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Become a Published Author

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Do you enjoy writing? It may be fiction or non-fiction, poetry or informative articles. Maybe you write on a Mac laptop in your Brooklyn apartment. Maybe you head to Starbucks and sip a latte while you type. Or maybe you jot your thoughts in a worn notebook while you sit in Central Park. Whatever the subject matter and no matter where you write, you’ve probably had dreams of being published.

Only ten years ago, getting published was a difficult dream to accomplish. Your only real avenue was contacting a publishing house and printing through the traditional system. But publishing houses, (then as now), rejected thousands upon thousands of submissions each year. Your chance of catching an editor’s eye was slim, especially if you were a first-time author.

But now, thanks to computers and advancing technology, almost anyone can get published. Self-publishing companies, such as and (a part of abound. A pro of self-publishing is that you can see your book in print without going through an editor (and facing rejection by many of them). A con of self-publishing is the “self” part. There’s no one to help you through the process, make editing suggestions, or create a book cover. So how do you go about publishing on your own? Maybe you’re wondering if there’s a manual to consult. I’d like to recommend an e-book I wrote and self-published myself. It’s entitled A Step-by-Step Guideline to Writing and Publishing a Book and is available for download right here for only $4.99. I am an experienced self-publisher myself, so I can guide you through the entire process, from writing your first draft, to getting your book into bookstores. Download a copy today!

Did you know that the Campus Clipper also self-published their own book? It’s entitled NYC Student Guide, and is an indispensable guideline for all students trying to make their own way in NYC. It includes informative, fun-to-read articles on college romance, roommates, studying, and more. Check it out here and order a copy!

And if you’re into writing, you’re most likely into reading, too. Check out Shakespeare and Co. Booksellers! As an independent bookstore, Shakespeare and Co. offers a comfy, intimate feel. But they also offer a wide selection of titles, and textbooks as well. Come by any of their locations, such as 939 Lexington Ave, 716 Broadway, or 150 Campus Road in Brooklyn.  Or buy online at And who knows? Maybe you will see your own book on their shelves when you become a self-published author.


–Written by Megan Soyars, Campus Clipper Blogger