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Super Shuttle is Super!

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

We’re all in a rush for the semester to be over. With the holidays around the corner, there’s nothing more exciting than the upcoming holiday spirits, with all the gifts and quality family time. Will Dad get you that Hermes scarf you’ve been nagging him about for the past year? What new delicious dishes will Grandma cook this year? Nonetheless, there are always things that are not so joyful about the holidays. How did you end up spending so much money on gifts when you were given the promise of sales by retailers? And how could we forget that annoying relative who fathoms at the fact that you couldn’t get into Harvard? Or Mom crying as to why  you’re still not in a relationship. But no matter the family dispute or the cheesy Holiday flicks, there is nothing more annoying than the chaotic airports. The frenzied traffic and airport security make you feel like you’re in Mission Impossible.

I remember the time that I was in such a rush to get to the airport in time that I forgot my passport at home, out of all the things one would forget (Murphy’s Law). I had no time to call a shuttle service and in desperation resorted to taking an unknown bus to JFK.  I made it to the airport in time, but my luggage didn’t. Turns out that the bus had accidentally replaced my bag in the bus going to LaGuardia. I missed my flight and had to beg JetBlue to place me on their next day’s flight. Following this experience, I now always anticipate ahead of time and call in Super Shuttle, the only reliable and affordable method of going to the airport. SuperShuttle will accommodate to your needs, and they even pick you up at home, and always ahead of time.

Campus Clipper is offering a 10% discount on SuperShuttle rides.  Campus Clipper knows students always travel and being so busy with the pressure of exams and grades, we can be forgetful. For this reason, call in SuperShuttle this holiday season.



Stephanie Kali, Marymount Manhattan College

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