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Laundromat Zen

Friday, February 3rd, 2012
“Look mom, it’s an elf with a sack of presents!”
“No honey, that’s just a poor college student lugging a laundry sack over her shoulder.”

The other day I stuffed my laundry bag with NYC-smelling clothes and trekked to the nearest laundromat. I’ve only been in the city for a few weeks, so this was my first New York City laundromat experience, and I, like so many other college students, had to face the harsh reality of folding my underwear in front of strangers.
I walked into the laundromat armed with my earphones and notebook, so that I could listen to music and write while I waited for my clothes. Next time you go do laundry, I highly recommend bringing your MP3 player and something to read or write, because having that couple hours of free time can turn into a couple hours of productivity.
Tip: make sure you have enough cash and quarters before you get there, and come prepared with your own detergent so that you don’t have to buy it at the laundromat. Any NYC student discount you can find is a huge help!
Right when I walked in the laundromat, I had to walk right back out to grab some cash from the ATM so I could get quarters. Rookie mistake. After I loaded my laundry, I took a seat, cranked the tunes and broke out my notebook. I must say that sitting in the warmth of the laundromat with the churning of the washing machines around me was quite comfortable and relaxing– a great environment for me to write out my thoughts and think about life, which is something hard to come by in a city like New York. So when your dirty clothes start to pile up, take a trip to the laundromat– with the mindset of escaping from life for a couple hours– and bring a book or journal with you. Find the best NYC student discounts you can find and make a day out of it! Sometimes my schedule can get a little hectic and I don’t have the time to wash clothes myself. In that case, finding a great deal on dry cleaning is a must, especially on my budget. I found a great coupon in the Campus Clipper for the next time I need to send my clothes out, at Cleanport Dry cleaning. There’s a 25% coupon for drying cleaning and 10% coupon for regular laundry.


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