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Michael Cera at UCBT

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012


A slew of comedy shows are at your fingertips in New York City, but as a college student it’s hard to scrape up the money to see them all. Do your research, though, and you can find free shows like I did this past Sunday night.

Every Sunday night the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre hosts their famous “ASSSSCAT” improv show for anyone willing to wait a couple of hours in line for a free ticket. Freebies are the best NYC student discounts! It was a cold wait, but definitely worth the two hours trying to keep my extremities from freezing off. It can be fun waiting in line with your friends– chatting and sipping coffee– and it’s a great place to meet people while getting excited for the show.

Plus, you never know who’s going to attend the show. As we were waiting, a thin guy in a red beanie walked by us on the sidewalk and out loud I said, “That guy really looked like Michael Cera.”

The girl standing in front of me turned and said, “That is Michael Cera.”

That’s the fun in going to NYC shows– you never know who you’re going to see, which adds to the excitement of the crowd. Once inside he was sitting with his co-star from the TV show “Arrested Development” Alia Shawkat.


Aside from the celebs’ presence in the crowd, the show was one of the funniest I’ve seen at UCB. Leading the crew, Chris Gethard and his group performed a fully improvised show and had us all in tears of laughter. It’s hard to beat a free comedy show on a Sunday night, especially one packed with such incredible talent.



Paul, Auburn University 2012

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