Dating Opportunities & Obstacles

As cliche as it sounds, love is beautiful, and everyone deserves to feel loved and find happiness. People choose to get into relationships for different reasons, whether to share your life with another person, or to fill a void. Sure, it may sound like it’s super simple to have a romantic connection with someone, but have you ever thought about the long term outcomes? It’s difficult to detect if someone is content with their partnership because it’s easy to conceal your true feelings and pretend that everything is fine. I find myself fantasizing all the time about the type of relationship I desire and how amazing it would be. I’m envious of those who’ve already found a partner, it makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong since I’m still single. In spite of my rationale, I understand that I can be setting up myself for disaster and repentance if I carelessly rush myself to obtain a girlfriend. I’m not implying that a romantic connection is awful, because it’s not, just there are perks to being both single and in a relationship. In the long run you’ll most likely make a fair amount of sacrifices and compromise which are pivotal to having a successful love story.

I’m not writing this to condemn you or patronize you if you’re in a relationship for the “wrong” reasons; that’s not what I’m trying to accomplish here. I just want my audience to be well informed and embed into their minds that you’re allowed to take things at a moderate pace; take the time to embrace your single days and mature before placing yourself in a delicate position and being vulnerable, that way you’ll be much more enamored of your partner. Not knowing what you want out of a relationship or the benefits and disadvantages of a relationship can put you in a foggy situation, it’s terrifying to say the least. I don’t want you to leave here in a puzzled state and not valuing your decisions. The next time you’re ready to open to love again, really scrutinize the circumstances beforehand and understand that this is a serious commitment.


  • Financial Assistance: As humans, we usually need money to survive and afford our necessities. Unfortunately, not everyone is born wealthy which is why the majority of us have to work our butts off day in and day out to be financially stable. When you find “the one,” they can support you and vice versa; as such, you can pay the bills while your partner can take care of the groceries.
  • Lots of love and appreciation: If you say that you’re okay being alone and feel nonchalant about love, you’re most likely lying. People naturally crave love and the feeling of being acknowledged, we’re all like that in one way or another. You can find that same validation from a close friend but it doesn’t compare to what a romantic partner has to give. It doesn’t take away anything, but I’m just conveying that a romantic connection brings out the best in you since you’ll always be comforted and cherished.
  • Family and friends: As you enter into a long term commitment with your partner, you’ll eventually have to discuss important matters such as having a family. Once you’re in that phase, you can take on new responsibilities as new parents and care for your new family. Having your own children and being parents will generate a special feeling you can’t obtain elsewhere, it’s immeasurable and that’s the epitome of true love. Oh, I can’t forget about friends and social life. In most cases you’ll most likely get along with your partner’s group of friends unless they resent you for some reason or don’t vibe with you. From there, you’ll begin to build relationships with them and get to know them better meaning your social circle will gradually expand.


  • Continuous effort: You may think you’re all set and free to go after establishing a relationship. I hate to break it to you but it’s not that easy. You have to keep supplementing the relationship, otherwise what’s the point? It’s like feeding a turtle for the first couple of days and not feeding it days to come, and then the turtle dies. You still have to do your part and be open to uncomfortable conflicts and conversations. Reference the rule of love languages if you need to, they’re really important principles that will strengthen a partnership. 
  • Time constraint & less freedom: Your lifestyle will undoubtedly change to a great extent and you’ll have to take your partner into account when making decisions. You can’t just do whatever you feel like doing and act on your own accord, that could be seen as being selfish. I don’t know your age but I’m going to presume that you’re an adult and you have things to prioritize and a load of responsibilities to take care of; don’t renounce them and walk away so that your partner can do everything for you. Yes, it’s a drag that you’ll need consent from your partner before going out with your friends for a drink or flying out to a different city, but remember you signed up for this. Ensure that you have your partner’s word before doing anything that can obstruct your relationship, be considerate! 
  • The Possibility of Not Working out: You heard me right, there’s no telling how far a relationship can go just like how unpredictable life is. How can you be so confident and sure that the relationship is going to work out in the long run? I’ve heard many anecdotes regarding how impeccable one’s partnership is and how he or she is “the one.” I can come up with a plethora of reasons that justify a relationship not going as planned; to name a few, the same level of chemistry and momentum you once had for someone may wear off after some time has passed, you might come to the realization that he or she isn’t your person after all, and you may need time for yourself and your partner to be separated. Although you poured your heart and soul into an individual and let your walls down, you can still appreciate the moments you had and learn from your experiences!

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By: Alex Huang

Alex is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Advertising & Marketing Communications. He used to major in psychology because he didn’t know what to do with his life and now wants to be in the business world. He gets distracted easily by all of the pretty girls in New York City and hopes to become a PR or Marketing manager someday. One of his favorite things to do is going out for bubble tea.

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