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Let’s Dance: MMC Spring Repertoire 2010

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Each semester, the dance department at Marymount Manhattan College produces two shows. The first is a student-choreographed exhibition, and the second is choreographed by established dancers. In the Fall, our teachers choreograph, and in the Spring, we have outside artists come in.

This semester, the annual Spring Repertoire at MMC featured a work by the newly-appointed head of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Robert Battle, as well as works by Lar Lubovitch, Kate Weare, Erick Hawkins, and Benoit-Swan Pouffer.

It was an eclectic show that ranged in style, from 1986 Lubovitch excerpt “Concerto Six Twenty-Two” to the several world premieres such as the hauntingly beautiful “Channels” by Battle and the edgy work “for all of us” that Pouffer set on the MMC Dance Company.

My personal favorite is tied with Pouffer’s “for all of us” or Kate Weare’s “Primavera.” Both works were exciting and upbeat, with a lot of personality displayed by the individual dancers. in Pouffer’s work, there was a distinctly contemporary movement vocabulary, and it was obvious that the students enjoyed the movement: which is always a pleasure to watch. Similarly, Weare’s piece engaged the students in both group work and series of duets and solos, all of which were interactive and intensely physical and exciting to watch. The dancers at MMC have strong personalities, and they were definitely allowed to shine in these pieces.

It’s always interesting to see student performances; I highly recommend it. Although they may not be perfect and as technically stunning as a night at Lincoln Center, you do get an opportunity to see the up and coming generation of artists. Shows produced at MMC, Juilliard, NYU and the like are of extraordinary quality – it’s no middle school talent show. Seeing performances at my own school is particularly interesting, because I take class with most of the performers. It’s a very different perspective to see your peers perform, but I walk away from almost every show in awe of the talent… and this semester was no different.

So next time you’ve got some free time, see if there are any student performances going around in the city. Not only is it cheaper than a normal performance (they often accept donations, have student rates, or are free), but it’s also sure to be of interest to the college aged crowd. You know going in to it that it won’t be a pitch out of left field – they are meant to educate the students performing through experience, so it must be something topical to our generation. Although I suggest first attending shows at your own school (it’s a great way to see a whole new side of your peers!), branching out and visiting other schools is always a fun time to see something completely different, since each school in NYC has a very different style. Whether it’s dance or theater, or even an art exhibition – check it out!

-Meghan Q

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