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Chapter 3: A Little Rain Never Hurt

Thursday, October 12th, 2023
The selfie sent to my mom at 2 in the morning about my wild college adventures.

From theaters to museums, Brooklyn house parties, Boston frats, cafes, and bookstores, my “going out” experiences range far and wide. Having had the pleasure of living in two metropolitan cities, I have truly experienced my fair share of escapades. With my years of experience filled with both memorable and pathetic going-out stories, this girl has some advice to give.

  1. Check the weather app: It was my freshman year and first Halloween at college. Due to my 18-credit schedule, I was flooded with the tail end of midterms and regular work. So when the 28th came around, the realization hit that it was a few days away, and I was without a costume. Luckily Amazon came in clutch, and I dressed up as a fairy; without wings or any distinguishing accessories, the outfit barely qualified as a costume. Nonetheless, my roommates and I spent much of the later part of the evening preparing for what was to come. After a mix-up of who was riding in which van to get to the Bronx, we finally arrived and stepped out into the pouring rain.  We didn’t let that stop us. We were determined to have a fun time, and a little downpour wouldn’t threaten that. So we trudged on, and somewhere in the night, our big group broke up into little clusters. Our naive expectations soon shoved us in the face of reality as we walked around the campus. We were soaked from the rain and shivering from the cold. Every location we went into seeking some sort of solace from the rain and, more importantly, fun. Every place we went to was filled to the brim with people so squished together you couldn’t even see your feet. Soon enough, one of my roommates and I decided to throw in the towel. We had tried, we had gone, and although it wasn’t the success that we had hoped for, we did it anyway. Although I wouldn’t step foot in the Bronx for another 12 months, so scarred from this incident, it did teach me quite a valuable lesson: always check the weather app. Don’t be like me and think that at the end of October, it’s okay to wear shorts outside at 11:00 p.m. It might seem like a silly suggestion, but the weather can truly make or break your going out experience. Choose wisely before choosing a mini skirt over a pair of jeans in 30° weather. 
  2. Don’t force yourself: With the alarm set for a startling 2 a.m., when most of our school was still out at some rooftop or dive bar, my roommate and I decided we were going to go out for pancakes. The 24/7 diner next door was simply calling our names, and we had been craving a little treat, so why not? Why the 2 a.m. aspect was necessary… it added a level of excitement to our little trip. In moments like those, you could not pay me to change out of my sweats and go more than 3 blocks from my dorm. I was content with going out for pancakes with my friend. No makeup, no crowds, no heels, just two girls sitting at a table full of pancakes and french fries. We talked about the gossip we had garnered from the past week loud enough that the whole diner could probably hear. Giggles and pictures to commemorate this moment filled our time there. While I like to go out as much as the next person, sometimes you need to take a step back and know your boundaries. Not going out does not make you uncool or weird in any way; I never saw it that way, and neither do your friends, trust me. There were many times when past roommates invited me out, but I declined due to one reason or another. I never felt guilt for it or that I missed an opportunity because I knew if I wanted to go, the idea of getting up would not raise my anxiety level to that of someone in shark-infested waters. It’s important to listen to your needs over what you “think” they should be. 

If pancakes aren’t your thing, maybe try some donuts instead.

By Juliana Capasso

Juliana Capasso is a junior at Boston University studying Film and Television & Public Relations. Outside of college, she spends her time exploring the city, reading, listening to music, and journaling.

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