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Making Copies

Friday, February 10th, 2012

“Mak-ing cop-ies. College kid at the copy machine making cop-ies, but doesn’t have the mon-ey.”

If you’re familiar with SNL from the 90’s then you know I’m quoting Rob Scneider’s “Copy Guy.”

There’s no telling how many copies I’ve had to make for classes throughout my college career, and I don’t even want to guess how much it’s cost me. Printing off single sheets is pretty cheap, but the bill starts to add up when you have to make 30 copies of your 10-page short story for the entire class.

You have to be smart and a little stingy when it comes to making copies, or else you’ll have to start dipping into your daily bagel fund. You need to find a place with NYC student discounts! Not everyone has a copy machine in their apartment so, like me, you wait til the last second to make copies of an assignment and you’re forced to email a PDF to the place down the street and be at the mercy of their prices.


Spare yourself. Stop dipping into your bagel/coffee reserve, and go to Campus Clipper for their copy coupons.

What about résumés? You have to have copies of your résumé on hand for when you go to an interview or meet with a potential network contact. Your résumé is a representation of you on paper, so you want it to look good and feel good quality in order to impress anyone who looks at it. This week I had to print off a few copies of my résumé for a job interview and I truly wish I had some NYC student discounts to take the edge off the price. It’s worth the investment to get good copies made, but I’ve learned my lesson– use a coupon!

Making numerous copies on résumé grade paper adds up much quicker than regular printing paper, so cutting coupons before you make your copies will go a long way.

Paul, Auburn University 2012

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