and even Postmates placing those orders for those midnight treats. I have to admit, those midnight treats from the best dessert places in NYC are hard to beat but the delivery fee really will break your bank account. That is why this quick and easy recipe can be made in bulk and last days. This results in no more everyday midnight orders, and constantly spending your money on delivery fees without even noticing, now you can wake up and want a treat to go to your mini-fridge, or snack draw and grab this cookie dough out and eat it with delight without even spending a penny.

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By: Hanna Mandel

Hanna Mandel studies Drama at NYU Tisch in hopes of being on the big screen one day. She hopes to venture into writing, directing, and producing. She loves to travel and explore new places, as well as trying new foods!

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