Chapter Four: Embracing My Cult

Banshee Halloween party

My frisbee team is called the Brandeis Banshee, and we are a cult. 

Off the field, we host social events to bond and get to know each other a little better. There’s generally something every week, whether it’s a party or a group meal or something a little… odder. 

Everyone gets a special name—different from their real name—to go by on the frisbee field. On the day of the naming ceremony, I had to bring a list of things to “sacrifice” to the upperclassmen, including exactly 21 grains of rice and a sign from campus. It was very cold that night; I was shivering in my leather jacket as they led us in silence through the pitch black woods. After zigzagging our way up a winding, tree-rooted hill, myself and the other newbies were given fake names that the upperclassmen chanted all around the circle (let’s just say some of the names might not be appropriate to mention here). We drank the blood of the past Banshees (CapriSuns) and were sent on a scavenger hunt throughout campus where we had to take videos of ourselves doing questionable things. I had to re-enact the birth of our captain while the others had to do things like ask to take a sip of someone’s drink, sing karaoke in the campus center, and perform an orientation leader dance in one of our campus eateries. After all that embarrassment, we finally migrated to the captain’s apartment and received our real names! Mine was Apex, but I don’t get to know why until senior year (another tradition). 

It’s not all culty, though. We also have banquets where we present silly awards, costume parties, Mario Kart tournaments, and other fun events. We have another event where we all sit quietly around a fire and share our deepest thoughts and troubles, which is quite therapeutic.

Banshee talent show costumes

There’s also a wine & cheese night where we watch Ratatouille, the greatest movie ever made. Lunches venting about all of our problems. Chill afternoons tossing the frisbee on a beautiful day. Library study days that turn into hour-long chats. These people, they don’t just cheer for me on the field, they bring joy to my life every single day. 

One night, when I was a freshman, I was hanging out with some of the seniors. We played a word game for a while, talked, and made cookies. Remember when I talked about my insecurities and how I wasn’t sure if my friends actually wanted to hang out with me? I was a little skeptical that these seniors just felt bad since I was the one who asked if I could hang out. I’m not exactly sure how the words slipped out, but I asked if they liked hanging out with me or if I was annoying for asking them. My captain replied with: “Apex, I don’t think you realize how much you’re loved.” And I will remember that moment forever. It pierced my heart. More than a year later, after all these friends graduated, I still talk to them regularly and meet up to hang out, because these guys changed my life. Some of my closest friends at college are on this frisbee team, and I know I can count on them for anything. The game of frisbee is exciting, but even more important is having fun and making connections, even if it means engaging in weird cult-like activities. I am so grateful that I met these amazing people and found this amazing family.

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By Agatha Edwards

Agatha Edwards is a rising junior at Brandeis University from Brooklyn, New York. She is majoring in health: science, society, and policy as well as psychology. She enjoys playing ultimate frisbee with her college team, going on runs, reading, writing, and binging TV shows. She enjoys exploring NYC and Boston with friends, especially where there are cute coffee shops involved.

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