Chapter Five: Cold Brews and Bagels

A meal at The Atomic Cafe in Beverly, MA

Campus life is wonderful. Seeing three people you know on the way to class, eating the daily caprese sandwich in the dining hall for lunch afterwards, meeting up with friends to go study in the library. The on-campus events with free food, therapy dogs, arts and crafts, and lots of laughs. 

Wait. Three people on the way to class? Why is this campus so small? Why do I always see people when I’m looking my worst? The daily caprese sandwich is getting a little boring. I don’t want to go study in the library, I just want to lay in my bed all day and watch Dance Moms. The on-campus events are fun, but today I just don’t feel like going to a make-your-own sleeping mask event. 

Some days, I need a little break from my normal routine. I need to get off campus for a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, I love the routine and the library and seeing people and the daily caprese, but once in a while I need to spice it up. There’s a whole city out there to explore. I’ve explored some of Boston’s famous areas, like the North End and Newbury Street. I’ve eaten Thai food in Cambridge, ran along the Boston Harbor, enjoyed the sunshine in the Boston Common, and climbed to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument. But I don’t have time to do this much, with homework, studying, exercise, and my part-time job. So, I found a way to enjoy myself while also getting work done. 

Usually when I work in the library, I get myself an iced latte from the on-campus Dunkin’ or Einstein’s Bagels, to make studying a little more bearable. Now, I try to go off campus at least once a week to find a cute little coffee shop to study in. I bring my AirPods, computer, phone, and anything else I need for a few hours of productivity. I order a drink and something to eat before sitting down at a table, ready to work.

Getting some work done at Cafe on the Common in Waltham, MA

It’s a vibe. Jamming out to some Taylor Swift while sipping on my vanilla cold brew with oat milk and working on my psychology homework. Trying new bagels and avocado toast and other brunch dishes. Being the mysterious girl in the coffee shop. At least that’s how I romanticize it. It makes studying a little exciting, because I’m in a new environment surrounded by unfamiliar faces and coffee lovers. And I’ve already made the effort to travel off campus, so may as well be productive. 

There’s two coffee shops near Brandeis University, Cafe on the Common and Common Good Co., both of which have amazing cold brews and baked goods. Some days I’ll take the commuter rail or campus shuttle to Boston or Cambridge, which has lots of options. I’ve really liked a chain of cafes called Tatte, because there’s usually plants and artwork inside to make the experience more aesthetic. I recently tried another chain called Thinking Cup (where you can use the Campus Clipper student discount!) and love their lattes and chocolate chip cookies. One day I decided to take the commuter rail all the way to Beverly, in Northern Massachusetts, and found Atomic Cafe. This had to be one of my best experiences at a coffee shop, as it had a very hip vibe and was connected to a bookstore. Another memorable outing was at Cafe Ducali in the North End, where my friend and I stayed until closing and received leftover muffins and cookies for free. 

After these small getaways, I’m ready to go back to studying in the library and caprese sandwiches for a few days. There’s comfort in my regular campus routine, and it’s something I can always go back to, something I can rely on. I couldn’t go out to a cafe every day, because even after going out once, I’m a little worn out. Also, the money. It’s something to do every once in a while, something I look forward to. Maybe I’ll see you around one day.

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By Agatha Edwards

Agatha Edwards is a rising junior at Brandeis University from Brooklyn, New York. She is majoring in health: science, society, and policy as well as psychology. She enjoys playing ultimate frisbee with her college team, going on runs, reading, writing, and binging TV shows. She enjoys exploring NYC and Boston with friends, especially where there are cute coffee shops involved.

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